My Hero Academia: 5 most efficient costumes (and 5 that are downright ridiculous)

The coolness factor ranges from a hundred to zero (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)
The coolness factor ranges from a hundred to zero (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia costumes often range from very practical to downright comical.

Heroes and villains need the right costume for their job. These recognizable outfits must serve their needs in various ways. Awesome costume designs typically have a distinguishable look and useful support items.

However, not everybody can bask in the glory of Deku or All Might. Some characters are left to suffer terrible design choices in My Hero Academia.

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My Hero Academia costume designs that work very well

5) Toshinori Yagi


All Might is what a traditional superhero should look like.

He shows off his clear muscular build in a skin tight suit. He also stands out with his primary color scheme. All Might wants everybody to notice him right away.

The Symbol of Peace always makes a grand spectacle in My Hero Academia. He represents a powerful will to protect other people. All Might's hero costume reflects these beliefs. He is truly a comic book character that came to life.

4) Juzo Honenuki - Mudman

The Class 1-B student can soften anything he touches, but only if the material is not organic. Juzo can use these powers in creative ways. For instance, he can swim through a softened ground.

For that reason, Juzo's hero costume requires a protective helmet. This allows him to see through his surroundings while swimming. His dark bodysuit and orange armor plating also make him look really cool.

This hero costume is both highly practical and visually appealing.

3) Katsuki Bakugo

Bakugo looks similar to a military grade weapon in My Hero Academia. His gauntlets have the appearance of grenades. Given his explosive personality and powers, this makes perfect sense.

The Grenadier Bracers are a great addition to Bakugo's hero costume. It carefully stores his nitroglycerin sweat, which is used for his Explosion Quirk. By pulling a pin, he can unleash a powerful blast.

He first demonstrated this ability back in the Battle Trial arc.

2) Mirio Togata - Lemillion


Mirio might be a high schooler, but he's ready to become a great hero. The Permeation Quirk allows him to phase through anything. However, this only applies to his body, which means regular clothes slip off.

To solve this problem, he relies on the Lemilliosuit in My Hero Academia. It's made from special hair fibers, so the hero costume also becomes intangible. This is a great way to ensure he doesn't fight naked. In terms of efficiency, this hero costume ranks very highly in My Hero Academia.

Mirio also based its design on a hero who saved him during his childhood. It's a rather touching moment in the series.

1) Izuku Midoriya - Deku


Deku's second hero costume is a sight to behold. Mei Hatsume, along with a few others, made sure that Costume Gamma would conform to Deku's fighting style:

  • Iron Soles: Absorbs impact upon landing
  • Mid Gauntlet: Sores power in a very high volume
  • Air Force Gloves: Creates pressurized air bursts

He can now use the OFA Quirk more effectively in My Hero Academia. The best costume designs are meant to amplify the hero's abilities. Deku now has the ability to control his landings and successfully channel his raw power.

My Hero Academia costume designs that are simply ridiculous

5) Shuichi Iguchi - Spinner


Spinner always looked up to Stain in My Hero Academia. The reptilian creature even wears similar clothing. he admired the way Stain called out "fake heroes" for not doing their jobs properly.

Unfortunately, Spinner isn't nearly as menacing as the Hero Killer. The edgy red scarf is terribly contrasted with the silly blue dots on his chest plate. Spinner mostly seems like a low-rent cosplayer with his villain costume.

My Hero Academia likely intended for him to look as foolish as possible. Remember, Stain is regularly called out for his questionable ideals. In the end, all he did was inspire people like Spinner.

4) Koji Koda - Anima

Koda is well known for his love towards animals. He can even control them with his Anivoice Quirk. With that said, his own hero costume leaves a lot to be desired.

He wears a tight suit with a ketchup and mustard color scheme. However, the shirt and shorts make it look like he just got out of bed this morning. His torso also has a symbol resembling teeth. It's meant to represent his communication skills, yet there's something about it that just seems off.

Koda doesn't have a huge fanbase in My Hero Academia, mainly due to his lack of screentime and unappealing design. His lazy hero costume doesn't help matters, either. The poor Class 1-A student could've done better.

3) Minoru Mineta - Grape Juice

My Hero Academia fans have plenty of reasons to dislike Mineta. His laughable hero costume is just one example. He doesn't look threatening in the slightest, but then again, that's a very difficult task to begin with.

Mineta's hero costume is supposed to resemble a bowl of grapes. Unfortunately, it also resembles a very large diaper, or even a giant toilet bowl. It's a very apt description of his entire personality.

Truth be told, Mineta would look much better if he just got rid of the pants and replaced them with something else.

2) Toru Hagakure - Invisible Girl

The Invisibility Quirk has a Catch-22 in My Hero Academia. Hagakure needs to remove her clothing apparel if she wants to be fully invisible. The ability only affects her body and not her clothes.

If she wears something, then she gives herself away, but if she wears nothing, then she exposes herself to the elements. Of course, Hagakure doesn't have much of a hero costume. She only wears a pair of gloves and boots.

Sadly, this completely defeats the purpose of her stealth Quirk, since this makes her fairly visible. My Hero Academia is set in the future, so it's hard to believe that a support team couldn't think of a better costume for her. They should have suitable technology for her.

1) Momo Yaoyorozu - Creati

Momo's Quirk can only create objects from her body. For that reason, she must expose her body through a very questionable hero costume. She doesn't have any means of protection with this outfit.

Keep in mind that Momo is a high school teenager. Of course, My Hero Academia is geared towards a teenage audience, but that doesn't change the fact that a grown adult is drawing her like this. Momo's costume design has always been a controversial subject in the community.

It also doesn't help that Horikoshi gave Momo this requirement in the first place. He could've easily considered a different approach with her Quirk. All it does is reduce Momo to a pure fanservice character.

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