10 most twisted anime characters of all time

10 most twisted anime characters of all time (Image via Sportskeeda)
10 most twisted anime characters of all time (Image via Sportskeeda)

In the anime universe, each character, besides their strongest feats and intelligence, is also known for their personality aspects. Over time, several antagonists have gained a huge fanbase because of their distinctive perspectives on justice and inequity.

However, there are certain evil characters who want to spread chaos and destruction just because they enjoy it. Some of these insane personalities have no compassion or empathy for others by birth, while others turn to the way they are due to their tragic past.

From Hisoka to Johan, here are 10 psychotic anime characters

10) Hisoka Morow (Anime: Hunter x Hunter)

Being a former member of the Phantom Troupe and one of the primary antagonists of the Hunter x Hunter, there is no doubt that Hisoka is the most villainous character. Over the course of time, he has committed plenty of sins that aren't redeemable.

Hisoka is a murderous sociopath who likes to spill blood off his opponents. Moreover, he loves to enjoy extreme pain as it satisfies his sadomasochistic desires. Apart from his overwhelming strength and genius-level intellect, Hisoka is mostly feared for his twisted nature.

9) Raiga Korusuki (Anime: Naruto)

With an ocean of characters, Naruto retains a variety of psychotic shinobis in its storyline. However, Raiga Korusuki, the most underrated character, has made a name for himself as the most twisted individual. While Danzo Shimura was a psychopath, at least he had definite goals. Hidan, on the other hand, was just a pea-brained maniac.

However, Raiga became a true lunatic because he loved to torment and kill people for no reason. Raiga loves to bury people alive because of his bizarre philosophy that proclaims people will have a better outlook on life when they die. During their funerals, he even used to cry, and this shows how depraved and sadistic he was.

8) Shou Tucker (Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Shou Tucker as seen in the anime Fullmetal alchemist : Brotherhood (Image via: Bones)
Shou Tucker as seen in the anime Fullmetal alchemist : Brotherhood (Image via: Bones)

Shou Tucker is a narcissistic individual who has no empathy for the lives of others. To hide his evil intentions, he deceived everyone by keeping a polite and friendly facade. For the majority of his life, Shou has been overly indulged in his experiments where he had no time to spend some quality time with his own family.

As a power-hungry maniac, Shou became very desperate and selfish, devoid of any sort of conscience. He even experimented with his wife and daughter and turned them into Chimeras.

7) Lucy (Anime: Elfen Lied)

The protagonist of Elfen Lied, Kaede has three personalities, with Lucy being the most wicked and terrifying one. Due to being a Diclonius-human hybrid, Kaede has been ostracized from society and bullied a lot. Going through such traumatic and painful incidents like witnessing her dog’s murder at the hands of some bullies, made her distrustful of humans.

Lucy used to kill entire families just to use their homes without any regret. Being a Diclonii, her natural instincts were just to slaughter humans to her heart’s content. Lucy even killed her childhood friend Kouta’s father and sister.

6) Midari Ikishima (Anime: Kakegurui Midari)

The protagonist of Kakegurui’s spin-off series, Kakegurui Midari, Midari Ikishima immensely became popular due to her twisted personality. Midari’s suicidal tendencies are such that she stabbed her own eye with an ink pen to pay off the debt to the president of the Student Council President at Hyakkaou Private Academy, Kirari Momobani.

Being a narrow-minded, apathetic individual, Midari is bluntly honest with others and rarely cares for their feelings. She is very careless while gambling as she bets large sums of amount with no worries about the potential risk. Midari loves to create sadistic games where one player ends up dead if they lose. When bored, she would play Russian roulette by herself to kill time.

5) Keyaru (Anime: Redo of a Healer)

Keyaru as seen in the anime Redo of the Healer (Image via TNK)
Keyaru as seen in the anime Redo of the Healer (Image via TNK)

Keyaru was fascinated by the heroes and eventually joined them to help the people in need. However, after he saw their dark side during the time he was being tortured by them under the influence of drugs, all he sought was nothing but vengeance.

Using his powers, he got his revenge on each person one after the other in ways that have broken the boundaries of extremity. The person Keyaru admired the most was Flare, who ultimately became his greatest enemy. Keyaru took great pleasure in breaking all of Flare’s fingers just to heal them and start all over again.

4) Doma (Anime: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Doma turned out to be the most twisted demon of the 12 Kizuki, as it was revealed that he has been clinically apathetic ever since he was born. Doma can’t process emotions. However, over time, he managed to learn about human emotions and developed a trait to act accordingly to the situation.

During his human life, when his father killed his mother, instead of showing emotions like grief and anger, he complained about making the floor messy with blood. Doma devours his own followers and believes that he is saving them by letting them live inside him.

3) Seryu Ubiquitous (Anime: Akame Ga Kill!)

After her mentor and superior, Captain Ogre, and her father in the Imperial Army died at the hands of the Revolutionary army, Seryu developed a wicked sense of justice. She simply believes that the corrupt officials of the Empire are innocents and the Revolutionary Army are criminals.

Seryu has no mercy for those whom she deems criminals. Instead of interrogating them, she likes to murder them in cold blood. With the help of Dr. Stylish, Seryu made several physical modifications to her body just to punish the criminals.

2) Light Yagami (Anime: Death Note)

Light Yagami as seen in the anime Death Note (Image via Madhouse)
Light Yagami as seen in the anime Death Note (Image via Madhouse)

Light Yagami was just a normal high school student until he got his hands on Death Note. After getting to know the notebook’s true potential, Light went into a killing frenzy, eliminating every criminal with mere accusations, and proclaiming them to be unworthy to live in this society.

With the ultimate power to kill anyone at any given time, he developed a god complex. Though he initially wanted to eradicate the evil lurking in society, he later turned against those who were becoming an obstacle in his path. He is even responsible for the death of his own father.

1) Johan Liebert (Anime: Monster)

The titular “Monster” and the main antagonist of the series, Johan Liebert, is the most psychopathic individual. His meticulously crafted disposition helped him manipulate many individuals to an extent that they considered him flawless and out of this world.

With his nihilistic approach towards life, he thinks most lives are just specks in the corner of the earth, gone in a flash. Rather than killing his victims in one go, he makes them experience their worst nightmares. In an attempt to erase the past, he killed his own parents, leaving his twin sister alive.

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