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10 Fortnite streamers who were once popular

Fortnite streamers have gained a lot of fame over the past few years. The popular video game has taken off and broken numerous records, resulting in the most skilled players gaining millions of followers across streaming platforms.

Some Fortnite streamers started playing the game back in its early days and are still active, like Ninja and Tfue. However, a great number of them quit Fortnite for good and are therefore not as well remembered by the community.


This article will list 10 once-popular streamers.

Note: This article reflects the writer’s opinions.

Listing 10 Fortnite streamers who quit the game for good

10) Daequan


Daequan was one of the most skilled Fortnite streamers in the early days of the video game. He is best known for using the "Double Pump" technique to perfection.

Unfortunately, Daequan's casual gameplay did not age well as Fortnite has become sweaty over the years. Furthermore, the once-popular streamer suffered from some health problems, which is why he had to stop streaming as well.

9) Myth


Myth was one of the first Fortnite streamers to become a fantastic builder. Even before Turbo Building was added to the video game, Myth's building skills were insane. His amazing skills earned him the fitting moniker "The Young Architect."

Unfortunately, he stopped streaming Fortnite and is now mostly focused on Valorant. Even though Myth has over four million subscribers on his YouTube channel, his videos do not get many views anymore, which is very unfortunate.

8) CDNThe3rd


CDNThe3rd used to be one of the most entertaining OG Fortnite streamers in the world. These days, he mostly plays casual games and posts them on his YouTube channel.

The last Fortnite video CDNThe3rd posted was in April 2022, and it is unlikely that he will return to the game.

7) Hamlinz

Hamlinz and Daequan used to play Fortnite together, but both of them have been inactive for a long time. Like Daequan, Hamlinz has dealt with a lot of personal problems, which is why he has not been playing the video game.

Although he is not a competitive player, Hamlinz is still very skilled, and he proved it by winning a Fortnite match back in September 2021.


Many fans would love to see him back in the future. Hamlinz created a new Twitch account under the name smallmanbigworld, and he might stream there if he ever comes back.

6) Summit1g

Summit1g has been streaming for many years, and gave Fortnite a shot when it was just released. Although he is a great player, Summit1g would frequently rage while playing the game as it would annoy him.

Like many other streamers, he returned to Fortnite to try out the No Build mode back in Chapter 3 Season 2. While he enjoyed it, it was not enough to bring the former Fortnite streamer back to the game.

Summit1g has been posting DayZ content on his channels in recent months.

5) DrDisRespect


DrDisRespect is another player who is known for raging during his Fortnite Battle Royale streams. He was very popular during his Fortnite days, but a lot of players also could not stand him due to his constant complaning.

Also, stream snipers did not help his case either. The former Fortnite streamer was often hunted by other players who simply wanted their name to appear on his screen.

DrDisRespect mostly plays first-person battle royale games these days, including Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends.

4) KingRichard

KingRichard was one of the most skilled Fortnite streamers in the early days of the game. While he was amazing in regular lobbies, KingRichard also dominated the competition in tournaments.

The streamer won the Fortnite Summer Skirmish, one of the first big tournaments the game has ever had.

He ended up leaving Twitch and YouTube and currently streams on Facebook Gaming. After trying Call of Duty: Warzone and Escape from Tarkov, the former Fortnite streamer now mostly plays League of Legends.

3) Nickmercs


Nickmercs is a former Fortnite streamer who dominated his enemies while using a controller. Most famous Fortnite streamers play on a PC, but Nickmercs showed that controller players can and keep up with PC players.

The player was incredible and his skills motivated many controller players. He dominated regular lobbies, and has played well in tournaments as well.

Unfortunately, Nickmercs is no longer a Fortnite streamer. His content is mostly focused on Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone these days. Like many other players, he tried Fortnite's Zero Build mode, but it was not enough to make him play the game for alonger period.

2) Ewok

Ewok's rise to fame was incredible as he dominated Fortnite lobbies as a 13-year-old deaf gamer. Even though he was playing at a huge disadvantage, Ewok dominated the opposition.

FaZe Clan signed Ewok back in 2018, skyrocketing his rise to stardom. Unfortunately, the Fortnite streamer has started dealing with a lot of issues and has quit streaming.

Ewok came out as transgender in October 2020 and has received a lot of hate for this. Eventually, the content creator simply decided to take a break from streaming and social media.


No one knows if the former content creator will return to the game at some point. However, there is no doubt that his story is inspiring and it shows that anyone can be successful in Fortnite.

1) Cizzorz

Cizzorz was one of the most popular Fortnite content creators. His videos were amazing and he has also created many amazing maps in the Creative mode.

During the Fortnite World Cup, Cizzorz and his team won the Creative mode tournament, which was amazing.

Unfortunately, the content creator has struggled with mental health and he has had a lot of personal issues. He also received a ban on Twitch out of nowhere, which caused him to lose motivation.


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