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These warriors are ready to fight One Piece's Blackbeard crew (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece: 10 anime characters who can solo the Blackbeard pirates

The spoilers of One Piece chapter 1063 proved that the Blackbeard Pirates can be considered one of the most powerful pirate crews. These ruthless criminals have wandered the world looking for the most powerful Devil Fruit, regardless of whether they have to kill the user to obtain it. Thanks to this, each member of the crew has an amazing power that can overwhelm even the strongest warrior.

While the Blackbeard Pirates are a force to be reckoned with, there are still many anime characters who can take them down in the blink of an eye. One Piece’s cruelest band of pirates would not stand a chance against the most powerful anime characters in existence. In this list, we will talk about ten anime characters who could destroy One Piece’s Blackbeard crew alone.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for various anime series.

Saitama and 9 other anime characters whom One Piece’s Blackbeard Pirates do not stand a chance against.


1) Shigeo Kageyama

Mob as seen in the show (Image via Studio Bones)

Shigeo, also known as Mob, is the protagonist of the hit series Mob Psycho 100. Born as one of the world’s most powerful Espers, our hero tries to use his powers as little as possible due to his hate for violence. Whenever possible, Mob will do his best to avoid fighting, as he is content with not using his powers outside of emergencies.

However, when he gets mad, Mob can unleash such destructive power that entire cities get blown up in an instant. Using only his mind, the black-haired boy can stop people’s movements, send them crashing into buildings, or simply attack their minds with his powerful brainwaves. One Piece’s Blackbeard crew will never face someone as powerful as Mob, and it is unlikely that they will win.

2) Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto would dominate One Piece's Blackbeard Pirates (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Once considered a failure and a problem child, Naruto grew up to be one of the Shinobi World’s best ninjas. Thanks to his rigorous training, the help of his friends, and the power boost given to him by Kurama, Naruto became history’s greatest hero. It was thanks to his abilities that the Ninja World can now live in peace and harmony.


If the boy was suddenly transported to the world of One Piece and forced to fight Blackbeard and his crew, he would most likely end the fight in a flash. Not only is Naruto almost as fast as the speed of light but he is also one of the strongest characters in the Naruto anime. The Blackbeard Pirates will not have a chance to use their powers against the Uzumaki.

3) Gojo Satoru

Gojo as seen in the show (Image via Studio MAPPA)

Despite his kind smile and goofy personality, Gojo is arguably the most powerful sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen. The white-haired sorcerer has often been regarded as a man who could kill all of humanity without even trying. Not only does he have one of the biggest cursed energy reserves in the series, but he also has the most overpowered abilities.

His family’s technique, called Limitless, allows him absolute control over space at an atomic level. As such, Gojo is capable of manipulating the fabric of the universe to create massive black holes that destroy everything around him, slow down the matter around him, or completely erase anything he wishes. Blackbeard and his crew must pray that Gojo never enters the One Piece universe.

4) Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru as seen in the show (Image via Studio 8bit)

Do not let Rimuru’s adorable appearance fool you, as this cute-looking slime is one of the most overpowered beings in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. In a previous life, Rimuru was a normal Japanese man who died saving people from an accident. He was reincarnated into the body of a blue slime, which granted him many interesting and incredibly powerful abilities.

Still, the power he uses the most is his ability to absorb any being into his body and obtain that individual’s powers. With it, he could absorb any member of One Piece’s Blackbeard crew and obtain their Devil Fruit powers. Seeing that every one of Marshall’s subordinates has an amazing ability, Rimuru would end up becoming exponentially stronger than he was initially.

5) Giorno Giovanna

Giorno and his stand (Image via David Production)

Out of all the characters in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Giorno is the one with the most powerful Stand. Born from the powers of the Stand arrow and its user’s desire to win, Gold Experience Requiem was born. This powerful sentient Stand gives Giorno the ability to revert any action to zero, basically nullifying any attack.

If a person is killed by the Stand in combat, they will enter a new universe in which they will experience death repeatedly. Marshal and his crew would have no way to counter such a powerful and terrifying fighter if he were to enter the world of One Piece.

6) Meruem

Meruem as seen in the show (Image via Studio Madhouse)

Hunter x Hunter is a series known for its iconic and dangerous villains, many of whom have caused Gon and his friends plenty of problems. Yet, none of the villains in the series can compare with the King of the Ants, Meruem. Born with an intellect superior to any other being’s, his strength and agility can eclipse most of the characters in the show.

Minutes after being born, Meruem was already beating scholars in a game of wit and managed to kill one of the strongest fighters in the franchise. Blackbeard’s crew could never fight such a powerful being during their time in One Piece.

7) Ainz Ooal Gown

Ainz as seen in the show (Image via Studio Madhouse)

Before becoming the king of the Sorcery Kingdom, Ainz was a normal human who became obsessed with an MMORPG. When his favorite game was about to be shut down forever, he was transported into his favorite pastime. He became the most powerful being in the world, with absolute control over both magic and combat.

His body became that of a Lich, a being made of pure magic and bones that are almost indestructible. We saw Ainz take hits that would kill a man and act as if nothing had happened many times in Overlord. Ainz would dominate One Piece’s Blackbeard Pirates in a fight, no matter how many crewmembers would join the fight.

8) Sosuke Aizen

Aizen as seen in the show (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The Shinigamis in Bleach are the pinnacle of finesse and refined combat. They are amongst the most powerful beings in this universe, with many abilities that humans can only dream of having. Besides the many natural powers that come with their divine nature, they are also skilled swordsmen who could kill most opponents in a single slash, as Aizen has proved many times.

Aizen is even more powerful than the average Shinigami, thanks to his ability to manipulate an individual’s five senses from afar. By making use of this power, he can produce hallucinations that will confuse and overwhelm the opponent. Despite how powerful Blackbeard and his crew are, they would have no chance against Aizen’s powers.

9) Goku

Goku as seen in the show (Image via Toei Animation)

The protagonist of Dragon Ball has been known to be one of the most powerful anime characters of all time for more than two decades. He is powerful enough to obliterate entire planets with a single punch, can travel faster than light and has a plethora of transformations, each stronger than the previous one.

None of the characters in One Piece’s Blackbeard Pirates could hope to match the strength and agility of Goku. Regardless of their powerful Devil Fruits, Marshall and his comrades would end up being defeated by Goku in a matter of minutes.

10) Saitama

Saitama as seen in the show (Image via Studio Madhouse)

One hundred push-ups, one hundred sit-ups, and a ten-kilometer run each day turned Saitama from a regular man to the most powerful hero in One Punch Man. As the title would imply, Saitama has become so powerful that most opponents he has fought against have been defeated in a single attack.

As the bald hero has no limits to his power, the more powerful an enemy is, the more his strength continues to grow. We have seen him fight against beings imbued with godly power and come out without a single scratch on his body. Marshall and the rest of the Blackbeard Pirates should pray that Saitama never finds a way to enter the world of One Piece if they wish to live long lives.

Final thoughts

The Blackbeard Pirates as seen in One Piece (Image via Toei Animation)

The upcoming One Piece chapter 1063 gave fans confirmation that Blackbeard and his crew are finally making a move. The despicable pirates waited until they were powerful enough to fight against the strongest pirates, such as Law and his Heart Pirates.

Nevertheless, they are not strong enough to take on anime’s strongest powerhouses like Saitama. While it is unlikely that the Blackbeard Pirates will ever fight against any of these warriors before One Piece ends, it is fun to see who can keep them in check in case of a future crossover event.

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