10 most memorable Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc moments

Tanjiro and Zenitsu slashing past Daki’s obi in the Entertainment District arc (Image via Ufotable)
Tanjiro and Zenitsu slashing past Daki’s obi in the Entertainment District arc (Image via Ufotable)

Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District arc has been talked about by fans worldwide, and they have acknowledged Ufotable’s efforts in animating this arc. While it only had 11 episodes, it gave followers plenty of moments to look back at and cherish.

This arc left fans hyped for the upcoming season as it will be animating the Swordsmith Village arc. However, they are taking their time to look back at some moments they truly enjoyed in the series. While some instances were humorous, others had well-choreographed fight scenes.

Demon Slayer: Fantastic moments from Entertainment District arc

10) Uzui’s introduction


When introduced, Tengen Uzui seemed like one of those people who didn’t take things seriously. It was done such that it felt like the rest of the arc would not be as dark as the others in the manga.

Many humorous interactions took part in the first half of the arc, which was refreshing from its usual dark and serious tone. Uzui introduced himself as the God of Festivals, which Inosuke Hashibira took literally.

It was hilarious to see that Zenitsu Agatsuma was the most sensible during that interaction.

9) Kunoichis vs Daki’s obi sash

Uzui’s wives weren’t revealed until Inosuke ended up finding them underground, where Daki’s obi sash kept them wrapped. When he freed everyone from it, he came across Suma and Makio.

They assisted him during that fight and displayed their exemplary skills in combat. Fans enjoyed this moment as Uzui’s wives were finally featured in the episode.

It was also interesting to see that Demon Slayer explored Tengen and his wives’ past when they were ninjas in a village.

8) Tanjiro combining breathing styles


This was indeed a moment that every Demon Slayer fan enjoyed since it was something new in the series. Tanjiro Kamado realized that Hinokami Kagura was taking a toll on his body, and he didn’t have the energy to execute those moves.

Therefore, he combined Water Breathing and Sun Breathing to save Hinatsuru from Gyutaro. He made it just in time, as the demon would have killed her in front of Tengen’s eyes which would have caused a lot of pain to him.

7) Nezuko healing everyone


Nezuko Kamado played a huge role in the Entertainment District arc because every member of the Demon Slayer Corps that fought Daki and Gyutaro would have died to the latter’s poison. Luckily, Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art was quite helpful because it is designed only to hurt demons and not humans.

Therefore, she used it to heal Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Uzui by burning the poison circulating in their bodies.

6) Interaction between Zenitsu and Uzui


During the earlier episodes of the Entertainment District arc of Demon Slayer, Zenitsu’s reactions to some things that Uzui said were quite hilarious. When the members were briefed about the reason for coming to Yoshiwara district, Zenitsu was quite upset.

He was highly annoyed that Uzui had not one but three wives. However, he could do not do much since Uzui knocked him out with one punch for annoying him.

5) Gyutaro deflecting kunais


Our first glimpse of Gyutaro’s Blood Demon Art was when he used it against the kunais. Hinatsuru had positioned herself atop the roof of a building with a machine that would release a barrage of poisoned kunais.

However, not one kunai pierced the demon since he used his Blood Demon Art to deflect every last one of them. However, Uzui used that opportunity to land a heavy blow on the Upper Moon 6 demon.

4) Inosuke tunnel scene


This was arguably one of the funniest scenes in the series. An oiran ran towards her colleagues as she was afraid of a boar that was screaming. While her friends couldn’t believe what she said, Inosuke made an entrance and slowly turned his head while his nostrils blew out steam.

He then proceeded to break the floor, dislocate his joints, and crawl through the tunnel as he laughed in his usual manic way.

3) Zenitsu using Godspeed


Zenitsu is someone who can use only one form from Thunder Breathing, meaning fans didn’t expect him to have another move in his arsenal. But when he fought Daki, he used a variation of the first form, called Godspeed, which allowed him to attack with a speed that few could match.

It was so fast that even Daki couldn’t keep up with it. That being said, the tradeoff for this move is that he can only use it twice in a row. Otherwise, he’ll end up compromising the structural integrity of his leg.

2) Tanjiro activating Demon Slayer Mark


This was one of the most hyped parts of the Entertainment District arc in Demon Slayer. Towards the end of the battle, when Tanjiro and Uzui were attempting to cut Gyutaro’s head, the protagonist developed the Demon Slayer Mark, which gave him enhanced strength.

While the show didn’t reveal the true extent of the mark, Tanjiro’s appearance changed, and fans were reminded of the demon hunter that single-handedly drove Muzan to a corner.

1) Tengen vs Gyutaro fight


This was the highlight of the Entertainment District arc, and it’s all because of Ufotable’s efforts in animating the fight. The battle was so good that it caught the attention of Twitch streamers and some of the most popular anitubers like Gigguk, who even made a video explaining why Demon Slayer has set the standard for shonen series.

The stunning visuals when Uzui and Gyutaro went toe-to-toe were breathtaking and are certainly a contention for the best anime fight of the year.

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