10 best anime characters like Giyu Tomioka from Demon Slayer

Kakashi Hatake, Giyu Tomioka, Sesshōmaru
Kakashi Hatake, Giyu Tomioka, Sesshōmaru (Image via Studio Pierrot, Ufotable, Sunrise)

Giyu Tomioka is one of the most popular characters from the hit anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. As a Demon Slayer and the Water Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps, Giyu possesses incredible swordsmanship skills and a stoic, focused personality.

Fans of Giyu's character likely appreciate his immense strength, serious demeanor, sense of duty, and underlying complexity. There are a number of other anime characters across various series that share similar traits with Giyu Tomioka. This article highlights 10 of the best anime characters like Giyu Tomioka.

Levi Ackerman, Kakashi Hatake, and 8 anime characters like Giyu Tomioka

1. Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman (Image via Wit Studio/MAPPA)
Levi Ackerman (Image via Wit Studio/MAPPA)

Levi Ackerman, humanity's strongest soldier in Attack on Titan, bears more than a passing resemblance to Giyu Tomioka. Both project an aura of indifference and display incredible skill in battling their enemies.

As captain of the Survey Corps Special Operations Squad, Levi is regarded as a pillar of strength against the Titans. His mastery of the omni-directional mobility gear and elite swordsmanship make him a force to be reckoned with, much like Giyu and his breathtaking Water Breathing techniques.

Levi hides his compassion and struggles behind a cold, steely facade, not unlike Giyu's seriousness and isolation from others. Both also shoulder heavy responsibilities for protecting mankind from extermination by remorseless enemies.

2. Sesshōmaru from Inuyasha

Sesshōmaru (Image via Sunrise)
Sesshōmaru (Image via Sunrise)

The powerful dog demon, Sesshōmaru from Inuyasha, has a personality reminiscent of Giyu Tomioka. As a highly skilled swordsman and warrior with mystical abilities derived from his lineage, Sesshōmaru combats dangerous demons with fearsome prowess.

Like Giyu, Sesshōmaru maintains a grim, no-nonsense demeanor most of the time and rarely smiles. He has a deep-rooted sense of honor and duty, motivating his battles against evil. While extremely formidable in combat, Sesshōmaru occasionally reveals his compassionate side when interacting with select characters like Rin.

Fans of the Demon Slayer swordsman Giyu would certainly relate to the stern and mighty Sesshōmaru. Both characters exemplify discipline, duty, and principles guiding their function as protectors from sinister demonic forces.

3. Kakashi Hatake from Naruto

Kakashi Hatake (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Kakashi Hatake (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The elite ninja Kakashi Hatake from the popular series Naruto has several attributes mirroring Giyu Tomioka. As a prodigy rising rapidly up the ninja ranks from a young age, Kakashi has honed his skills to become one of Konoha's strongest fighters.

His mastery of over 1000 jutsu rightfully earns him the moniker "Copy Ninja Kakashi". Like Giyu, Kakashi generally maintains a very serious persona, hiding a painful past. Having lost dear friends early in life, Kakashi buries his emotions behind dutiful service to his village as an exceptional shinobi.

Despite his aloofness, he cares deeply for his comrades and students. With such striking similarities in combat proficiency, traumatic backstories, and concealed compassion, fans of Demon Slayer's Giyu would find an excellent parallel in Kakashi Hatake.

4. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman (Image via Wit Studio)
Mikasa Ackerman (Image via Wit Studio)

The fiercely dedicated Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan bears more than a passing resemblance to Giyu's personality and skills. After losing her parents at a young age, Mikasa becomes singularly devoted to protecting her friend Eren at all costs.

This unwavering sense of duty closely aligns with Giyu's commitment to slaying demons as a Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. As an extremely skilled fighter wielding dual blades with dexterous finesse, Mikasa has garnered admiration for her phenomenal talents in battling Titans.

Like Giyu, she remains steadfast and composed when confronting terrifying enemies. Her hesitance to form close bonds with most people also mirrors Giyu's relative isolation from others.

5. Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter

Killua Zoldyck (Image via Madhouse)
Killua Zoldyck (Image via Madhouse)

The former assassin, Killua Zoldyck, from the popular shonen series Hunter x Hunter, possesses several personality traits reminiscent of Giyu Tomioka.

Originally hailing from a family of elite assassins, Killua received intensive training from childhood to hone his combat skills and endure immense pain. This shares common ground with Giyu's Spartan training routines as a Demon Slayer aiming to master the breath styles.

