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"Surgeon of Death" Trafalgar Law is an extremely dangerous fighter (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, One Piece)

One Piece: Trafalgar Law's top 10 strongest attacks, ranked

"Surgeon of Death" Trafalgar Law is a fan-favorite in One Piece. His tactical skills and the abilities of his Ope-Ope Fruit make him a very dangerous pirate. Law is currently facing Blackbeard in the series. While he most likely has no chance of winning a 1v1 battle against such an opponent, the outcome is yet to be seen.

One of the Eleven Supernovas of the Worst Generation and a former Warlord, Law has been an ally of the Strawhat Pirates since the Punk Hazard Arc, but he recently parted ways with them. In the Wano Arc, Law achieved the Awakening of his Devil Fruit abilities and teamed up with Kid to fight Big Mom.


Exploiting their numerical superiority, Law and Kid were able to deal her significant damage. Eventually, the joined efforts of the two Supernovas were successful in making Big Mom fall into the void, resulting in her defeat.

Follow this thread to find out the ten best attacks Law performed throughout the One Piece series, ranked depending on strength and overall effectiveness.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the One Piece manga up to chapter 1064 and reflects the author's personal views.


The 10 best techniques that Trafalgar Law has shown throughout One Piece, ranked weakest to strongest


10) Shambles

Using Shambles, Law can swap two random items within the Room, becoming unpredictable (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

Law's Devil Fruit powers allow him to create a surrounding space called ROOM, within which he can manipulate things the way he likes. Using Shambles, he can instantly switch the positions of two objects of any kind as long as they are located inside the ROOM. With this technique, Law can swap everything, including the body parts of other people


Law can use Shambles to swap himself for an object, resulting in some sort of teleportation which allows him to dodge attacks or take his opponents by surprise. To effectively counter Shambles, one needs to quickly react to it or foresee his application, focusing on Law's gestures. Human targets with particularly powerful Haki can prohibit this technique from working on them.

9) Amputate

With Amputate, Law can bisect everything and everyone within the Room (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

With Amputate, Law uses his sword, Kikoku, to cut any target within the space of ROOM. As a result of the cut, the targets get bisected and, if they are human, incapacitated. However, they aren't harmed: they don't feel pain and the separated body parts remain alive, as well as the individual as a whole. Things that he cuts through can be reattached, including people's body parts.

Depending on the intensity of Law's efforts and the size of the subsequent ROOM, the Amputate slash can generate enough power to cut through mountain ranges. Individuals with a strong enough Haki can withstand the slash without being cut. However, very few fighters in the One Piece world can accomplish this feat, given that Law was able to bisect Vergo, who had a rather mighty Haki.

8) Radio Knife

A stronger version of Amputate, Radio Knife prevents the bisected opponent to re-attach his body parts (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

Radio Knife is the superior version of Amputate. Law coats his sword with charged electricity and then slashes his enemy. As a result, the target is not only separated into several segments but also suffers an electric shock. Like Amputate, the Radio Knife slash isn't harmful in itself, despite bisecting the targets.

The difference between Amputate and Radio Knife is that the latter prevents the target from being able to reattach their own body. This technique is meant to be a counter to any ability that would allow the user to re-assemble himself after being struck by Law's normal slashes.

7) Scalpel

If Law adds his Armament Haki to Scalpel, this attack can be effective even on a Logia user like Smoker (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, One Piece)

This technique allows Law to tear the heart out of his opponent without killing it. The heart gets incased in some sort of cube and continues to beat, as much as any other body part, which gets severed as a result of the Ope-Ope Fruit abilities. However, the opponent is at Law's mercy, since the latter can easily stab or destroy the vital organ, instantly killing the victim.

To perform Scalpel, Law needs to hit his opponent in the chest with his bare hand, causing the heart to be expelled from his body. The attack leaves the opponent's body with a cube-shaped hole in the heart's place. Scalpel can be a lethal technique, but it is not easy to successfully pull it off, especially against enemies who are skilled enough to confront Law in close range combat.

6) Counter Shock

Countershock is a powerful electric charge that can hurt even tough opponents (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, One Piece)

The functioning of this technique resembles that of a defibrillator. To perform this attack, Law needs to place his hands forward onto his target's chest. Once that is done, he releases a powerful electrical charge on him. Law first used Counter Shock against Scotch, an assassin in the New World, immediately defeating him.

He later used it against Vergo, inflicting a certain degree of damage on him. During the Wano Arc, Law showed an improved version of Counter Shock, which became strong enough to hurt Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors.

5) Takt

Takt is a technique that allow Law to use the surroundings to damage his opponent (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

Takt allows Law to levitate and control an object within his ROOM in a telekinetic manner. If the object is stuck in the ground, to use this technique, he first performs a lifting gesture with his index finger to get it off the ground. He then redirects the object to a location of his choice by pointing his finger towards the desired direction.

With Takt, Law is able to move multiple objects at once as well. He can use this technique to raise stone thorns from the ground to impale his enemies, move giant rocks using them as projectiles, or lift objects as big as a battleship.

