10 best anime characters like Yoriichi Tsugikuni from Demon Slayer

Gojo Satoru, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, Tanjiro Kamado
Gojo Satoru, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, Tanjiro Kamado (Image via MAPPA, Ufotable)

Yoriichi Tsugikuni is one of the most powerful characters in the popular anime series Demon Slayer. As the first Breath user and creator of Sun-style breathing, Yoriichi possesses immense physical strength and sword skills. His natural talent and hard work make him nearly unrivaled among demon slayers.

Fans of Yoriichi's character may be interested in other anime characters that share similar traits, like tremendous innate ability, intense dedication to honing their skills, and an overwhelming presence in combat. Here are 10 of the best anime characters, like Yoriichi Tsugikuni from Demon Slayer.

Gojo Satoru, All Might, and 8 anime characters like Yoriichi Tsugikuni

1. Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen

Gojo Satoru (Image via MAPPA)
Gojo Satoru (Image via MAPPA)

Much like Yoriichi Tsugikuni, Gojo Satoru is regarded as the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. He possesses the Six Eyes technique which enhances his abilities, allowing him to perfectly use Limitless - an immensely powerful cursed technique.

Gojo’s strength comes largely from natural talent, though he works tirelessly to control his skills. With seemingly unlimited cursed energy and refined techniques, few can match Gojo in combat. Gojo shares Yoriichi’s overwhelming presence and confidence in battle.

Though more cynical, Gojo also seeks to support the growth of his students, much like Yoriichi training his successors. Fans of Yoriichi’s power and skill should appreciate Gojo Satoru’s similarities.

2. Koyomi Araragi from the Monogatari series

Koyomi Araragi (Image via Shaft)
Koyomi Araragi (Image via Shaft)

The protagonist of the Monogatari series, Koyomi Araragi, is a human with vampiric abilities after being attacked by Kiss-Shot. Though not regarded as the most powerful character in his universe, Araragi possesses significant physical prowess - including immense strength and accelerated healing - thanks to his vampiric nature.

Like Yoriichi Tsugikuni discovering his own Breath techniques, Araragi is innovative in battle and develops unique vampire abilities to match specific opponents. While less serious in his daily life, Araragi demonstrates Yoriichi’s dedication to protecting those he cares for.

With enhanced talents and a drive to help others, Araragi reflects some core aspects of Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s character.

3. All Might from My Hero Academia

All Might (Image via Bones)
All Might (Image via Bones)

As the world’s Symbol for Peace in My Hero Academia, All Might stands unmatched in strength thanks to his Quirk One For All. Though suffering from declining health, All Might, in his prime, resembles Yoriichi Tsugikuni in sheer power and proficiency in combat.

His speed, strength, and fighting technique established All Might as the number one hero - mirroring Yoriichi’s reputation among demon slayers. Much like Yoriichi sought someone worthy to inherit his legacy, All Might takes young Izuku Midoriya under his wing to become the next wielder of One For All.

Both characters demonstrate a strong desire to use their gifts to inspire future generations. As the most powerful heroes in their respective series, All Might channels key elements of Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s presence and ideals.

4. Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath (Image via White Fox)
Esdeath (Image via White Fox)

The leader of the Jaegers in Akame Ga Kill, Esdeath, possesses extraordinary physical abilities and combat specialization - earning her a reputation as the strongest soldier in the series. Much like Yoriichi, she demonstrates natural talent from a young age and undergoes intense training to hone her skills.

This results in abilities like flash-step speed and monstrous strength. In combat, Esdeath overwhelms most opponents with raw power and advanced techniques like her Demon God Manifestation. Like Yoriichi Tsugikuni, she maintains absolute confidence facing most any foe thanks to her training.

For those wanting a powerful, skilled fighter with prodigious talent akin to Yoriichi, Esdeath delivers in spades.

5. Mob from Mob Psycho 100

Mob (Image via Bones)
Mob (Image via Bones)

Though often passive in his daily life, Mob channels immense psychic power as the protagonist of Mob Pyscho 100, much like Yoriichi’s dormant combat potential. While Mob’s abilities stem from spiritual rather than physical talent, his sheer power reflects that of Yoriichi - said to be equal to 100 elite demon slayers combined.

Mob can erupt with god-like energy capable of decimating landscapes and towering monsters around him when pushed to deep emotional states. Like Yoriichi, Mob strives for self-improvement by keeping his emotions and psychic gifts in check despite being unmatched in raw power.

For fans wanting spiritual instead of physical talents, Mob delivers Yoriichi’s overwhelming battle capabilities.

6. Zeno Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter

Zeno Zoldyck (Image via Madhouse)
Zeno Zoldyck (Image via Madhouse)

Hailed as one of the most powerful assassins in Hunter x Hunter, Zeno Zoldyck demonstrates prodigious natural talents early in life, much like Yoriichi. His Nen abilities developed extremely quickly thanks to innate gifts, and Zeno works tirelessly to maintain peak physical condition despite his advanced age.

