Five times the streamer clashed with fellow streamers (Image via Sportskeeda)

5 times xQc got into feuds with other streamers

Felix "xQc" is one of the biggest names in the content creation world and commands a huge number of fans. His Twitch channel has 11.3 million followers, making him the fifth most followed channel on the platform. Twitchtracker also reports that he currently has more than 77,000 active subscriptions.

This immense success, however, also comes with a lot of caveats. Felix has been part of feuds and beef with fellow streamers and content creators for various reasons. Here are some of the more prominent clashes the Juicer was part of during his illustrious streaming career.


Instances when xQc clashed with other streamers

1) HasanAbi tierlist drama


xQc and HasanAbi got into a feud back in June 2022, after the former put the political analyst in the B-tier of his streamer tier list. The streamer tier list meta was all the rage at the time, but this action of placing Hasan in the B-tier did not go well with the streamer, who lashed out via his alternate Twitter handle.

HasanAbi's tweet about gambling (Image via Twitter)

The left-wing political and social commentator took a dig at xQc's gambling streams and insinuated that the Canadian streamer was jealous of him for not having him on his stream as a guest. With both the streamers reacting and replying to each other through streams, clips of the feud went viral on the internet for weeks before the two made up at Ludwig's Mogul Money Live.

2) Breakup drama streamed live

Breakups are very personal things, and both parties usually like to keep things under wraps for a variety of reasons. But last month, xQc and Adept's relationship troubles were broadcast over Twitch after the former revealed certain details of the breakup to his audience and insinuated that he had to choose between his relationship and his family.


The act of speaking about their breakup so publicly was clearly not something that Adept wanted, and she made this clear during one of her subsequent streams while reacting to xQc's explanation. The drama came to a head when both streamers got on a Discord call during a livestream.


3) HasanAbi beef over Shi*Camp

A more recent feud with HasanAbi occurred in September and was way more serious than the tier-list drama. The core reason for the beef was because xQc canceled his appearance at QTCinderella's streamer event, Shi*camp 2022. Like before, HasanAbi took to his alternate account and made some choice comments about the former Overwatch Pro for abandoning a live event.

The tweet (Image via Twitter)

Hasan clearly did not appreciate the fact that his fellow streamer was not going to show up at the event and was of the opinion that xQc's excuse for not attending an event like Shi*camp was very disrespectful to the organizers.


The excuse that the streamer had given was that Sodapoppin would not be attending, and therefore he would not be going either. Here is the Discord chat that was circulating on the internet at that time.:

The Discord chat in question (Image via Discord)

The feud escalated when xQc reacted to the tweets and called HasanAbi a snake of a friend for what he alleged was an uninformed opinion about his personal life.


4) Twitter spat with Ninja and Jessica

Back in 2020, xQc got into a Twitter fight with popular Fortnite icon Tyler "Ninja" and Jessica Blevins over his "sweeties" comment after he was criticized for his opinion on streamers getting paid for doing charity streams.

@JessicaBlevins @DrLupo @StJude Of course I was going to answer sweetie, I was eating breakfast, fueling up for a productive day. Not very relatable I know! You should teach me a thing or 2 about fundraisers i'm sure you know a thing or two about raising funds. I mean, these gucci bags don't pay for themselves.

The word did not sit well with many, and Jessica herself called him out for what many believed was a misogynist remark.

@Ninja @xQc X-It’s very clear you don’t respect women, or really anyone with again, the trash, I’ve heard you spew. If you want to be sexist and act like because I’m married to a successful man that it makes me a do-nothing mooching woman, that’s your choice to be that kind of person.

The exchange immediately went viral as other internet personalities started talking about it, and before long, Ninja himself replied to the thread in defense of his partner. The feud started because of xQc's claims about charity streams and creators getting paid for hosting them, but it turned into a proper online spat as Ninja came in guns blazing and called him a "piece of shi*" in a now-deleted tweet:

"You have zero clue the amount of work Jess does for our family and our business, and when she wants to buy a Gucci bag, she f***ing can because she worked for it. We have donated millions to charity and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Stop being a piece of s**t."

5) Andrew Tate "debate"

Andrew Tate made an appearance on Adin Ross's stream and had a heated discussion with xQc, which was a turning point for Tate's personal fame on Twitch.


The streamer was one of the only people on the call who was critical of Tate's views on women and their roles in a relationship, and the two clashed multiple times during the discussion. Tate's misogynistic take on women being inherently bad at driving and him comparing his female partner to a car made xQc take a hard stance against his rhetoric.

The discussion got very heated, and Andrew Tate basically rage-quit the Discord call after repeated questions from the streamer.

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