Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 XP glitch grants over 200,000 XP in seconds, here's how

New Fortnite XP glitch allows players to level up quickly (Image via Epic Games)
New Fortnite XP glitch allows players to level up quickly (Image via Epic Games)
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Fortnite XP glitches are one of the fastest and easiest ways to level up in Chapter 3 Season 3. These glitches are interacted with in Creative mode, and Epic Games mostly tolerates them since they are harmless. There is a new XP glitch almost every day, and the most recent one β€” likely discovered by a YouTuber on July 5 β€” allows players to get tens of thousands of XP very quickly.

This process is very simple and involves joining a custom Creative map and performing several simple actions. Then, players can just enjoy all the passive XP that comes their way.

If you would like to know how to perform the latest Fortnite XP glitch and level up your Battle Pass quickly, you can find more relevant information below.

New Fortnite XP glitch lets players level up rapidly in Chapter 3 Season 3

A popular YouTuber once again shared a video of a new Creative map that has a Fortnite XP glitch. The YouTuber presented the entire process, getting more than 100,000 XP in a short period of time.

To perform the glitch, players must open Fortnite Battle Royale and its game-mode-selection menu. They have to choose Island Code and type in the following code: 8876-9373-5416. After that, they should start the game.


When players find themselves on the Creative map, they will have to interact with the AFK XP button. The button is located in the middle of the map, between a pool and a smaller red barn.

Right after they interact with the button, they ought to go to the pool area and climb on top of a wooden balcony that can be found in the left corner. This is where they need to perform any emote to make the glitch work.

The final step is to get all the way to the corner, look up, and interact with the invisible button, which can be seen in the video. Subsequently, players will be teleported to the starting area and start receiving huge amounts of XP, sometimes over 200,000, in less than a minute.

More ways to gain XP on this Fortnite map

At some point, players will start receiving less XP from this Fortnite XP glitch. When that happens, they will want to repeat the same procedure, but this time, they will go to another balcony.

When they are in the pool area, they will see two wooden balconies, one on the left and one on the right side. They need to use the left balcony the first time, but when XP starts slowing down, players must climb the right balcony, go all the way to the corner, look up, and interact with the invisible button.

So I did this thing on my f2p account. Went up to a +1,069,947 streak. Left the map 1Β½ hours before it expired so I could've gotten more.Clickbaiters on yt be like, "how to get a mILliOn xp" when you get less than 5k.Glitch King says 20K and you get 1M xp in fortnite.

There are a few other ways of getting additional XP from this map. For instance, the small red barn features a countdown timer, and once it hits 0, players will receive more XP.

Also, when players are standing next to the AFK XP button, they will notice the Huge XP button as well. This button also has a countdown timer, and players can interact with it every 30 minutes. If players plan on staying on this custom Creative map for a longer period of time, they should make sure to go back to this XP button every half an hour in order to gain more XP.

Players must bear in mind that Chapter 3 Season 3 ends in mid-September. And unlocking all super styles requires players to hit Level 200, so it can be done easily, even without XP glitches.

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