10 most iconic scenes from Hunter x Hunter, ranked

Gon reuniting with Leorio is one of the most iconic scenes in 'Hunter x Hunter' (Image via Hunter x Hunter, Shounen Jump, Madhouse)
Gon reuniting with Leorio is one of the most iconic scenes in 'Hunter x Hunter' (Image via Hunter x Hunter, Shounen Jump, Madhouse)

Hunter x Hunter is one of the most beloved anime of all time. It has an abundance of unforgettable characters, a well-written plot, and over-the-top visuals during fights. Together, all of these factors allowed the Hunter x Hunter anime to have various iconic scenes.

This list will discuss ten of those iconic moments that had fans appreciating Nippon Animation's work and Yoshihiro Togashi's amazing writing and storytelling.

Note: This list is purely subjective and reflects the author's opinion. It also contains spoilers for the Hunter x Hunter (2011) anime.

10 moments in Hunter x Hunter that were incredibly iconic, ranked

1) Gon's transformation (Chimera Ant arc)


After Kite's death, Gon was furious. This led to him forming a contract with his Nen, something that would grant him immense power with grave consequences. Gon's fury manifested as a black aura surrounding him. After Pitou finished healing Komugi, Gon's fury manifested as a black aura surrounding him.

Gon transformed into an adult version of himself and killed Pitou effortlessly. This is the most iconic moment of all for Hunter x Hunter and one of the most iconic in all of anime.

2) Isaac Netero's death (Chimera Ant arc)


Isaac Netero was the 12th Chairman of the Hunter Association and one of the most beloved characters in Hunter x Hunter. He led the Chimera Ant Extermination Team to take out Meruem's colony of chimera ants. He also sacrificed himself to defeat Meruem, the King of the Chimera Ants.

Netero used all of his aura in attacking Meruem but was unable to do any real damage. However, he was able to make Meruem feel fear and almost killed him after stopping his heart and activating the Poor Man's Rose.

3) Gon and Leorio reunite (13th Hunter Chairman Election arc)


After Gon's incredible transformation, he was one death's door. Using all of the aura he would ever have left his body emaciated and nobody expected him to recover. However, Killua realized that Nanika would be able to help him, so he brought Nanika and had Gon healed.

After this, Morel brought Gon to the election hall, where he was reunited with Leorio. Many fans consider Leorio to be more of a father figure to Gon than Ging, and because of that, the moment was even more iconic.

4) Meruem and Komugi's deaths (Chimera Ant arc)


Meruem had some of the best character development in all of Shounen anime. He went from being a cruel and ruthless leader who viewed humans as inferior to someone who was most gentle to a human and saw the value of life, regardless of the species. The relationship he built with Komugi through their Gungi matches resulted in them holding each other while they died.

5) Killua rips out Jones' heart (Hunter Exam arc)


This scene is incredibly iconic as it sets Killua up as incredibly ruthless. A seemingly innocent 12-year-old kid was able to kill a feared mass murderer in less than a second.

Fans were shocked when they saw Killua do this, and everyone realized what his true nature was. However, the Killua shown in the scene above has not been shown for a while. He has changed greatly over the course of the show.

6) Gon and Killua meet for the first time (Hunter Exam arc)


This scene was where one of the best friendships in all of anime began. The second they made eye contact, Gon and Killua hit it off and easily became amazing friends.

Throughout the anime, the two have looked out for one another. In the Chimera Ant arc, Killua would try his best to protect Gon since he knew that he was focused solely on Kite's death. Killua had to watch his best friend or else he would have quickly been killed as well.

7) Killua activates Godspeed against Youpi (Chimera Ant arc)


This was the first time Killua ever used Godspeed in Hunter x Hunter. It is a combination of both Whirlwind and Speed of Lightning. With Godspeed, Killua is capable of increasing his reaction speed immensely as well as retaining conscious control over his movements.

Although none of Killua's Nen abilities are necessarily powerful, they do have the ability to shock and stun his enemies, and this is what Killua did to Youpi during their fight.

8) The Phantom Troupe notices Gon and Killua (Yorknew City arc)


After coming to Yorknew City, Gon and Killua decided to spy on the Phantom Troupe to find out more information about them. The pair followed some of the Troupe's members and watched them for some time while hiding.

However, after the person on the phone informed Nobunaga, Gon and Killua were discovered. They then tried to fight and escape, but the Phantom Troupe was too powerful for them to take on at the time.

9) Killua ripping out Illumi's Nen needle (Chimera Ant arc)


Illumi has been tormenting Killua his entire life, both directly and indirectly. Killua was convinced that Illumi did something to him early in his childhood that prevented him from fighting against enemies much more powerful than him. Throughout the entire Hunter x Hunter series, Killua struggled with this, feeling immensely guilty whenever he left a friend alone to fight.

Fortunately, he figured out that Illumi had implanted a Nen needle in his brain. This generated the fear he felt whenever he faced someone overly powerful. During his fight with chimera ants, he was able to rip out the needle and finally was able to overcome Illumi's manipulation.

10) Hisoka, Killua, and Gon catch Razor's dodgeball (Greed Island arc)


Beating Razor in a dodgeball game was one of the final tasks Gon and Killua had to complete before they could finish Greed Island. However, Razor's strength made the game of dodgeball much harder than anyone was expecting.

When Hisoka, Gon, and Killua used a strange formation to catch Razor's throw, fans went crazy. The three were on track to lose the match, but catching that ball brought them back into the game.

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