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Streamers whose costly mistakes on live stream got them banned (Image via Sportskeeda)

5 streamers whose costly mistakes on live stream got them banned

Twitch streamers and content creators need to be vigilant all the time while broadcasting themselves in front of thousands of viewers. A single slip can lead to a snowball effect and possibly hamper their live streaming career.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the notable streamers and broadcasters who made costly mistakes during their live stream that resulted in them getting banned from the platform.


Some were handed a small ban duration while others received a permanent suspension, resulting in the total downfall of their online careers.

Here are five streamers whose costly mistakes while on live stream got them banned.


Streamers like JiDion, 4Connor, and IShowsSpeed got banned from the live streaming platform

5) Pokimane


At the onset of 2022, Twitch sensation Imane "Pokimane" tried to ride the infamous "react" meta by watching and streaming an animated series called Avatar: The Last Airbender. Consequently, she received her first-ever ban on Twitch after her channel was struck by a DMCA claim.

For her first offense on the live-streaming platform, Pokimane was required to serve a total of 48 hours of the ban period. Following her unban, she made a huge comeback with a massive 12-hour-long stream.

Pokimane clarified that she was not surprised by her ban from Twitch as she knew the consequences of her costly mistake. She wanted to raise awareness about the react meta by showcasing how easy it was to get banned from Twitch while reacting to copyrighted content.


4) 4Connor

Former Twitch streamer 4Connor made headlines back in 2021 when a series of his chat logs were leaked online.

The chat logs revealed a ton of transphobic, racist, s*xist messages that the streamer had posted on Discord servers. This ultimately led to the streamer getting permanently banned from the live streaming platform.

In response to the leak, Matthew "Mizkif" was forced to kick 4Connor out of his house and the latter was no longer allowed to be part of the former's exclusive close-knit streamer community.

3) Sodapoppin


One of the more recent streamers to be banned on the platform, Chance "Sodapoppin" received his second-ever ban on Twitch after he unknowingly painted a questionable thing on an in-game character and used the word "Blackface" during the stream.

Four days after his antics, the streaming community was notified that Sodapoppin had been banned from Twitch and no official reason for his suspension was disclosed by the streamer or the platform.

It is speculated by the community that Sodapoppin will be required to serve a 30-day ban period for this costly mistake during the live stream.


He uploaded an eight-minute-long video talking about his most recent ban on Twitch which focused on a number of streamers reacting to his suspension

2) JiDion

It’s bigger then black and white
12:28 PM · Jan 13, 2022

Jidon "JiDionPremium," or "JiDion," is a famous YouTuber and former Twitch streamer who was part of a major controversy involving him and Pokimane.

JiDion is infamous for hate brigading Pokimane's stream by rallying his viewers to spam the phrase "L + Ratio" in the Twitch star's chat lobby. The incident led to the streamer getting a 14-day ban from the platform.

Four days later, JiDion's 14-day suspension was turned into a permanent ban.

Ban went from 14 days to a perma please use the #twitchfreejidion for me boys
4:40 AM · Jan 17, 2022

The beef between him and Pokimane came to an end on February 4, 2022, when the two collaborated and shared an image of them eating burgers together on Twitter.

JiDion remains permanently banned on Twitch as of this writing.

1) IShowSpeed


A former Twitch streamer and now a YouTuber, IShowSpeed received an indefinite suspension on Twitch. The reason for this was "s*xual coercion or intimidation."


Later, a clip posted on Twitter provided the proper context: IShowSpeed made a series of extremely suggestive comments towards a female streamer present in a group call.

Some of the comments that IShowSpeed made during Adin Ross' stream were:

"Who's going to stop me? If we're the last two people on Earth, who's going to stop me? You can't stop me! We're the last two people on Earth!"

Since the incident, IShowSpeed has permanently moved to YouTube, where he has over 7 million subscribers.

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