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8 Fortnite Battle Bus designs ranked best to worst

Fortnite Battle Royale has pioneered plenty of game mechanics and design concepts. The game has introduced mind-bending concepts that the community hasn't seen before.

As the game progressed over the years, it maintained its freshness, from its originality in character concepts to the vehicle that Loopers drop off on the island from - the infamous Battle Bus. The bus wasn't given much importance at the start, but with new changes and elements over the years, there has been plenty for players to be fond of.


The Battle Bus is an important element in the game as Loopers drop into the island as the bus moves in the air and gives everyone a certain amount of time to jump off. The most mysterious element of the bus is the driver that Loopers thank everytime, and this article ranks eight Battle Buses from best to worst.

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8 Fortnite Battle Bus ranked best to worst till Chapter 3


1) OG Battle Bus


The OG Battle Bus in Fortnite is considered to be one of the most memorable buses to drop off from. The bus has been a part of the game since Chapter 1 Season 1. It also came up with OG music that is now available for lobby music and provides major nostalgia for OG players. For many Loopers, the Chapter 1 Battle Bus gave them the feeling of listening to the original music.

2) 1st Anniversary Bus


The game reached its first anniversary in Chapter 1 Season 5. The design of the Battle Bus had begun to resemble a party theme, filled with hot-air balloon ribbons and a gigantic candle on top. The candle was shaped like a "1," indicating the anniversary number. It also introduced more party theme music to the bus.

3) Fortnitemares Battle Bus


It was the first time the game was introduced to Fortnitemares, which had directly originated from the Save The World section. This created a Halloween-themed island and Battle Bus back in Chapter 1 Season 6. The design structure included various candles and pumpkins that resembled the Halloween festival with orange and black colors. Fortnite players particularly liked the musical track the Battle Bus played when they were in it, which gave them spooky Halloween vibes.

4) World Cup Battle Bus


Fortnite had its first-ever World Cup Finals back in Season 9 in 2019. This created a lot of hype and excitement among the community as it was one of the biggest esports tournaments ever held. This introduced the World Cup-themed Battle Bus in the game for a short period of time.

The design held a large World Cup trophy that resembled the event. Fortnite players felt pride being a part of this mega event by riding the first ever, and till date, only World Cup Battle Bus.

5) Christmas themed Battle Bus


The christmas themed Battle Bus indeed had a holy and cheerful vibe. The bus had spirally-wrapped multi-colored lighting as well as a large balloon shaped like Santa Claus. It had the classic Christmas wrap as the bus color, which was available for weapon wraps as well.

Fortnite players preferred the Season 2 Chapter 2 bus design for Winterfest as they got to see more vibrant colors, and Crackshot's cabin went well with the event that year.

6) Deadpool Battle Bus


All Battle Buses are either dedicated to a particular theme or festival, but Deadpool brought a different vibe to Fortnite. He had a custom-designed bus that followed his style and sported a mixture of red and black colors. It also resembled a big Deadpool mask for the balloon on top.

It was considered the first-ever Marvel-themed Battle Bus in Chapter 2 Season 2. Fortnite players loved the Deadpool design on the bus and the fact that the character broke the fourth wall throughout the game's season, just like in the comics and movies.

7) Tony Stark Battle Bus


Another Marvel collaboration was seen back in Chapter 2 Season 4, as the community witnessed the release of Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark, in-game. Tony Stark himself had a major influence during the course of Season 4, inventing a Battle Bus himself, which eventually helped in defeating Galactus.

It consisted of three stages, wherein the final stage had a power booster instead of the traditional balloon. The main live event had a major role for the Battle Bus as Fortnite players drove the bus for the first time. This elevated the way they looked at the Battle Bus as they experienced the interior of the bus and the mechanics of flying it mid-air.

8) Naruto Battle Bus

With the first-ever official collab with an anime, a new introduction to the Battle Bus was bound to happen. With the latest Naruto X Fortnite collab, the anime community built up plenty of hype and excitement, and several new players had joined the game. The bus had a basic design with a "Hitai-ate" (Head-band protector) on the balloon and was taken straight from the anime franchise.

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