4) Injection Shot

When performing Injection Shot, Law uses his sword to pierce through his opponent's body (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, One Piece)

To perform Injection Shot, Law rushes towards his target with his sword stretched and pointed to him. Once the sword stabs the target, Law makes it pierce further, akin to an injection. The targeted opponent gets pushed back remarkably and bleeds from the injured spot.

First used against Doflamingo in the Dressrosa Arc, Injection Shot is one of Law's most powerful techniques. In the Wano Arc, he performed it against Kaido as a surprise attack on him. On that issue, Injection Shot allowed Law to inflict some damage on the Emperor despite the incredible toughness of his skin.

3) Gamma Knife

Used with different results against Doflamingo and Kaido, Gamma Knife is a dangerous attack that hurts the opponent's vital organs (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

Apart from Awakening techniques, Gamma Knife is Law's strongest move. This technique is extremely dangerous. To perform it, Law creates a short blade of energy and stabs the opponent with it. The target suffers no external wounds, but his internal organs are destroyed, inflicting tremendous damage on him.

Doflamingo, who was struck by this technique, struggled to deal with its after-effects. He was only able to survive it thanks to the power of his Devil Fruit, which allowed him to stitch his injured organs together. During the Wano Arc, Law used Gamma Knife against Kaido. The Emperor was only moderately damaged, but it should be noted that his organs may be different from those of a human.

2) Shock Wille

After achieving the Awakening of his Ope-Ope Fruit, Law can perform Shock Wille, a technique strong enough to damage Big Mom (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, One Piece)

After unlocking the Awakening abilities of his Ope-Ope Fruit, Law can coat his sword Kikoku with a special kind of ROOM, the K-ROOM. In this way, the blade is enabled to pierce through anything without harming the target. Law can also enlarge his sword, increasing its range. However, he can't use moves such as Shambles, as the ROOM is not expanded around but focused on his sword.

After piercing the target with his sword, Law releases a shock wave through it, hurting the target from the inside. This attack, called Shock Wille, was first used against Big Mom, inflicting noticeable internal damage. She bled from the mouth and had some of her bones broken. However, she managed to endure it. Blackbeard too was able to endure this technique, albeit losing some blood.

1) Puncture Wille

Puncture Wille is Law's most powerful attack, allowing him to seriously hurt Big Mom, one of the toughest One Piece characters (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, One Piece)

Puncture Wille is Law's strongest and most destructive technique. To perform this attack, Law needs to position himself above his target and pierce him with his sword Kikoku coated with K-ROOM. He drills the opponent's body down to the floor while the sword continuously extends downward, phasing through whatever is in its way.

Once Kikoku reaches a certain depth, Law releases a powerful shockwave that implodes everything that the solid blade of the sword pierced. This massively damages the target and partially destroys the surroundings. When used against Big Mom, Puncture Wille was strong enough to noticeably injure her. The attack also created a gigantic crater near the Flower Capital in Wano.

Final Thoughts

The first time that Big Mom has bled in combat and it comes at the hands of Trafalgar Law. If the Ope Ope no Mi wasn't broken already, now it definitely is

Most of Law's attacks involve a combination of his swordsmanship skills and the usage of his Ope-Ope Fruit powers. Together with his tactical skills, these abilities make him an extremely dangerous fighter. Being a skilled and knowledgeable medician, Law can use this ability to its full potential. This earned him the moniker of "Surgeon of Death".

Ope-Ope can bypass the physical defenses of most One Piece characters. To stand up to Law and defeat him, it is necessary to possess a particularly strong and developed Haki, such as a strong Color of Armament or the all-powerful Advanced Color of Conqueror's, allowing them to block his attacks.


Law usually performs better in team fights than in one-vs-one battles. With his target distracted, it is easy for the "Surgeon of Death" to strike him with his Devil Fruit powers. Instead, if Law is facing an opponent who is skilled enough to react to his attacks, it won't be easy for him to land them successfully. An example of this is his brutal loss against Doflamingo.

Admittedly, Law can only use those powers within the ROOM he summons. Maintaining that technique while performing several other attacks takes a heavy toll on his stamina. Awakening techniques such as K-ROOM, Shock Wille and Puncture Wille consume even more stamina. For this reason, Law considers these moves a last resort to be used only if strictly necessary.

Law against distracted opponents or exploiting numerical superiority
Law in 1 vs 1 battle against a competent fighter with strong Haki

He landed Gamma Knife on Doflamingo only bc Luffy

Remember that when Law uses KRoom he can't use Shambles

#onepiece1064 #ONEPIECE1065

Moreover, the if the opponent is a skilled Observation Haki user or knows the Ope-Ope powers, he can focus himself on Law's gestures to foresee the incoming attacks. However, this is not an easy task, given that the Ope-Ope Fruit allows Law to be one of the most versatile and unpredictable fighters in the One Piece series.

Upon the disbandment of the Wano Alliance, Law parted ways with the Strawhats. Briefly after, he was attacked by Blackbeard and is now involved in a complex battle with him. While the result seems to have already been written, One Piece fans can't wait to see what happens next.

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