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Shigaraki Tomura giving Deku a haunting smile (Image via Studio Bones)

8 My Hero Academia villains ranked most to least powerful

Due to My Hero Academia revolving around the lives of Pro Heroes in training, it makes sense that there is an abundance of villains. Some of these villains have weak, bland quirks and would lose all the fights they are in.

But some have incredibly unique and powerful quirks. These villains can be considered one-person armies. They can take out entire squads of Pro Heroes without breaking a sweat.


8 My Hero Academia villains are ranked from the most powerful to the least powerful.

Diving into eight My Hero Academia villains


1) All For One/Shigaraki Tomura

All For One is the main villain in the series (Image via Studio Bones)

As of right now in the manga, All For One has taken control of Shigaraki Tomura's body and is using him as a vessel. However, Tomura can regain control at times, so it seems that the two are sharing one body.

All For One has various quirks he has stolen from other people in his usual body. In his fight with All Might during the Kamino Incident, All For One used quirks such as Rivet Stab, Hypertrophy, and Air Cannon. He can also use multiple quirks at once, showing his mastery level in each of these abilities.

He has also single-handedly killed many powerful heroes. Most One For All users died by his hand in battle, and he seems to have gotten even more powerful after possessing Shigaraki's upgraded body.


2) Gigantomachia

The villain Gigantomachia as he appears in the anime (Image via Studio Bones)

Gigantomachi's overall abilities are immense. He has incredible strength, stamina, durability, enhanced senses, and more. He can use these physical attributes in conjunction with the quirks he has.


Gigantomachi's body has been modified like Shigaraki's to hold various quirks. The main quirk that causes trouble for those who fight him is Gigantification. The more excited he gets, the larger his body grows. So, when his adrenaline is high, he becomes an absolute titan capable of mowing down everything in his path.

Also, only a few people in the series are capable of controlling him. All For One and Shigaraki being two of them. It will not be easy for anyone to win against this beast unless they have either of the two on their side.

3) High-End Nomu


High-End Nomus are products of Dr. Garaki's decades of classified research and gruesome experimentation. Each of these Nomu are leagues above the Nomu seen at the USJ and are capable of much more.

One of the most significant differences noted between the High-Ends and the other Nomu types are that the High-Ends can speak and think for themselves. During its fight with Endeavor, the High-End is seen getting better at speaking and thinking critically.

A Nomu that can think for itself poses a significant problem. If it were to learn how to use its quirks effectively, it will be capable of taking out the top Pro Heroes with relative ease.

4) Overhaul

Overhaul as he appears in the anime (Image via Studio Bones)

Kai Chisaki's quirk is known as Overhaul, just like his alias. It allows him to disassemble anything he comes into contact with and reassemble it into whatever form he desires. He is seen disassembling and reassembling the underground part of the Shie Hassaikai base during the Hasaikai Incident.

He can also use his quirk on humans. He is shown touching and disassembling Magna to kill her, and he can reassemble people to fix wounds or injuries. However, if his arms are restrained or disintegrated like what Shigaraki did to them, then he will not be able to activate his quirk.

During his fight with Deku, Overhaul was at his strongest. The large form he created combined the two aspects of his quirk masterfully and was capable of various overwhelming heroes.

5) Dabi

Dabi taunting Vlad King as villains attack the Forest Camp (Image via Studio Bones)

Dabi is one of the top members of the Paranormal Liberation Front and a powerful quirk user.

His quirk, Cremation, grants him the ability to burn dozens of people to a crisp within seconds. Through years of training, he has established incredible control over his flames. He can shoot large amounts of them over far distances and accurately hit his target.

It has also been stated that Dabi's flames have more firepower than Endeavor's. However, since he inherited Rei's physical characteristics, he has a very low tolerance to his heat. His flames damaged his skin and resulted in him needing to get staples to cover the burns.

6) Lady Nagant


Lady Nagant, real name Kaina Tsutsumi, is a reasonably new villain and used to be a Pro Hero. She was first introduced in chapter 311 of the My Hero Academia manga. Despite this, however, she has shown fans that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Lady Nagant is an incredible marksman and can shoot a target from three kilometers away. Rifle's initial quirk allowed her to extend a rifle out of her right elbow. She uses her hair for ammunition by twisting and shaping pieces of it into the shape she desires and hardening it.

Because of All For One, however, she also has Air Walk. The ability to walk around in the air lets Nagant attack her targets from any direction and escape effectively if she is overwhelmed in battle.

7) Muscular

Muscular charging up an attack during his fight with Deku (Image via Studio Bones)

Muscular is one of the main villains sent to kidnap Bakugou during the Forest Training Arc. His quirk is known as Pump Up and grants him various powerups. By enhancing each of the muscle fibers in his arms, Goto's physical abilities are multiplied to unmatchable levels.

Thanks to the 12,000 layers of muscle fiber covering his body, he can take many hits without being affected. They protect him especially well from blunt attacks, which explains why Deku had difficulty defeating him in the forest.

However, if his muscle fibers receive too much damage, they can run out of energy. This severely weakens Muscular since he will no longer have his enhanced defense and physical traits. He works well with other villains because there are more people for him to use as potential distractions.

8) Hero Killer Stain

Hero Killer Stain as he appears in the anime (Image via Studio Bones)

Chizome Akaguro, or Hero Killer Stain, is a skilled villain who gave many Pro Heroes a run for their money. With his mastery in swordsmanship and his quirk, he could take down some of the most accomplished heroes, including Iida Tensei.

His quirk is known as Bloodcurdle. It allows him to induce a form of temporary paralysis onto his opponent after ingesting their blood, and depending on their blood type, they can stay frozen for a longer amount of time or a shorter amount of time.

Bloodcurdle is incredibly effective since he only needs a tiny drop of blood to activate it. There have been no instances where his quirk was successfully resisted. Everyone affected had to wait at least a few minutes before they could move again.

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