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Lucha Libre legend and former WCW mega star Konnan should be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame

5 MORE stars that should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

Anytime WWE announces that tickets are going on sale for the upcoming WrestleMania, it starts a buzz that builds all the way up to the event. It's funny how wrestling fans get excited in the fall about something that's still about nine months away.

But they do. The WWE Universe is already talking about whether or not Roman Reigns will face The Rock and speculating on if Theory might get the 'Mania push' in early 2023.


They are also starting to throw out names that they believe should be inducted into the Hall of Fame on that magical weekend. Needless to say, with the promotion's rich history, there are a lot of names to look at. It's a literal smorgasbord of stars and a buffet of the very best to choose from.

Here's a look at five worthy performers who should be considered for induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.


#5 - Val Venis

While Val Venis may never be confused for Lou Thesz or Jack Brisco, it wasn't his job to be. While he was a talented in-ring performer, The Big Valbowski's weapon of choice was his massive libido. He was more than happy to wave it around in our faces like a lightsaber.

Also, a big happy birthday to former WWE superstar and Intercontinental champion, the Big Valbowski... Val Venis!


Val Venis symbolizes everything that was great about WWE's magical Attitude Era. He pushed the envelope (and maybe even got a little too dirty at times), but it was all tongue-in-cheek with a wink and a smile from Val.

No one was offended by his persona of a former adult film star, because it was obvious to the audience that he was just having fun with it. That approach helped him connect with the WWE Universe and made him one of the most recognized figures of his time in sports entertainment.

It's time to let Val Venis say HELLLLOOOO to eternal endowment and enshrine him in the WWE Hall of Fame.


#4 - Ultimo Dragon

As one of the most successful cruiserweights and dynamic high-flyers of his era, Ultimo Dragon was a groundbreaking performer. Mixing a daredevil style with an incredible mat game, he was the best of all worlds in terms of his in-ring ability.

As one of the pioneers of WCW's revolutionary Cruiserweight Division, Dragon is a former titleholder there. But that wasn't the only belt he possessed at the time. As the Super J Cup winner in Japan, he and manager Sony Oono would often walk into battle holding over 10 championships at the same time.

Besides the epic encounter between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero at Halloween Havoc '97, Yuji Nagata and Ultimo Dragon also had an amazing match of their own in the opening contest.

He had a mildly successful run with WWE, but didn't make a whole lot of waves there. But if World Wrestling Entertainment wants to continue to recognize the achievements of international greats? Ultimo Dragon deserves his rightful spot in the annals of history.

#3 - Rick Martel is one of the greatest AWA World Champions ever and a decorated WWE Superstar

It's a bit of a head scratcher why one of the best wrestlers of the 80s hasn't already been honored by WWE. For some reason, Rick Martel still hasn't gotten that call from Stamford yet.

Many will likely remember Martel for his heel run in the 1990's as 'The Model'. However, his accolades in WWE and the world of professional wrestling reach far beyond that.

He's a former AWA World Heavyweight Champion, holding that coveted title for nearly 600 days in one of the greatest reigns of the decade. During his time at the top of the company, he was one of the 'Big Three' of American wrestling, along with Ric Flair of the National Wrestling Alliance and Hulk Hogan of the WWF.

July 25, 1984, Haneda Airport. Rick Martel is asked to empty his bag after a strange image is seen on the scanners. It was the AWA belt. The inspector was a big wrestling fan and asked for a picture. Jumbo Tsuruta said he had the same problem when it came to travelling with belts

Before that, he spent extensive time working for the McMahon family, winning the WWE World Tag Team Championships with Tony Garea on two occasions. It was a feat he would repeat almost a decade later, when he and Tito Santana captured the belts as Strike Force.


Martel later went to WCW and had a brief run as the World TV Champion before ultimately retiring. He is a clear-cut legend and someone who deserves to be recognized as such by WWE.

#2 - Konnan's in-ring achievements and incredible influence make him worthy of the WWE Hall of Fame

Based on what he accomplished just as a wrestler, Lucha Libre legend Konnan should be considered a Hall of Famer by any standard. His championship legacy is littered with plenty of gold.

His massive success during his time on top of EMLL made him Mexico's biggest star. He became essentially their version of Hulk Hogan, a larger-than-life figure who transcended the squared circle, appearing in TV shows and movies.

At the peak of his popularity, Konnan wasn't just an athlete and an entertainer, he was widely woven into the country's culture.


Upon venturing to America, he found success in WCW, winning the United States and World Television titles and becoming one of the most popular members of the nWo.


But his greatest contribution to the industry came when he created a pipeline of talent that followed him. Names like Rey Mysterio and Juventud Guerrera got their breaks because of Konnan, as well as the dozens of other luchadors he has helped over the years.

These aerial artists revolutionized the world of professional wrestling forever, as their style is still influencing the product we see today. None of that would have likely happened if not for Konnan's vision.

For all these reasons, WWE needs to "Keep It 100" and put Konnan in the Hall of Fame.

#1 - Tony Schiavone

The legendary voice of WCW spent a year with World Wrestling Entertainment before returning to Atlanta, making him a WWE alumni. He's also got some terrific work from his time with Jim Crockett Promotions in the 80's all the way up to AEW today on his resume.

But his experience is not the only reason why he should be inducted. It's more about what he represents.


For those who grew up primarily watching Southern Wrestling in the 80s and 90s, Schiavone was the soundtrack of the sport. Much like Keith Jackson in college football or Skip Caray manning the Braves' broadcasting booth, the exciting tones of Schiavone's voice always meant one thing: It was time to "go to the ring!"


After a lengthy absence from the industry, he seemingly re-invented himself when he launched his What Happened When podcast with Conrad Thompson. The venerable veteran has found a fountain of youth and is now speaking to a whole new generation of fans.

Tony Schiavone will always be remembered as one of the best play-by-play guys to ever sit behind a microphone. If he were ever able to take the stage and his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame, it could very well be "the biggest night in the history of our sport."


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