A still from the latest Run BTS' 2023 special episode where the seven members played field games. (Image via Twitter/ @KrabyNamjoona)

5 chaotic moments from Run BTS 2023's Mini Field Day

Whether or not fans had a date for Valentine's Day, BIGHIT MUSIC ensured that they were able to spend their evening watching the latest Run BTS episode, featuring the septets competing against each other in a multitude of specially designed games. As is usually the case when the band regroups, the episode, titled Mini Field Day Part 1, was noisy, filled with laughter, temporarily suspended friendships, and overall fun.

As the second episode began, BTS began their good-natured jibes at each other's expense, which is sure to make viewers laugh at their antics. Likely to be the last episode featuring all seven members, fans are sure to treasure this episode arc a lot.


Five moments from Run BTS' Mini Field Day that will have fans in splits

1) When the group teased RM and SUGA even before the games started

🐿️:Suga has been working out a lot these days too.
: He does 3 different types of exercise a day
: Suga does wrestling. Wrestling
: He even does wrestling,kickboxing jujutsu
: No. Be quite. That's not it. Not the truth. 🤭🤫
- Run BTS,2023 special episode,230214

BTS members love to poke fun at each other's expense, and they proved this from the beginning of the Run BTS episode. Instead of following RM (who was carrying a flag) into the camera frame, the members, under Jin's instructions, stayed put, confusing the leader. Frustrated, RM scolded the others, and they eventually entered the space. Not wanting to stop teasing the 27-year-old, they wondered why he was humming the Wedding March.


In another instance, while discussing the athleticism of each member, everyone unanimously decided to say that SUGA did wrestling (among other physically exhausting sports) in his free time. The Daechwita rapper denied all the allegations, but his tone was undercut when the Run BTS editors added cat ears and a tail to his body.

2) BTS' Daegu boys making the others laugh with their antics

when min yoongi and kim taehyung ended up poking while they're hugging each other just to get a score. daegu boys is so funny added hobi's laughter omg. 🤣


The first match of the proposed "Soft fencing" game was between V and SUGA, both of whom were determined to win. After dousing the soft swords in paint, the game started with enthusiastic cheering from the other members. After a lot of prancing around, it ended in the duo practically hugging while aggressively poking at each other with the "soft" sword. This led the remaining five members to dissolve into peals of laughter.

The producers must have foreseen the chaos that would descend in the Run BTS episode if they didn't change the rules and swiftly decided to disallow crossing the center while trying to gain points in the soft fencing game. After a nail-biting match in which V and SUGA scored crucial points, the younger member won, expressing his joy with his signature boxy smile.

3) BTS' V and Jimin wholesomely ending their in-game rivalry

구오즈를 귀여워하는 구사즈를 귀여워하는 나

Despite betraying each other during Run BTS in the past, it is clear that the group shares an enviable camarardrie that allows seven different individuals to create beautiful music. The 95z (or Jimin and V), in particular, are known to share a close friendship and even wrote a song, Friends, to explore their bond.

The pair played a volleyball game opposite each other, which V won after he surprised Jimin (SUGA even compared V's skills to the Haikyu!! anime). However, after the victory, the 1995-born singers hugged it out, showing each other and the audience that there were no hard feelings.

4) When j-hope's unique volleyball technique impressed everyone


Jung Kook and j-hope played opposite each other in the semi-finals of the volleyball game and had fun, with commentary by the surrounding members adding to the merriment. After seeing j-hope bounce the ball up several times before passing it to Jung Kook, SUGA and RM commented that it seemed as if it was hot.

The members jokingly called it the Arson ball, based on j-hope's song of the same name. Run BTS producers and editors caught onto this and added animated flames to the ball. Managing to outsmart Jung Kook a few times with his method, the MORE rapper was all smiles, making everyone laugh with him.

5) Jung Kook, Jimin, and V being the best PPL ambassadors

jungkook doing a commercial

Many Run BTS episodes have had sponsors, with the producers being clear about the promotional aspect of the show. However, BTS always takes it one step further. The Mini Field Day 1 episode had paid promotions by Calobye, which is a drink low in calories but high in energy.

As usual, Jimin and V started roleplaying a situation that could be improved by using the product when prompted to do so by the producers. Jung Kook took it one step further by dedicating his victory over Jimin to the brand, saying it helped energize him. The Promise singer agreed and said he would have won if he had drunk enough of the protein drink. That's certainly one way to ensure that the sponsor remains in the viewers' minds.

Final thoughts

The above is just a glimpse into the Run BTS episode. Other hilarious moments include Jin's eccentric warm-up style, Jung Kook accidentally splattering paint (it was safe) into his eye, and j-hope, V, and Jung Kook excitedly dancing before the games begin. Glimpses of the next episode show the septet playing football on a soap-covered plastic field, which can only result in chaos.

SUGA | Agust D TOUR 공연 개최

#SUGA #AgustD #슈가 #SUGA_AgustD_TOUR

BTS members are up to many things apart from Run BTS. The SUGA/Agust D tour was announced spanning the United States and Asia in May and June 2023, and Jimin will also be releasing his album soon. Meanwhile, V's variety show with his WOOGA Squad is currently airing, as is j-hope's documentary about the making of his album.

Apart from that, RM recently shared that he was working on something new following the success of his latest album. Jung Kook also recently resurfaced online after showing up on Weverse Live a few times this month. Apart from Jin, who is doing his best by serving in the military, great things seem lined up for BTS.

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