10 One Piece meetings that fans can’t wait to see

This is a true meeting of the minds (Image via Toei Animation)
This is a true meeting of the minds (Image via Toei Animation)

After years of building up anticipation, there are several One Piece encounters that fans are still waiting for.

The One Piece series is like a puzzle to the much bigger picture. Fans don't have all the pieces right away, but eventually the blanks start filling in for themselves. Character interactions are simply part of the puzzle, which is why fans want to see how certain meetings will go down.

Whether it's confronting a vicious murderer or reuniting with a friend, these One Piece encounters will be legendary. These meetings will certainly go down in history when they finally happen.

One Piece meetings that fans cannot wait to finally happen

10) Buggy and Shanks


Former cabin boys of the Roger Pirates, Buggy and Shanks walked completely different paths in life. The former became a weakling with very little physical power. Meanwhile, the latter became a Yonko with some of the greatest Haki usage in the One Piece series.

It should be noted that neither Buggy nor Shanks have visited Laugh Tale. The former got sick while the latter stayed behind to comfort him. It remains to be seen if they can fulfill their childhood promise to visit that island.

9) Usopp and Yasopp


According to the Syrup VIllage flashbacks, Yasopp left his family when Usopp was very little. Although his wife perished from an unknown disease, she never faulted him for going out into the world. Usopp also doesn't hold any resentment, and even prides himself on the fact that his father is a Red Hair Pirate.

By the time Yasopp meets his son again, the Straw Hats will certainly stand just as tall as Shanks and his crew.

8) Vivi and the Straw Hats


Although it's been several years since the Alabasta arc, One Piece fans can never forget about Vivi. Her contribution towards bringing down Crocodile has cemented her place as an honorary Straw Hat.

Throughout the years, Vivi has been reading the newspapers and catching up with their activities. Having made her return to Levely, perhaps the seeds have been planted for a reunion with the Straw Hats. The world is becoming more dangerous, especially since the World Government has great interest in her.

7) Zoro and Mihawk


After personally training Zoro during the One Piece timeskip, Mihawk would certainly expect a lot from his student. Zoro has only gotten much stronger, having learned to apply Haki in very effective ways. During the Wano Country arc, he was even given the cursed sword Enma, which belonged to Kozuki Oden.

When discussing their inevitable duel, One Piece fans can't really pinpoint when and where it will take place. Whoever emerges as the victor will be considered the greatest swordsman in the world.

6) Blackbeard and Luffy


Blackbeard is the man responsible for sending Ace to Impel Down, which eventually led to his demise. Luffy has never forgiven Blackbeard for his role in that chain of events.

The last time both men talked to each other was in the Dressrosa arc. Luffy made sure that Blackbeard wasn't going to steal the Mera Mera no Mi, which formerly belonged to Ace.

Both these pirate captains are positioned for a final showdown. Their main goal in life is to find the One Piece. However, the only way to achieve their dreams is to defeat the other.

5) Sakazuki and Luffy / Sabo


Both Luffy and Sabo have every reason to want revenge against the Fleet Admiral. He is the man directly responsible for ending Ace's life in Marineford.

Ever since the One Piece timeskip, both Luffy and Sabo have made names for themselves. The former now has a grand fleet with powerful allies while the latter is disrupting world governments with the Revolutionary Army. Sakazuki also has reason to despise Luffy and Sabo.

Regardless, there will be a time when they must fight again. It will be a very personal battle for everybody involved.

4) Dragon and Luffy


Dragon is a mysterious character with very little known about him. He was never involved in Luffy's early upbringing, having entrusted his only son to Garp instead.

It's been many years since Dragon made his move in One Piece. At some point, he would have to get involved with the story, most likely near the endgame.

His interactions with Luffy would be very interesting, considering their contrasting personalities. Dragon is always serious about everything, whereas Luffy wants to fool around and have fun.

3) Vegapunk and the Straw Hats


Vegapunk is a brilliant genius with an encyclopedic knowledge of Devil Fruits. Back in One Piece SBS Volume 48, creator Eiichiro Oda revealed that Vegapunk will someday explain how it works.

Perhaps the Straw Hats would best serve as his target audience. He seems to have some interest in them, considering he allowed Batholomew Kuma to help them out before he lost his free will.

2) Brook and Laboon


This emotional reunion will likely not happen until the very end of the One Piece series. Over half a century ago, Laboon was a whale companion for the Rumbar Pirates. Brook even fed him and gave Laboon his name. However, they had to leave him behind in the Grand Line.

Laboon has been patiently waiting for 50 years now, wanting to see his friends again. At the very least, Brook will get his chance when he is ready.

1) Shanks and Luffy


During Luffy's childhood, he made a promise to his hero Shanks. He wanted to sail the seas and become the Pirate King. Shanks gave Luffy his trademark Straw Hat for safekeeping, telling him to return it once they meet again.

At this point in the One Piece story, Luffy is more than ready to meet Shanks again. He would have to get through Kaido in Wano Country, a beast whose strength is comparable to Shanks.

The main difference is that Luffy also has a great crew to back him up. Fans can only imagine the conversations they would have about their journeys.

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