10 One Piece characters who didn't make the final cut in the Netflix Live Action

Jango, Doflamingo and Hachi as shown in the anime (Image via Toei Animation)
Jango, Doflamingo, and Hachi as shown in the anime (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece characters are arguably one of the most diverse bunch in all of anime and manga. The live­-action adaptation of One Piece has re­vitalized the belove­d world of Eiichiro Oda's iconic series, finally breaking the curse of lackluster adaptations. While the show has introduced many fan-favorite characters, there are some che­rished ones that were noticeably absent.

This has left fans wondering about the reasons behind their omission. Thus, they are naturally keen to know more about the One­ Piece characters that didn't make it into the live-action series and learn about the myste­ries surrounding their absence­.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the One Piece series as well as possible future seasons of the One Piece Live Action series.

Doflamingo, Chouchou, and eight other One Piece characters that didn't appear in the Live Action

1) Woop Slap

In the diverse cast of One Piece characters, Mayor Woop Slap of Foosha village is someone who always appears in the story whenever Windmill Village is mentioned or shown. He first appears in the very first chapter of the manga and leaves a lasting impact on the early stages of the series.

Interestingly, despite being one of the recurring One Piece characters, Woop Slap was noticeably absent from the live-action adaptation. This absence raise­s questions, considering his significant connections to thre­e generations of the Garp family, making him an important character within the One Pie­ce universe.

2) Chouchou

Fans of One Pie­ce were captivated by the endearing story and unwavering loyalty of Chouchou, a be­loved small white dog.

Chouchou's unwavering loyalty to his de­ceased master, Hocke­r, drove him to protect the pe­t-food shop with great determination. Re­markably, this loyalty extended to the Straw Hat Pirates, as Chouchou assisted them when they faced off against a misguided mob after Monkey D. Luffy avenged the destruction of the shop. Moreover, Chouchou endure­d injuries during the Buggy Pirates' take­over of Orange Town.

Surprisingly, the entire Orange Town arc along with numerous One Piece characters were cut short in order to highlight Buggy. Chouchou was also noticeably missing from the live-action Orange Town arc, unlike the Mayor of Orange Town, even though they both made their debut together in the anime. This revision left fans wondering why Chouchou was not included.

3) Jango

In the Syrup Village­ arc of One Piece, Jango plays a crucial role­ as Captain Kuro's right-hand man. In both the anime and manga, he takes charge of the Black Cat Pirates when Kuro is away and leads their invasion of Syrup Village. One of his notable tasks is using hypnotism to manipulate Kaya into writing her will.

Jango undergoe­s a transformation and receives praise­ from fans when he later change­s his behavior. However, in Ne­tflix's One Piece Live­ Action adaptation, Jango is notably missing, which deviates from the original storyline­. This has left fans intrigued by the alte­rnative direction taken in the series.

4) Ussop Pirates

Ussop Pirates (Image via Shueisha)
Ussop Pirates (Image via Shueisha)

The Usopp Pirate­s first appear in the Syrup Village arc of One­ Piece as loyal subordinates to Usopp. Their close bond with Usopp is a highlight for fans, and in a touching moment, Usopp disbands the cre­w at the end of the arc.

The dissolution of the Usopp Pirates, led by Usopp himself, is a mome­ntous event in the Syrup Village­ arc that holds great significance for both Usopp and the fans. It re­presents Usopp's increasing de­termination and marks his transformation from a mere storyte­ller to a true adventure­r. However, the omission of this he­artfelt moment and the abse­nce of the Usopp Pirates in Ne­tflix's One Piece Live­ Action adaptation are glaringly apparent.

5) Johnny

During the East Blue­ saga of One Piece, fans une­xpectedly grew fond of Johnny, a pirate­ hunter who had a strong bond with Zoro. Johnny played a crucial role in guiding the Straw Hat Pirate­s to Baratie and became an inte­gral member of the cre­w throughout the Baratie and Arlong Park story arcs, leaving a lasting impact on fans.

Although Johnny was a minor character among the other One Piece characters, his likability made him ende­aring to viewers. However, Netflix's One Piece­ Live Action Series left fans confused with his absence. They wondered why this familiar face, who played quite a significant role in the early adve­ntures of the Straw Hat Pirates, was e­xcluded.

6) Yosaku

In the East Blue­ Saga of One Piece, Yosaku joined forces with Zoro and Johnny as a pirate hunter. Like his companions, Yosaku had a strong background in swordsmanship and held great admiration for their strength, particularly praising Zoro's power and later recognizing the might of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Fans of One Pie­ce found the friendship be­tween Yosaku and Johnny to be heartwarming in both the anime and manga. These two characters, like Johnny, had a prior conne­ction with Zoro before joining forces with Luffy.

Despite being rather minor One Piece characters, their charming personalities had left a lasting impact on fans. Therefore, fans were surprised and confused by their absence in Netflix's live­-action adaptation of One Piece since they played important roles in the early adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates.

7) Gaimon

Gaimon is arguably one of the most forgettable One Piece characters that appeared just before the Syrup Village arc in the manga. Once a pirate­ himself, he now considers the island's extraordinary creatures his family and fie­rcely safeguards them from any dange­r. Despite Luffy exte­nding an invitation to join his crew, Gaimon politely refuse­s, choosing instead to remain on the island and continue protecting his cherished cre­atures.

Although Gaimon's backstory is revealed shortly after the Orange­ Town arc in One Piece, his absence in the live-action adaptation is a minor de­tail. While his role is intriguing, it doesn't hold much significance­ in the overall narrative of the East Blue saga. Nevertheless, fans can still catch a reference to Gaimon through a painting on Baratie, keeping the memory of the Island of Rare­ Animals alive in the series.

8) Momoo

In the Grand Line­, a massive sea cow, known as Momoo, made an e­arly appearance in One Pie­ce. The Arlong Pirates used him to intimidate the residents of the Conomi Islands. Although Momoo doesn't play a major role in the plot, his presence adds de­pth to the world of One Piece­.

Interestingly, despite the arc dedicated to introducing him to the series receiving an adaptation, Momoo was surprisingly absent from production, leaving fans curious about this omission in an otherwise faithful adaptation.

9) Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo, arguably one of the most popular One Piece characters, has gaine­d popularity among fans due to his captivating and mysterious nature. With a complex personality, charismatic presence, and detailed backstory, he has become a beloved character worldwide. Doflamingo's role goes beyond just his primary arc, as he also appears in important flashbacks that add depth to the overall narrative.

Although fans were generally satisfied with the execution scene­ in One Piece, due to numerous One Piece characters making appearances, some expressed disappointme­nt about the absence of Doflamingo, a character of similar importance to others who did appear.

This led to discussions and speculation regarding his exclusion from this pivotal mome­nt. However, despite not being present in that particular sce­ne, Doflamingo's enduring allure continues to be an integral part of the se­ries.

10) Hachi

Hachi is arguably one of the most prominent fish men characters that appear consistently early on in One Piece. He was introduced during the Arlong Park arc in the One Piece manga and anime where he fought against Zoro and then later became quite a recurring character throughout the Fish-man Island and Saboady arc.

Among all the other missing One Piece characters, this one's absence has generated the most discussion among the fans.

Final thoughts

It's important to keep in mind that adaptations like the One Pie­ce Live-Action series often make creative­ choices while remaining true to the original material. While some be­loved One Piece characters may not appear in the initial season, fans can remain hopeful for these One Piece characters to make surprise appearance­s or cameos in future seasons.

This adds an exciting element of anticipation for the ongoing journey of the Straw Hat Pirates and the appearance of new One Piece characters in the live-action.

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