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Tsuyu Asui is a very popular character in this series (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia: 8 most important Mutant Quirk users

There aren't that many Mutant Quirk users in My Hero Academia, but the few that exist really do stand out.

Mutant Quirks give characters special abilities based on their body abnormalities. Heteromorphic people may possess animalistic traits, although that's not always the case in My Hero Academia.


While it's the least common type of Quirk, there are several Mutants who made a notable impact on the story, regardless of their heroic or villainous alignment. Here's a look at the most prominent ones in the story, not counting AFO since he weilds multiple Quirks.

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These Mutant Quirk users play a significant role in My Hero Academia

8) Mei Hatsume


Mei Hatsume is a genius inventor from the Department of Support over at U.A. High School. She is mainly responsible for designing hero costumes, such as Ikuzu Midoriya's Air Force Gloves. Despite her eccentricities, Mei is a very intelligent student in My Hero Academia.

Her special ability is Zoom, which lets her focus her eyes on faraway targets. She can scope out various objects within a five kilometer distance. Her eyes have a crosshair iris, likely a physical trait from her Mutant Quirk.


7) Spinner

Spinner is among the unlucky Mutant Quirk users who have faced discrimination over his looks. His reptilian appearance is a defining aspect of his character. Spinner was a notable member of the League of Villains before it became the Paranormal Liberation Front.


Gecko isn't a particularly useful Quirk in My Hero Academia, since he can only cling to walls. For that reason, Spinner is mainly used for driving Shigaraki around with a getaway vehicle.

6) Kyoka Jiro


Believe it or not, according to Kohei Horikoshi's comments in My Hero Academia volume 3, Earphone Jack is the first Quirk that he ever came up with. Jiro rocks the punk girl aesthethic with her long earlobes.

The Class 1-A student is able to use various sound-based abilities with her Earphone Jacks. Given her musical talents, Jiro was born with a very appropriate power. Her biggest contribution was making Eri smile during a concert performance at the School Festival.

5) Mezo Shoji


Shoji is able to grow multiple limbs with his Dupli-Arms Quirk. This makes him particularly useful in spying missions. However, since he was born with six arms, Shoji was violently attacked by prejudiced humans in his earlier years.

It can be argued that Shoji is a major figure within the mutant politics of My Hero Academia. Unlike Spinner, he doesn't want to return the pain to other people. He simply wants to become a hero and protect his loved ones.

4) Tsuyu Asui


Tsuyu is a prime example of a Mutant Quirk user with animalistic traits. She takes after a frog with her physical appearance and mannerisms. Tsuyu can also do anything a frog can do, such as leaping across long distances.

Her versatile powers make her a very good sidekick in My Hero Academia. Tsuyu often works alongside Ochako Uraraka whenever they perform work for their internships, particularly under Nejire Hado.

3) Tenya Ida


At the beginning of the My Hero Academia series, Tenya was a close friend of Midoriya and Ochako, and would regularly supervise them at the U.A. High School. While he is no longer plot relevant, he still made his mark during the Hero Killer Arc, which centered around his heroic lineage.

Tenya comes from a family of very fast runners, via the powerful Engine Quirk. His calves have multiple exhuast pipes and require extensive cleaning. Nonetheless, he is among the fastest students in My Hero Academia.

2) Mirko


Mirko isn't the number five hero for no reason. The Rabbit Hero is among the strongest Mutant Quirk users in the entire series. Her leg strength gives her plenty of power in My Hero Academia. She can even take on several villains all by herself, such as the High-End Nomu.

During the Pro Hero Training arc, she managed to scare off Dabi before he could hurt Endeavor and Hawks. A few arcs later in the Paranormal Liberation War, she took on several Nomu and disrupted Shigaraki's power enhancement surgery. Had it not been for Mirko, the series would already be over.

1) Hawks


Hawks is the number two hero in Japan, right behind Endeavor himself. He might seem flippant at first, but he does take his work very seriously in My Hero Academia. The Wing Hero personally trained Fumikage Tokoyami during the internship arcs.

Fierce Wings is a very strong Mutant Quirk. He can use his red feather blades to attack enemies from a great distance. Hawks can also use them for support, like holding falling objects in place. Most importantly, he can fly around and scout the area from the skies.

Hawks is a crucial player in the Paranormal Liberation War, since he was a double agent who gave away the villains' main hideout. Without question, he played an integral role in My Hero Academia.

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