10 people Boruto would trust with his life 

The new team 7 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
The new team 7 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Naruto proved the ninja world is a dangerous place to live in. As the son of Hokage, an unwilling vessel for Momoshiki, and a prominent ninja of the Leaf Village, Boruto Uzumaki needs to know he has people who will look after him on the battlefield. As seen in the series, he has a legion of those willing to help him in a dire situation.

This list will go through 10 people our protagonist is sure to trust with his life when it comes to it. From his close family to his inseparable friends to his teachers, Boruto is never one to feel alone when danger lurks.

Note: This list is based solely on the author’s opinion and does not have a particular order. This will contain spoilers for both Naruto and Boruto: Naruto next generations.

The 10 People Boruto would trust with his life

1) Naruto Uzumaki


It is not strange for a kid to feel safe in the arm of their parents, and when your father is one of the strongest ninjas in the whole world, you will probably feel compelled to put your safety in his hands. Naruto Uzumaki has proven his love for his family and the lengths he is willing to go to save them from any danger.

During Momoshiki’s attack on the village, Naruto gave it his all to save his people. Following this, he showed his son all the love his family feels for him, helping him create a massive Rasengan to defeat the Otsutsuki

2) Hinata Hyuga


Who better to help someone feel safe than their mothers? During the series, Hinata is not a prominent fighter, but during her time in Naruto, we see how capable a fighter she is and how far she can go to save the ones she loves.

During Pain’s invasion of the Leaf Village, Hinata was willing to give her life and safety if it meant she could protect Naruto, even for a second. Her bravery in standing against enemies showed that there is no doubt she would fight with her life for her children.

3) Himawari Uzumaki


Behind the innocent and adorable exterior, Himawari possesses a fierce fighter inside her. She can knock out Naruto on the day of his Hokage’s Inauguration, scaring both her father and brother with the strength she is capable of at such a young age.

Even though we have not seen much of her in terms of fights, she has proven she will become a great Kunoichi when she grows up. Her close relationship with her brother speaks of the bond of trust both have in each other.

4) Sarada Uchiha


A strong and capable Kunoichi, Sarada is one of the members of the new team 7, accompanying Boruto, Mitsuki, and Knohamaru on their adventures. Sarada’s goal was the same as Naruto's when he was young, to become Hokage and help the people of the village. Not surprising, considering the actual Hokage inspired her to achieve that goal.

As someone to protect her village and as one of Boruto’s best friends, Sarada has proven that she is there for her compatriots and will fight to save them with everything she's got, even if that signals the sacrifice of her own life.

5) Mitsuki


A clone created by Orochimaru, who has taken the reigns of his own life in his hands, Mitsuki is another student accompanying Boruto and Sarada under Konohamaru’s teachings. He is a person with a calm heart and a big admiration for his friend Boruto.

Mitsuki does not take from his father when it comes to protecting those he loves and is willing to go to any lengths to save his friends from any danger.

6) Konohamaru Sarutobi


The teacher of team 7 and dear friend of Naruto, Konohamaru, became a reliable ninja and a strong adversary after years of training to surpass his “boss” Naruto. Now in charge of his team, Konohamaru has proven he is willing to put his life on the line if it means the kids under his watch get to come home safe.

Boruto holds his teacher dear, and their team, like a little family, looks out for each other.

7) Sasuke Uchiha


Once a ruthless member of Orochimaru’s corps, Sasuke keeps trying to atone for his past sins and is now not only one of the strongest ninjas around but also a loving father and husband, and teacher. During his meeting with Naruto's son, Sasuke takes the Hokage’s son under his wing, becoming a central figure in the child’s life.

Armed with years of experience and a will to help those he has in his heart, Sasuke would go all the way to save his family, Boruto, and any friend of his.

8) Kawaki Uzumaki


Even though the final showdown between the two brothers has been foreshadowed since the beginning of the series, for now, Boruto and Kawaki are closer than ever. Both afflicted by Karmas and both persistent, the two Shinobi have often talked about how they will protect others.

Boruto even asked Kawaki to suppress Momoshiki to prevent his fear of a complete takeover. Kawaki ultimately decided to kill his brother to fulfill his request, although it eventually failed.

9) Hanabi Hyuga


An energetic and loving aunt to both Boruto and Himawari and a fierce warrior and ninja to the Leaf Village and her clan, Hanabi has often taken up the role of Boruto’s older sister, which has pleased the Hyuga woman greatly. She is caring and helpful towards her nephew and niece and has surely proven her strength during her time on the show.

Hanabi has always been a very family-oriented woman, and she has proven the devotion she has to those she loves. She is sure to protect Boruto with everything she has.

10) Shikamaru Nara


Even though we don’t see a lot of interactions between Boruto and Shikamaru, it is safe to assume they have been constantly around each other, given Shikamaru’s role as Naruto’s right-hand man. With a great mind and strategic skills that allowed him to become a vital part of the ninja war, Shikamaru has proven himself and his will to protect the children of the village.

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