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Ranking the Uzumaki clan members (Image via Pierrot)

Naruto: Every member of the Uzumaki clan, ranked according to intelligence

The Uzumaki clan is an essential part of the Naruto series since it has produced some strong characters that have significantly impacted the plot. It’s a shame that this clan was not explored well in the series.

A few characters from the Uzumaki clan have shaped the shinobi world and specialize in fuinjutsu (sealing jutsu) techniques. Let’s look at all the manga canon Uzumaki clan members and see how intelligent they are in the series.


Naruto: Ranking all the canon Uzumaki members based on intelligence

9) Himawari Uzumaki

Himawari Uzumaki from the Naruto series (Image via Pierrot)

Himawari is obviously not as smart compared to the other characters on this list because she is a child. It’s too early to discern whether or not she is smart. However, she certainly does not lack strength since she was able to use the Gentle Fist on Naruto when her toy was broken. It will be interesting to see how the character develops over the course of the show.


8) Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto Episode 216 Screenshot.

(No “new” screenshots this week. Both the websites uploaded watermark-free images we’ve already seen in the preview) #Boruto

Boruto, too, is quite young, but he has proven his strength and intelligence on the battlefield on numerous occasions. He might not be as bright as Sarada or Denki, but he has been able to think outside the box at certain times that have helped his team gain an advantage over their enemies. His ability to strategize might not be great, but he has enough intelligence to gauge an enemy and react accordingly.


7) Fuso Uzumaki

Fuso Uzumaki from the Naruto series (Image via Pierrot)

Not much is known about the character other than the fact that she and her husband were providing humanitarian aid during the Second Shinobi World War. She was Nagato’s mother, and as a nurse, she tended to the injured shinobi.

Based on the very few interactions that were shown in the series, she seemed like an intelligent woman who was extremely compassionate. Being a nurse, she must have had a lot of knowledge with respect to the human body since she needed to treat it.

6) Naruto Uzumaki


On numerous occasions, Naruto has proven that he isn’t the most intelligent character and his actions often dictate his emotions. However, if we carefully look into some of the times Naruto showcased his intellect, one would be quite surprised by how clever he can be.

He is someone who uses the most unconventional methods to gain an advantage over his enemies, and he has repeatedly done so. Naruto Uzumaki might not be the wisest on this list, but he is undoubtedly a brilliant shinobi who also became the Hokage.

5) Nagato

Naruto/Boruto question of the day

We all glorify Pain/Nagato for what he did the leaf. But call Sasuke crazy for wanting to destory the leaf after finding out the truth about Itachi’s. Explain to me what was the difference between the two ?

Nagato Uzumaki had the Rinnegan implanted by Madara Uchiha. This shinobi was quite smart and was trained by one of the Legendary Sannin as well.

His intelligence is relatively high since it requires intellect to be able to form a group and direct them to perform tasks that would later shape the entire shinobi world. He was the one who created the Akatsuki group with the hopes of achieving world peace. Nagato is someone who has high intellect on the battlefield as well.

4) Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina Uzumaki in the anime (Image via Pierrot)

Kushina Uzumaki barely received any screen time in the Naruto series, but she is well-known for her temper. But underneath that, she is extremely strong and compassionate. She was someone who showed her mental fortitude when Kyuubi attacked the village and posed a threat to her son's life.

She had to help out Minato, and she was able to use the Adamantine Chains technique, which helped Minato seal Kurama into Naruto. Kushina is an intelligent shinobi who had a lot of knowledge about fuinjutsu and taught it to Minato as well.

3) Karin Uzumaki

Karin Uzumaki (Image via Pierrot)

Karin Uzumaki had a lot of knowledge about jutsus and constantly aided Orochimaru in numerous experiments. She has deduced the basic workings of some of the most complex techniques like Izanagi, which cannot be done unless someone is intelligent and truly understands chakra and jutsus.

Karin also came up with suitable strategies during missions when she and her teammates were in challenging situations. She is highly analytical and capable of coming up with suitable countermeasures.

2) Mito Uzumaki

Uzumaki myth (Image via Pierrot)

Mito Uzumaki was the wife of Hashirama Senju and was said to be an intelligent woman. She is someone who had the knowledge of most fuinjutsu techniques that she taught to Hashirama as well.

She is compassionate, and she also figured out that she had a unique type of chakra that allowed her to suppress the Nine-Tailed Beast. She used that opportunity to seal the beast into her, becoming the first-ever Jinchuriki. She did this to save Konohagakure and gain valuable power as well.

1) Ashina Uzumaki

Ashina Uzumaki alongside Hashirama Senju (Image via Pierrot)

Not much is known about Ashina Uzumaki, but we can assume that he is one of the most competent members of the Uzumaki clan. He was the leader of the clan when the village of Konohagakure was being formed.

Being the leader of a clan that specializes in fuinjutsu, one can assume that he has extensive knowledge in that field and a good amount of intelligence as well. He is considered one of the forefathers of every fuinjutsu technique used in Konohagakure.

Note: The article reflects the writer's own views.

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