My Hero Academia: The structure of the Paranormal Liberation Front, explained

Tomura Shigaraki is the Grand Commander
Tomura Shigaraki is the Grand Commander. (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

The Paranormal Liberation Front is arguably the most dangerous villain organization in My Hero Academia history.

Several arcs ago, the League of Villains soundly defeated the Meta Liberation army. However, in a rare act of mercy, Tomura Shigaraki decided to spare Re-Destro and combine their armies together.

My Hero Academia season 6 focuses primarily on the conflict between the Pro Heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front. Anime viewers should understand how the organization is structured to get a better idea of their potential threat.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views. It will also contain minor spoilers from the manga.

The Paranormal Liberation Army are a very powerful organization in My Hero Academia

Known members, ranked by how dangerous they are


Like any villain organization in My Hero Academia, the Paranormal Liberation Front is built on a hierarchy. Here is a brief look at the leader, followed by his most trusted commanders:

  • Tomura Shigaraki - Grand Commander (Rank S)
  • Gigantomachia - Warrior (Rank S)
  • Twice - Lieutenant (Rank S)
  • Re-Destro - Lieutenant (Rank A)
  • Dabi - Lieutenant (Rank A)
  • Himiko Toga - Lieutenant (Rank A)
  • Geten - Lieutenant (Rank B)
  • Skeptic - Lieutenant (Rank B)
  • Trumpet - Lieutenant (Rank B)
  • Mr. Compress - Lieutenant (Rank B)
  • Spinner - Lieutenant (Rank C)

It should be noted that Hawks is working as a double agent in My Hero Academia. He wasn't ranked a lieutenant in the army, but he was considered a powerful ally. Nonetheless, he is the one responsible for giving Endeavor clues about the organization, which gave the Pro Heroes a chance to strike first.

The army is divided into regiments


The Paranormal Liberation Front has over 100,000 members in My Hero Academia. With that in mind, it is important to note that the army has several different regiments that specialize in a specific field, whether it's combat or intelligence.

Each regiment is color coded for the sake of convenience. They are also led by powerful lieutenants within the army. Here's a look at the regiments within the Paranormal Liberation Front:

  • Violet (Guerilla Warfare) - Led by Dabi and Geten
  • Black (Tactics) - Led by Twice
  • Carmine (Intelligence) - Led by Himiko Toga and Skeptic
  • Brown (Support) - Led by Spinner and Mr. Compress

Lieutenants are meant to be accompanied by three advisers, who run secret bases all over Japan. The Paranormal Liberation Front has significantly grown in the past few months in My Hero Academia. Naturally, the Pro Heroes are understandably worried about what they're going up against.

Kyudai Garaki is another valuable asset for the army


Kyudai is a former doctor for All For One in My Hero Academia. He lent his services to Shigaraki after the latter proved himself against the Meta Liberation Army. Kyudai is a highly intelligent man who provides several useful resources for the Paranormal Liberation Front.

He is responsible for turning human corpses into extremely powerful monsters, better known as the Nomu. They can hold multiple Quirks, but they have very basic intelligence and no free will. Kyudai has multiple high-end Nomu at his disposal, namely to protect Shigaraki during his surgery.

Kyudai is also in the process of powering up Shigaraki through a painful operation, right beneath the Jaku Hospital he works at. If the surgery were to be fully completed, the Paranormal Liberation Front would be completely unstoppable in My Hero Academia.

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