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Mizkif's 5 most controversial Twitch stream moments

Over the years, Matthew Rinaudo, popularly known as Mizkif, has developed into one of the most well-known personalities in the streaming community. He began his Twitch career in 2016 and has accumulated more than two million followers on the platform. He also has 900K YouTube subscribers.

Mizkif recently made waves in the streaming community with the highly popular Camp Knut. The Norwegian bodybuilder cum streamer, Knut, came over to Austin and led a group of streamers through a month-long training program.


Mizkif's rise to Twitch stardom has had him come into contact with a lot of controversies, either directly or indirectly. With him and xQc butting heads recently, here's a list of five controversies he was part of in the recent past.

5 Twitch controversies connected to Mizkif

5) Starforge pricing


In late August, OTK and MoistCr1TiKaL announced a joint venture called Starforge Systems, a computer retailing company catering to gamers and content creators. However, Starforge's launch did not really go as planned, with fans and streamers criticizing them for charging exorbitant amounts of money for outdated hardware.

As one of the co-founders of OTK, Mizkif and others had to address the issue immediately as fans did not let up even after the prices were reduced. Calling it "price gouging," certain people accused the streamers of being bad faith actors. Mizkif had a lot to say about the situation and, in a subsequent stream, defended the company against critics such as KristoferYee:

"But the thing is, we already changed this product. What he was saying, we're already deeming that's an issue, and we were trying to change it. We already changed it. So that's it! We already changed it, and I'm glad we did."

The situation did leave a mark, with many people pointing out how bad it looks for the business to start on such rocky ground.


4) Schooled cheating controversy

Mizkif had a popular trivia show called Schooled, but he had to shut it down after many participating streamers were caught cheating. The controversy deepened when streamers such as EEVisu and Amouranth later refused to even acknowledge the allegations of cheating.

Here is what Mizkif had to say about the "apology" from EEVisu, who tried to say that he had cheated only a little:

"Lies. Sorry, that's a lie. We caught EE cheating like 15 times, so it's a lie. Total lie."

The controversy also included Amouranth, who apparently refused to admit her guilt in a previous iteration of the show. After EEVisu got disqualified for cheating in the competition where the prize pool was a whopping $50k, Mizkif decided to cancel the show indefinitely.

3) 4connor racism controversy

This one may not have had any direct connection with the streamer, but Mizkif was heavily involved in the 4connor racism controversy back in 2021. 4Connor's blatant racist, misogynistic, and homophobic chats were leaked online a day after Mizkif had offered to let the up-and-coming streamer stay at the OTK house with him. Upon hearing about the scandal, however, Mizkif banned 4Connor from ever entering his house.

In a stream on the following day, Mizkif tried his best to distance himself from the bigoted comments made by his friend. He also felt that the comments made by 4Connor were too recent to not react to, and he parted ways with the streamer in quite an emotional way.


The controversy did bring up older issues with the Texan streamer, with a few people in the political streamer HasanAbi's chat accusing him of similar behavior in the past. Hasan, however, defended the Texan streamer and said that Mizkif had completely changed despite being "edgy" in the past.

2) "Emiru is not Maya 2.0"

Towards the end of 2021, Mizkif broke up with his two-year-long partner and fellow Twitch streamer Maya Higa. The break-up was quite amicable, with both streamers deciding to take a break from streaming as well. However, drama brewed in the months following their return, when the new OTK streamer Emiru moved in with Mizkif at the OTK content house.


Many other streamers, such as Minx, QTCinderella, and Ludwig, got involved as people on social media began talking about Emiru and Maya. The latter herself addressed the fact on her stream, saying that she didn't appreciate being compared to Emiru, especially when people said she was being replaced by her at the OTK house.

The controversy took a turn for the worse when QTCinderella (at 3:40 of the above video), Maya's close friend, decided to comment that moving Emiru into Maya's old room so quickly after they split was "f*cked up." In a later stream, she doubled down on the comment, sarcastically comparing Emiru to Maya:

"Emiru is not Maya 2.0. She just happened to move into Mizkif's house. Into Maya's room. Also likes pets, also she's like really cute. Also, is like the LSF girl of the moment. Also is half-Asian. Also... it's so weird, there's so many..."

1) That time CallMeCarson appeared on his stream

By far, the most egregious controversy surrounding Mizkif was when a Minecraft streamer accused of grooming minors was spotted on his stream in August 2021. Almost eight months after Carson took a hiatus from streaming, he appeared on Mizkif's stream for a few moments, sending people into a frenzy.


In January of that year, people from Carson's former group, the Lunch Club, revealed to the world that the streamer had been se*ting a 17-year-old girl when he was 19.

The OTK member was quickly bombarded by people calling him out for supporting an alleged p*dophile. He defended himself, saying CallMeCarson wasn't there for him or to join OTK and that Twitter was making a mountain out of a molehill:

"Carson was here for 30 minutes. He's gone, alright? He's been gone... That's it. He came over for one thing and one thing only. Not me, okay?"

The streamer then proceeded to explain that Carson was there to talk business with Maya. The incident generated a lot of reactions on Twitter, with many criticizing him for platforming an alleged se*-offender.

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