In combat, few can match Zeno for speed and precision. Along with mighty power, Zeno shares Yoriichi Tsugikuni's composure and wisdom - often outsmarting younger, impulsive opponents.

As the greatest assassin alive, Zeno channels Yoriichi’s combination of overwhelming talent and intense dedication needed to achieve such mastery. As Yoriichi stands above demon slayers, Zeno Zoldyck remains peerless among assassins in raw skill.

7. Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Ichigo Kurosaki (Image via Studio Pierrot)

As the protagonist of Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki demonstrates immense spiritual power awakened by his encounter with Rukia Kuchiki - allowing him to see ghosts and defeat hollows. After becoming a Soul Reaper, Ichigo cultivates even greater capabilities - developing techniques like Getsuga Tenshō that overwhelm nearly all foes.

Though inexperienced compared to veterans, Ichigo's natural talents allow him to defeat captain-level Soul Reapers. Ichigo also shares Yoriichi's drive to protect the innocent, risking himself against enemies like Aizen despite nearly dying multiple times.

While more hotheaded, Ichigo emulates Yoriichi's compassion and refusal to abandon others in need. So, for viewers wanting spiritual talents instead of physical ones, along with a selfless, heroic spirit, Ichigo channels the essential qualities of Yoriichi Tsugikuni in the world of Bleach.

8. Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman (Image via Wit Studio / MAPPA)
Levi Ackerman (Image via Wit Studio / MAPPA)

As captain of the Survey Corps in Attack on Titan, Levi Ackerman stands out as the strongest soldier within the walls, earning the nickname "humanity's strongest soldier." Like Yoriichi Tsugikuni, Levi demonstrates immense physical abilities at a young age.

He possesses incredible speed, dexterity, and balance - allowing him to take down Titans with grace and precision using vertical maneuvering gear. Levi also shares Yoriichi's quiet intensity and confidence in battle, dispatching titans without wasted movements thanks to his prodigious technique.

Despite his size, Levi overwhelms nearly all foes with raw skill - earning a fearful reputation matching Yoriichi's legendary status. For those wanting amazing finesse and natural talent applied toward Titan combat, Levi Ackerman channels the core aspects of Yoriichi Tsugikuni's abilities.

9. Kisame Hoshigaki from Naruto

Kisame Hoshigaki (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Kisame Hoshigaki (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The Monster of the Hidden Mist, Kisame Hoshigaki, is regarded as one of the most powerful shinobi from his village in Naruto. He demonstrates immense chakra levels, likened to a tailed beast, and prodigious physical talents. This allows him to master advanced water-based jutsu, including conjuring crushing tidal waves.

His sword, Samehada, can absorb an opponent's chakra, adding to Kisame's already overwhelming battle potency. Alongside his considerable talents, Kisame cultivates a ruthless reputation that intimidates most foes from challenging him - similar to Yoriichi.

And despite his intimidating visage, Kisame upholds a code of honor and duty like the values of Demon Slayer's protagonist. For a sharks-like shinobi with both the power and principles of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, Kisame Hoshigaki fits the bill.

10. Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Kamado (Image via Ufotable)
Tanjiro Kamado (Image via Ufotable)

As the kindhearted protagonist of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro Kamado demonstrates impressive growth in a short time after his family is attacked by demons. Tanjiro did relentless training to master the Sun breathing techniques originally pioneered by his ancestor Yoriichi Tsugikuni. This allows Tanjiro to battle the Twelve Kizuki.

Tanjiro also upholds many of Yoriichi's core ideals, like protecting the weak and honing his skills to vanquish demons without unnecessary cruelty. Over time, Tanjiro comes to resemble his predecessor in nobility and conviction, if not raw power and combat experience.

So, for viewers who want the next generation of Demon Slayer to uphold Yoriichi Tsugikuni's legacy, Tanjiro represents the future his ancestor helped establish.


In conclusion, Yoriichi Tsugikuni stands out in Demon Slayer for natural talent exceeding any other demon slayer in the series, only further refined by non-stop dedication to perfecting his combat skills and inventing new Breath techniques.

Very few anime protagonists can match Yoriichi’s combination of overwhelming power, peerless swordsmanship, and complete confidence in facing enemies in battle. However, the characters above demonstrate similar capabilities even if their talents originate from psychic abilities, magical techniques, or advanced training.

So for fans wanting more anime heroes showcasing Yoriichi’s defining traits - like Gojo Satoru’s overwhelming cursed energy or Zeno Zoldyck’s unmatched assassination skills - the characters above offer more protagonists to enjoy with comparable talents.

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