10 powerful Lightning Release techniques in Naruto, ranked

Sasuke Uchiha as seen in Naruto (Image via Spotskeeda)
Sasuke Uchiha as seen in Naruto (Image via Spotskeeda)

Every Nature Release in Naruto is undoubtedly formidable, but nothing comes close to the dominating abilities of lightning release. Despite being susceptible to wind, in combination with other abilities, lightning release can overpower even the strongest wind release techniques with ease.

Although lightning releases are common among the Hidden Cloud, few shinobis from other nations have also proven to hold a much greater prowess in it. Lightning release techniques are known for creating devastating effects and leaving electrifying results. So here are the ten lightning release techniques that are said to be the strongest in Naruto.

10 lightning release techniques in Naruto, from weakest to strongest

10) Lightning Release: False Darkness


Lightning Release: False Darkness was used by Kakuzu, who was one of the strongest members of Akatsuki. Kakuzu used his lightning-element mask to use this ability. In this technique, a lightning-shaped spear is thrown out of the mouth with immense speed onto the user’s targets.

This technique is highly lethal as it has the destructive power to pierce through rock. Moreover, it can also be focused into a straight beam. Users of this technique can reduce the chances of survival of their opponents by throwing multiple spears of lightning.

9) Hell Stab


Hell Stab is the strongest lightning release technique of the Third Raikage. Users of this technique infuse their fingers with lightning chakra to attain a piercing ability that can even slash through a rubber, despite its resistance to electricity.

There are three known variants of it: Hell Stab Four-Finger Spear Hand: Sky Drop, Hell Stab Three-Finger Spear Hand: Side Swipe, and Hell Stab One-Finger Nukite: Ultimate. By reducing the number of fingers a user of Hell Stab can increase its lethality.

8) Chidori

With the inability to apply lightning release chakra with the Rasengan technique, Kakashi created Chidori, which he made his signature technique. Not everyone is capable of performing this ability as it can damage their hands heavily. Moreover, Chidori requires tremendous chakra reserve from its users.

Even though Kakashi’s Sharingan granted him enough chakra, by the end of the series he was able to use it four times a day. Kakashi passed on this technique to Sasuke Uchiha and the latter showed greater proficiency in mastering it in no time. Chidori's piercing power is stronger than the Hell Stab.

7) Liger Bomb

The Liger Bomb can only be performed by an individual with brute strength like the Fourth Raikage. In this technique, the user coats themselves with the lightning release chakra mode and grabs their target to lift them high up to perform a powerbomb.

The sheer power of this technique can leave craters on the ground. Nobody has ever survived this technique in the history of Naruto, with Sasuke Uchiha being the exception. Without using Susanoo, Sasuke had zero chance of survival.

6) Lightning Release Co-Operation: Thunder Bomb

Lightning Release Co-Operation: Thunder Bomb as seen in Naruto (Image via Spotskeeda)
Lightning Release Co-Operation: Thunder Bomb as seen in Naruto (Image via Spotskeeda)

Thunder Bomb can’t be performed solo as it requires multiple individuals. Although it shares some similarities with Limelight, its powers are not that immense. This technique can be performed when users of lightning releases come together and join their weapons to infuse it with a massive lightning chakra.

This technique gives them a power-up so that after receiving a sufficient amount, they can take on several enemies individually.

5) Fangs of Lightning

Fangs of Lightning as seen in Naruto (Image via Spotskeeda)
Fangs of Lightning as seen in Naruto (Image via Spotskeeda)

Fangs of Lightning can only be performed with the infamous Kiba twin swords of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist in Naruto. Although there have been several shinobis capable enough to wield these swords, Raiga Kurosaki has been the only individual who has gained mastery over it.

Raiga can execute Fangs of Lightning by sending lightning chakra into the clouds and subsequently dropping lightning strikes onto his opponents or wherever he desires.

4) Kamui Lightning Cutter


Kakashi used this technique by enhancing his Lightning cutter with Obito’s Black Receiver of the Six Paths of Sage Technique. Infusing the Kamui’s warp with Lightning Cutter, a user can pierce their target and send the entire person or body part they struck to Kamui’s pocket dimension.

Kakashi’s Kamui Lightning Cutter gave enough time for Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura to defeat Kaguya and seal her back again.

3) Kirin


Kirin is one of the most powerful lightning release techniques of Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto. Users of this technique can naturally draw lightning from the clouds and manipulate it with their chakra. Lightning in this move reaches the ground at 1/1000th of a second, faster than other lightning-based techniques.

Controlling this lightning costs a small amount of chakra. This technique's destructive powers are such that it can completely obliterate a huge mountain in a flash.

2) Indra’s Arrow

Indra's Arrow is Sasuke Uchiha's strongest offensive attack. He created this technique after absorbing all of the Tailed Beast’s chakra into his Susanoo vessel and manifesting a longbow and an arrow. These weapons are infused with concentrated lightning-natured chakra.

Indra’s Arrow is powerful enough to match up to Naruto Uzumaki's Six Paths: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken. Only Sasuke’s Susanoo has the ability to use this technique in the entirety of Naruto.

1) Limelight

Limelight as seen in Naruto (Image via Spotskeeda)
Limelight as seen in Naruto (Image via Spotskeeda)

Limelight is said to be the most powerful lightning release technique of all time in Naruto. It requires four shinobis to perform this technique, where each of them takes positions in the east, west, north, and south. All four shinobis join their lightning chakra in the form of four connecting streams that form a large ball of lightning in the middle.

After a successful formation, the ball of lightning will incinerate everything in that enclosed area of the four shinobis to dust.