Like Giyu, Killua generally maintains an indifferent, emotionless demeanor, concealing his kindhearted nature and capacity for warmth towards his close friends. Both characters struggled through traumatic events earlier in life to gain incredible powers, which granted them fearsome reputations.

6. Roronoa Zoro from One Piece

Roronoa Zoro (Image via Toei Animation)
Roronoa Zoro (Image via Toei Animation)

The powerful swordsman of the Straw Hat pirates crew, Roronoa Zoro from the long-running anime One Piece, bears an uncanny resemblance to Giyu Tomioka.

As a master swordsman wielding three katana blades with unbelievable skill, Zoro made it his singular ambition to become the world's strongest swordsman. This aligns closely with Giyu's mastery of the various Water Breathing styles as the most proficient swordsman among the Demon Slayer Corps.

Both characters generally maintain a stern, no-nonsense demeanor and remain composed even against overwhelming odds. However, they are extremely protective towards comrades they gradually come to see as friends and family.

7. Itachi Uchiha from Naruto

Itachi Uchiha (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Itachi Uchiha (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke's elder brother in the popular anime Naruto, bears more than a passing resemblance to Giyu. Itachi rose through the ranks to become an elite member of Konoha's Anbu squad, displaying incredible ninjutsu skills.

This mirrors Giyu's meteoric rise up the Demon Slayer ranks to achieve the esteemed status of Pillar. Itachi maintains an outwardly detached, emotionless demeanor that masks the trauma of his past actions and personal sacrifices.

Like Giyu, he shoulders the heavy burden of duty and desperate measures taken to protect his clan's honor.

8. Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen

Gojo Satoru (Image via MAPPA)
Gojo Satoru (Image via MAPPA)

The immensely skilled jujutsu sorcerer, Gojo Satoru from the popular anime Jujutsu Kaisen, mirrors several traits possessed by Giyu Tomioka.

As the most powerful jujutsu sorcerer of modern times, Gojo has cultivated incredible techniques that grant him seemingly undefeatable strength. This aligns closely with Giyu's mastery of the various Water Breathing forms, making him one of the most proficient swordsmen.

Gojo generally maintains a nonchalant, easygoing demeanor but transforms into an intensely formidable combatant when confronting sinister curses. Like Giyu, he also hides deep regrets stemming from past failures.

9. Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Roy Mustang (Image via Bones)
Roy Mustang (Image via Bones)

Another excellent comparison for Giyu Tomioka fans is Colonel Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Similar to Giyu, Mustang conceals great inner turmoil and pain beneath a cool, composed exterior.

Through a traumatic war, Mustang was forced to kill many, including his close friend Maes Hughes. Like Giyu struggling with loss and survivor’s guilt after the deaths of Sabito and Makomo, Roy copes by burying his emotions and adhering strictly to his military duties.

Over time, however, Roy finds renewed purpose in building trust with his team Hawkeye, Havoc, Fuery, and Breda. Despite his criminal actions during the Ishvalan War, Roy ultimately dedicates himself to making amends and becoming Führer to help rebuild his country.

10. Guts from Berserk

Guts (Image via OLM, Inc.)
Guts (Image via OLM, Inc.)

A final excellent match for Giyu Tomioka fans is the brooding warrior Guts from the dark fantasy series Berserk. Much like Giyu, Guts has suffered profound trauma and loss, having witnessed the horrific deaths of his friends and lover Casca during the Eclipse ritual.

As a coping mechanism, Guts becomes emotionally isolated and channels his pain into hunting demonic Apostles as the Black Swordsman. His stoic, serious, and focused personality mirrors Giyu's stern demon-hunting drive.

However, upon meeting the elf Puck, Guts slowly begins to reconnect with his humanity, just as Giyu does after encountering Tanjiro and Nezuko. Under their harsh exteriors, both Guts and Giyu showcase tremendous hidden complexity and pain.


Giyu Tomioka's complex persona, immense strength, and sense of duty resonate widely among anime fans. Several prominent characters across popular shonen anime share distinct similarities with Demon Slayer's esteemed Water Pillar.

Levi Ackerman, Sesshōmaru, Kakashi Hatake, Mikasa Ackerman, Killua Zoldyck, Roronoa Zoro, Itachi Uchiha, Gojo Satoru, Roy Mustang, and Guts each mirror Giyu in varying capacities. Followers of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba would certainly appreciate these characters in their respective anime series.

With the remarkable parallels in personality traits and combat skills on display, these make for the 10 best anime characters bearing resemblance to fan-favorite Giyu Tomioka.

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