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Some of Naruto's strongest jutsus in the series (Image via Pierrot)

10 strongest Naruto Uzumaki's Jutsus, ranked 

Over the course of the Naruto series, the protagonist has showcased a series of some of the strongest techniques. He had a huge arsenal of ninjutsus, which were used in different situations based on the enemy and their techniques.

But there is no doubt that towards the end of Shippuden, the protagonist was arguably one of the strongest characters in the series who could keep up with an Otsutsuki. Here's a look at some of his strongest techniques showcased in the series.


Ranking Naruto’s strongest jutsus


10) Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken

Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken from the Naruto series (Image via Pierrot)

This is a technique that every fan loves and the animated version toned down the size and magnitude of this technique. In the manga, Naruto and his clones created a Rasenshuriken that was so huge that it could tear apart some of the strongest shinobis that came in contact with it. This technique is strong enough to break through a strong barrier, and owing to its size, it can be thrown from a great distance as well.

9) Continuous Bijuu Dama

Continuous Tailed Beast Balls (Image via Pierrot)

Kurama’s Tailed Beast Bomb is absurdly strong and is capable of causing a ton of damage, as seen during the fight against Madara and his Ten Tail. This attack is ridiculously powerful because Naruto releases not one but multiple Tailed Beast Bombs in one go. It is capable of killing some of the strongest characters, and one would need an attack just as strong to counter this jutsu.

8) Boil Release: Unrivaled Strength

Boil Release: Unrivaled Strength (Image via Pierrot)

This is one of the most broken techniques that Naruto displayed during the fight against Kaguya Otsutsuki. In order to perform this technique, one increases the temperature of their chakra to extremely high temperatures, such that steam starts to appear from their bodies. This increases their physical capabilities.

Naruto performed this technique when he was in the Six Paths Sage Mode, which made it ridiculously strong, and he was able to counter Kaguya’s techniques in that fight. Unlike opening the Gates, this technique has no drawbacks whatsoever.

7) Lava Release: Rasenshuriken

Sage art:lava style rasenshuriken
6:08 AM · Jun 27, 2018

The Rasenshuriken, as such, was a very effective technique that was capable of causing a ton of damage. But he decided to add Kurama’s chakra into the Rasenshuriken, which made it even more powerful.

To put things in perspective, this attack blew Madara with ease and also managed to cut the God Tree in half. This powerful technique can easily kill some of the most skilled shinobis.

6) Kurama Arm Strike

Kurama Arm Strike (Image via Pierrot)

The Last: Naruto The Movie featured this attack which shocked fans. He was up against Toneri, who was powerful enough to cut the moon in half. But Naruto decided to concentrate all of his and Kurama’s chakra in one arm and punched Toneri as hard as he could.

The attack was so strong that the shockwave alone created a giant crater on the moon and was strong enough to end the fight in one shot.

5) Truth Seeking Orbs

What is six paths sage mode? Well in the databook, it confirms that the form he used to kick away madara’s truth seeking orb is spsm.
2:40 AM · Sep 13, 2021

This is arguably one of the strongest techniques in his arsenal, but from what was shown in the series, it seemed like he didn’t know how to utilize it to its full potential. These orbs are made from every single chakra nature, which means that they can be used to negate any ninjutsu thrown at Naruto.

This is strong enough to take anyone out when they come into contact with it. He was able to defend himself from Sasuke’s strongest attacks in the series.

4) Super Ultra Big Ball Rasengan


This is the biggest Rasengan anyone has ever made in the series and can cause some serious damage to anyone that comes in contact with it. It was so strong that it forced Jigen to use his teleportation technique to escape this attack, and was strong enough to defeat fused Momoshiki. No one in this series has been able to create a Rasengan that was as strong as the protagonist’s.

3) Bijuu Dama Rasenshuriken

Bijuu Dama Rasenshuriken (Image via Pierrot)

This technique is similar to the Rasenshuriken, except he managed to add a Tailed Beast Bomb to the core of the Rasensuriken. The technique was strong as it is, and adding a Tailed Beast Bomb only made it stronger.

This technique was used to break a bunch of meteors that were of the same size as the one that was summoned by Madara during his introduction to the Shinobi Alliance. This goes on to show just how strong this technique was in the series.

2) Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken


This is slightly different from the Bijuu Dama Rasenshuriken because one could perform this by infusing the chakra of the Tailed Beast into the Rasenshuriken. Each Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken differs from one another in appearance and overall destructive capabilities.

But Naruto was able to do this by creating multiple clones and releasing nine Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken by infusing every single Tailed Beast’s chakra into the respective Rasenshurikens.

1) Six Paths: Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken


This technique is ridiculously strong since the protagonist was in the Six Paths Sage Mode and created a clone of the entire construct, which fused with the original body, creating a three-face and six-arm Kurama.

On one side, it created a Big Ball Rasenshuriken, and on the other, it created a Bijuu Dama Rasenshuriken, both of which are completely cloaked in natural energy. This is arguably one of the strongest techniques used by Naruto in the series.

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