10 anime you should watch if you like Yugioh

Atem and his iconic Dark Magician (Image credits: Kazuki Takahashi/Shueisha, Viz Media, Yugioh)
Atem and his iconic Dark Magician (Image credits: Kazuki Takahashi/Shueisha, Viz Media, Yugioh)

Yugioh has been a part of most of our lives. Many fans of the series remember it as an evocative anime with awe-inspiring characters, with the first iteration of the show being an iconic part of anime history. Its incredible designs and ancient Egyptian theme made it one of the best anime of the 2000s.

Over the years, many animes, like Yugioh, have left an indelible mark on viewers' memories due to their amazing storylines and amazing characters. So, in this list, we will present ten such animes with ideas and themes similar to Yugioh that you will undoubtedly appreciate and love.

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1) Beyblade


One of the most iconic series of the early 2000s, Beyblade follows the adventures of the Beybreakers. This group of friends use their Beyblades, spinning tops, and their Bit-Beasts, spirits who reside inside the Beyblade, to fight other strong opponents and become the world champions.

Each Beyblader has a special connection with their Bit-Beast and the stronger they become, the more powerful their unique abilities are during combat. Similar to Yugioh, Beyblade is a series based on the manga, and both have a line of toys that are a significant part of our lives.

2) Monster Rancher


Genki was just a regular child who won a strange videogame. After attempting to play it, he finds himself within its world, Monster Rancher's world. Inside this world, humans and monsters coexist peacefully most of the time.

Genki discovers a disk, an ancient item containing a sealed monster inside, and after utilizing it, he frees Mocchi, a one-eyed monster who joins his team. They set off on an expedition to discover the Phoenix, a monster capable of transforming all bad monsters into good ones and releasing those still confined inside disks. Yugioh enthusiasts will undoubtedly enjoy this entertaining and underrated show.

3) Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan tells the story of Dan, a player of the titular game. In the series, he tries to become the number one brawler in the world. But during a match, he crosses paths with Drago, one of the most powerful Bakugans from their original dimension, Vestoria.

Following this, his companions join him in their quest to prevent Masquerade and Naga from seizing control of both worlds. The game is interesting, and the Bakugan designs are fantastic. The use of cards in their bouts is sure to pique the interest of Yugioh enthusiasts.

4) Persona 4


Warning: This series is dark and deals with heavier subjects.

The story of Persona 4 follows Yu, a new kid at Inaba High School. He hears rumors about a ritual that says those who use it will know who their true love is. But when Yu attempts it, he ends up inside the TV world, a place filled with monsters called Shadows.

The only way to destroy these shadows and survive is to call your Persona, the true manifestation of your being. With the help of his new group of friends, Yu begins a quest to stop the Shadows who are terrorizing his new town. The idea of Personas and their designs is something any Yugioh fan will love.

5) Digimon


During their summer camp, Tai and his 6 friends are transported into the Digital World, a place filled with creatures called Digimon. Once there, they meet a bunch of baby-level Digimons that have been waiting for them to arrive.

The squad learns that they are the Digidestined, a group of children who will aid in the restoration of the Digital World from the evil Digimon who have long controlled it. It is yet another of our childhood favorites that has continued delivering new content for many years. Fans of Yugioh will feel right at home with this series.

6) Pokemon


Pokemon needs no introduction. The story follows Ash, a ten-year-old who embarks on a journey throughout the world to become a Pokemon master. Ash is determined to become the best, with the support of his loyal partner Pikachu and the new companions they encounter each new season.

Pokemon is another of the most well-known series that many of us grew up with. The designs, combat, and characters make this a popular franchise. And it has been adding new content every year. There will be a lot of aspects of Pokemon that Yugioh fans will enjoy

7) CardFight!! Vanguard


Aichi is a shy boy in his last year of middle school, who began his journey to become a great Vanguard player. He began his adventure in the realm of Vanguard thanks to his first card, Blaster Blade, a gift he received as a child.

Aichi has only one goal: to challenge Kai, the person who gave him his first card. Kai is Aichi's hero and a cold and prodigious player of the game. The game mechanics of Vanguard are truly original, and the parallels between Aichi, Kai, Yugi and Kaiba will make a lot of Yugioh fans happy.

8) Selector Infected Wixoss


Warning: This series is dark and deals with heavier subjects

WIXOSS is a very popular card game in Japanese middle schools. Their LRIG cards became an instant hit when they were released. But only a few people are aware that these cards have their own will. Only girls in desperate need of a miracle can hear them.

Ruko is one of these girls, and she becomes one of the Selectors, a group of girls who competes to be the winner. The last one standing becomes the Eternal Girl and can wish for anything she desires. The narrative is fascinating, and the card game mechanics will entice any Yugioh lover.

9) Duel Master


Shobu Kirifuda is a kid who really enjoys playing Duel Masters, the most popular game in his world. But the game hides a cruel reality: the five factions of the game are real creatures who are waging war against each other in their world.

Shobu is trying to learn Kaijudo, a martial art that can bring his cards to life in order to become just like his father. The story is not that engaging, but a lot of Yugioh fans will enjoy the card game aspects of the series.

10) Chihayafuru


Chihaya used to dream about helping her sister become the best model in the world, until Arata, a transfer student, introduced her to the world of Karuta. Karuta is a famous Japanese game in which a reader draws cards with a popular poem and the players must identify their match.

The game requires a lot of skill. After Chihaya is introduced to it, she dreams of becoming the best player in all of Japan. This card game employs mechanics that differ significantly from those found in Yugioh. Nonetheless, Yugioh fans are sure to fall in love with this series because of the enticing plot and gameplay.

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