10 One Piece characters that fans want to see return

Princess Vivi was an honorary member of the Straw Hat Pirates (Image via Toei Animation)
Princess Vivi was an honorary member of the Straw Hat Pirates (Image via Toei Animation)

Oda never forgets in One Piece, which is why he continues to bring older characters back into the fold.

The One Piece series has been around for a very long time. Its success is mainly due to the creative mindset of Eiichiro Oda. While not a perfect writer, he is highly regarded for his layered storytelling. Oda is a master at setting up story details that prove useful later.

Long-running series often leave older characters behind, yet One Piece is a notable exception. Whether it's someone like Sabo or Vivi, fans can expect them to make their grand return. Oda loves to build up to future events in the story. This article will look at characters who aren't done just yet.

One Piece characters that fans want to see come back to the series

10) Gin


Unlike most One Piece characters on this list, Gin may or may not return to the story. The last time he was seen was the Baratie arc a few decades ago.

Gin was a skilled fighter who gave Sanji a run for his money. The "Man-Demon" was considered powerful even back then. A bounty of 12,000,000 berries may seem laughable now, but it's very good for an East Blue pirate.

After his battle with Sanji, Gin was heavily poisoned by Don Krieg's MH5 gasses. It's currently unknown if he survived his ordeal. Nonetheless, it's become a meme in the One Piece community to predict his eventual return.

9) Buggy the Clown


Buggy may be a comically weak fighter, yet he managed to make a name for himself as a former Warlord. Through sheer luck and stupidity, he somehow recruited several prisoners from Impel Down to his cause. Buggy even ran a mercenary company after the timeskip.

However, now that the Warlord system has been abolished, Buggy is currently on the run. More than a few One Piece fans hope that he finds his way back to Shanks, his childhood friend and common rival.

8) Boa Hancock


Hancock is undoubtedly among the strongest female characters in the One Piece series. As a testament to her strength, she rules over Amazon Lily and its powerful female warriors.

The Pirate Empress has yet to make a move since the timeskip. Now that the Marines are looking to capture her, perhaps Hancock will finally showcase her true powers. Given her lustful attraction to Luffy, she remains a true ally of the Straw Hat Pirates.

7) Enel


Enel was a highly memorable antagonist of the Skypiea arc. Despite his powerful status as a villain, he is not above making funny-looking faces. Although he was defeated before the timeskip, he could still play a role in the future.

Several One Piece theories involve the moon and whether or not the main characters will go there. What is known is that after the events of Skypiea, Enel found his way into the satellite.

In the ninth cover story, Enel's Great Space Operations, these events took place. He now officially rules over a very ancient kingdom, far away from Earth. If the moon is central to One Piece mythology, he will likely reappear in the end game.

6) Bentham


The former Baroque Works agent was a major antagonist in the Alabasta saga. However, he quickly changed his heart after becoming friends with Luffy. Bentham even sacrificed twice for the Straw Hat multiple times, both in Alabasta and Impel Down.

He currently rules over Newkama Land within the Impel Down prison. However, many One Piece fans would love to see him do something again. Bentham truly embodies the concept of friendship, a very integral theme to the series.

5) Crocodile


Crocodile is a very early One Piece villain, yet he is the first to give Luffy several losses. The former leader of Baroque Works has quite a mysterious past, given his knowledge of Ancient Weapons.

After breaking out of Impel Down and surviving Marineford, Crocodile managed to sneak back into the New World. It's pretty obvious that he still has something major planned. Whether or not it has to do with Ancient Weapons is still a mystery.

4) Kuzan (Aokiji)


During the One Piece timeskip, both Aokiji and Akainu fought to become Fleet Admiral of the Marines. Despite the former's loss, the latter sparred with him in a rare act of mercy.

Now a former Admiral, Kuzan left the organization to work alongside the Blackbeard Pirates. His goals are largely unknown, making him a complete wild card in One Piece.

3) Vivi


Princess Vivi has always been a beloved character ever since the Alabasta saga. She always puts the needs of her people above her own, making her a rarity among royalty. Vivi was even a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, albeit for a very brief moment.

After several years of a long absence, she finally returned to the Levely arc. However, many fans are rightfully concerned for her safety. The true ruler of the world seems to be very interested in her. Meanwhile, the Five Elders plan on erasing certain figures from history.

2) Sabo


Luffy's childhood friend has been making big plays in the Revolutionary Army. They recently went to the Levely to declare war on the World Nobles. However, Sabo and the commanders fought a few Admirals in a desperate attempt to save Bartholomew Kuma from slavery.

What happened to Sabo after the encounter is unknown, leaving some fans very worried about him.

1) Shanks


Shanks is the man who inspired Luffy to become the Pirate King. Although he rarely shows up in the story, Shanks always makes it count. Whether it's ending the war at Marineford or speaking with the Five Elders in the Levely, Shanks is a pirate who commands respect from his enemies.

There is very little known about this character, despite showing up in the first chapter of One Piece. There are so many unresolved mysteries that surround the red-haired pirate.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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