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Patrick Bet-David provided an approximate valuation for MrBeast's empire (Image via Sportskeeda)

What is MrBeast's YouTube empire worth? Patrick Bet-David estimates its value at $10 billion

Entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David calculated YouTube star Jimmy "MrBeast's" estimated net worth in a video uploaded to Valuetainment's YouTube channel.

The podcast host mentioned MrBeast making a guest appearance on a recent FLAGRANT podcast, revealing that he turned down a ten-figure amount for his YouTube channel.


The host also stated Jimmy saying he would consider an offer if it was in the $10-20 billion range.

Patrick Bet-David began researching Jimmy's YouTube statistics and estimated that his main channel would have generated at least $850 million. After factoring in other ventures such as Feastables and Beast Burgers, Patrick Bet-David estimated that MrBeast's empire was worth a mind-boggling $10 billion.


Patrick Bet-David explains how he came up with a valuation of $10 billion for MrBeast's empire


In a five-minute-long Valuetainment clip, the podcast host wanted to know Patrick Bet-David's opinion on Jimmy turning down a billion-dollar deal for his YouTube channel.

The Iranian-born American personality decided to do some math and started analyzing Jimmy's YouTube channel. He said:

"Well, I mean a couple of things. One your business is worth whatever the market is willing to pay. We don't have the details of what was offered to him. But let's do some basic math, okay? So I just pulled up his channel. His most-viewed video is 293 million views. It's a 25-minute video. That's the $450,000 Squid Game that he did, which was all over the place."

The podcast host mentioned that MrBeast owns multiple YouTube channels and that the aforementioned Squid Game video has a higher view count in other languages.

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The conversation continued with Bet-David estimating that a 30-second Super Bowl commercial would roughly cost $5.2 million. He compared the Super Bowl viewership figures to MrBeast's and asserted:

"So Super Bowl commercial, you do 30 seconds. What are you paying? $5.2 million give or take. Right? And Super Bowl gets roughly $100 million views. Okay? So if we take 300 million people watching the Super Bowl, which is the number here. Not including all the other stuff. Which means a 60-second clip in this 25 minute video, is what? $16 million! Okay?"

Patrick Bet-David used the 17 billion channel view metric as a baseline to estimate the approximate value of MrBeast's YouTube channel. He said:

"So if he's able to get a billion views because it's in other languages, then that means that's now a $50 million one video on that number. Then you take that, I don't know how many videos he's got. If we go over here and we see how many videos is uploaded. He's got total 17 billion views. I'll just do the number on 17 billion views. We can do together right now, on just one channel."
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Bet-David calculated that one MrBeast YouTube channel would have generated at least $850 million if only one commercial was included in each video. He continued:

"So assume on each video, he can do five 60-second commercials, so if we go to five on that, that's $4.2 billion that he has in his channel. So add it to all the other channels that he has, I think he's right. $10 to $20 billion is the right number."

The podcast host mentioned MrBeast's other ventures in his empire, including Beast Burgers and Feastibles. Patrick Bet-David responded, implying that the 24-year-old made the right decision not to sell his YouTube empire for less than $10 billion:

"I heard about it. People ask me but if it's for the whole thing and does he come with it? How many years has he come with it? And how many minumum clips is he going to do per month? How many videos is it going to do? If all of that comes together, I think he's right. No, I wouldn't be selling less than $10 billion."

Fans react to the podcast clip

The YouTube comments section amassed more than 575 fan reactions, with numerous community members lauding Patrick Bet-David's informative content. Here's what they had to say:

Fans in the YouTube comments section providing their take on the approximate net worth of the YouTuber's empire (Image via Valuetainment/YouTube)

MrBeast is easily one of the internet's most recognizable figures and is known for creating viral content. His main YouTube channel has over 110 million subscribers and has garnered more than 18.2 billion channel views.

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