Plasma Cutter, Force Gun and other cool weapons in Dead Space (EA Motive)

Which are the best weapons in Dead Space remake

Dead Space remake is just as adrenaline-pumping as its original version released back in 2008. The dreaded monsters, the claustrophobic corridors of USG Ishimura, and the scarce ammo make a triumphant return to the title. Dead Space remake gives players unique weapons to deal with the horrors lurking around the stranded spaceship.

This article will go through some of the best weapons in the game. From crowd control to focused attacks, players can use a variety of tactics to fend off necromorphs. Ammo becomes more scarce in the game depending on the difficulty level players choose.


Contact Beam, Line Gun, and other great weapons in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space remake features an arsenal appropriate for its futuristic setting in the 26th Century. There are many scenarios and monster types that require switching tactics and weapons. One can encounter a single strong enemy type, or several necromorphs can swarm attack at once.


)Plasma Cutter

The iconic Plasma Cutter is one of the best weapons in the game. This Cutter dismembers the necromorphs and renders them motionless. Issac can then melee or stomp them to deliver the final blows. This strategy can save a lot of ammo that can be better used to defeat stronger bosses and foes. One can even upgrade it to make it even more effective.


Pulse Rifle

The Pulse Rifle is quite a powerful gun thanks to its triple barrels and secondary fire mode. Players can use it as a rifle to spray bullets on enemies and take down multiple foes. It is capable of a secondary fire mode that can be used as a proximity mine. Any necromorph that passes by this mine gets torn to shreds. The downed necromorph can then be finished off with melee attacks or stomps.

Force Gun

Force Gun is similar to a shotgun (Image via EA Motive)

Force Gun is a close-range kinetic weapon in the Dead Space universe. It has limited range, but its blasts are an excellent crowd-control tactic. The game has many claustrophobic areas, and enemy encounters can get hectic. The Force Gun is very potent in such scenarios, and its alternate fire mode can create a gravity field that sucks enemies into it.

Line Gun

Since the remake is out tomorrow, what's your favorite weapon in Dead Space? The weapon you won't go without.

Mine is probably the Line Gun - feels so good to kneecap the necromorphs in a single shot.

The Line Gun is a superior version of the Plasma Cutter. However, this gun only shoots out horizontal beams. It also has broader coverage than the Cutter. It comes with a secondary mode of fire that lays out laser traps. Unused traps can be disabled, which yields extra ammo. One can, therefore, either upgrade the Plasma Cutter or this gun, depending on their choice.


Contact Beam

This weapon is ideal against bosses (Image via EA Motive)

Contact Beam is the most potent weapon in Dead Space. It fires an uninterrupted beam toward the enemies. Players must keep their aim steady on target as it takes a while before another shot can be fired. Dead Space veterans prefer the alternate fire mode of Contact Beam.

Players can charge the weapon and fire a single powerful beam at the enemy. This secondary fire mode has the potential to kill a foe in a single or, at most, two shots. Fans should upgrade this weapon and use it against powerful bosses. It is also viable to use when cornered by a mob of necromorphs.

If players opt to use only a few weapons, they can sell the ammo of the undesired weapon to earn some credits. Credits are the in-game currency used to purchase ammo, medical supplies, suit upgrades, and more.

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EA Motive intended to make Dead Space a welcoming experience for a broad audience. Thus, the game comprises five difficulty modes for players to choose from. One can play for the narrative or switch to extreme difficulty with the impossible mode.

Dead Space remake is only available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The decision faced a backlash, but its visuals justify it. The game has many accessibility options, and fans can tweak settings to have a tailored experience, like skipping the gory scenes or having aim assist on and other options.


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