10 reasons we love to watch Konosuba

Aqua, Kazuma, Darkness, and Megumin (Image via Studio Deen)
Aqua, Kazuma, Darkness, and Megumin (Image via Studio Deen)

One of the most popular anime from recent years is, without a doubt, Konosuba. The show has gained a lot of traction with its two seasons, and with the announcement of the third one, fans can’t wait to get back to its world.

But what is it that makes so many people love Konosuba? There are many reasons why, and in this article, we are going to give you the reasons why we love to watch Konosuba.

Note: This list will include the author’s opinion and will not be in any order. It will contain spoilers from Konosuba.

Why is Konosuba so beloved?

1) The story


Isekai anime has been very popular since a few years ago. Most anime fans are also big video game fanatics, and Isekai is appealing. Isekais tell the stories of regular people who are transported to a fantastical world.

Konosuba is an Isekai most funnily. The world of Konosuba is nothing like a videogame, and Kazuma is not a god among them; he is just a regular guy. His adventure will be the same as any person born in this world, which is rare for an anime like this.

2) The Humor


Even though most of the original puns are lost to those of us who do not speak Japanese, Konosuba is still a funny show. Its main objective is to make fun of the tropes that anime like it uses. The humor is wacky and unexpected, and it can make almost anyone laugh.

3) Characters

Most main characters in Isekais fall into many tropes most of the time. But Konosuba’s characters often break with those molds. Their main character is not overpowered; the girls are not falling in love with him everywhere he goes. He is a regular guy with slightly higher experience with situations like this.

Konosuba is a refreshing series of engaging, enjoyable, and different characters. There is something for everyone in the show.

4) Megumin


We have already talked about the characters, but Megumin deserves her spot. A magical user who is only capable of creating explosions. Megumin is one of the show's most popular characters and one of the most beloved by fans.

She is also one of the few Isekai girls officially in a relationship with the protagonist. Although they are not officially a couple, they agree they are more than friends.

5) It is realistic

When an Isekai starts, most characters begin with everything they need to survive in their new world. Things like money, clothes, food, and shelter are rarely a concern. Konosuba does not follow this rule. Kazuma and Aqua are new to this world; they have nothing of value when they arrive.

They need to work and find ways to make enough money to survive before even thinking about adventuring. This is a refreshing take on the start of the series.

6) Breaking tropes

Konosuba’s humor is almost entirely based on parodying other anime cliches. This is seen everywhere in the show. Kazuma is not the perfect and moral hero most other series have; he is vindictive and has flaws. Aqua, Darkness, and Megumin are not the best of the best; they are each almost the opposite of what you would expect from party members with their roles.

Konosuba knows everything about the overabundance of anime with cliché characters and situations and avoids them in the funniest way possible.

7) Kazuma’s personality


As stated above, Kazuma is different from most isekai protagonists. When he arrives in the world, he is excited to start his new adventures, but he is sorely disappointed as he starts to discover this new world. His personality is not a great hero who wants to do the right thing.

Kazuma is brash; he is quick to anger, and sometimes he is not the best person around. But he is not trying to be; Kazuma is just himself.

8) Consequences


Many anime have very low stakes when dealing with consequences for the main characters. There is always the hope that there will be a happy ending for everyone when the righteous character faces a problem. And while Kazuma is never really presented with anything serious, he still must face the consequences of what he does.

If he commits an immoral act, the town will remember it. If he acts like a jerk around his party, they will not let it go lightly.

9) The designs

The characters are not made to impress. Their outfits are simple, most of the time, but they work. Aqua’s outfit is sometimes not convenient for adventuring, but it fits her personality well.

Megumin looks like you would expect a magic-user to look, and the red makes a lot of sense when you learn what kind of magician she is. Darkness’s armor is yellow to bring attention to her and tank the hits.

Their outfits work, and the design of other characters is also perfect when you analyze their characters.

10) Their expressions

A lot of people have complained when it comes to animation, but it fits the world very well. The characters are neither severe nor gritty nor pieces of art. They are wacky and weird most of the time. And their expressions show this very well. When a character feels a certain way, a simple look at their face can tell you what it is.

These were a few reasons why we love Konosuba. Have you watched the show? Are you excited for season 3?

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