10 unique Demon Weapons in Soul Eater

'Soul Eater' is quite the entertaining watch/read (Image via Funimation)
'Soul Eater' is quite the entertaining watch/read (Image via Funimation)

The anime and manga series Soul Eater is no stranger to odd sights. The moon grins and bleeds, Death himself teaches a school for teenagers, and certain people can transform into Demon Weapons.

This ability was first created by Death and Eibon to even the odds between regular people and Witches, who could cast magical spells that ordinary people stood no chance against. Though the experiment was eventually abandoned by Death and Eibon, considering the process of turning someone into a Demon Weapon too costly, there was a workaround.

Anyone who could transform into a Weapon could become a Demon Weapon if they consumed the soul of a Witch.

Unlike normal weapons, the students of DWMA, Death Weapon Meister Academy, can transform into various tools, ranging from regulars like guns and knives to lanterns and mirrors.

Note: This article contains spoilers for Soul Eater and anime. Some of the embeds contain depictions of canon-typical violence. Discretion is advised.

This Soul Eater list is based on uniqueness, not power

1) Liz and Patty Thompson


Starting off this list are sisters Liz and Patty, along with Death the Kid. The twin sisters have the unique ability to be used by each other or act independently of their wielder. Punch packing pistols with an interesting design, they also have another special ability.

When Death the Kid activates one of his Lines of Sanzu, they transform into dual, arm-encasing cannons called Sanzu Death Cannon that can fire vast energy blasts. Not to mention, they later gain the ability to transform into a pair of Desert Eagles.

2) Soul "Eater" Evans


The scythe is one of the more eerie sights, given that it's famous worldwide for being a symbol of death and the weapon form of Soul "Eater" Evans.

A classic grim reaper weapon, Soul can extend his blade in any direction he chooses and boost the abilities of his user and teammates through controlled Black Blood.

In addition, Soul's scythe is more than capable of cleaving through any demon or witch that stands in his way through his Witch Slayer transformations, which can extend his blade to the point it can cut stone pillars in half.

3) Tsubaki


Tsubaki is a Demon Weapon partnered with a chronic loudmouth, Black-Star. What sets Tsubaki apart is her ability to change shape, ranging from a giant shuriken, a pair of connected Kama (chained, one-handed scythes), and a small dagger.

Though limited to those forms at first, Tsubaki undergoes her own character arc. After a few upgrades and confronting her past, and her brother, she gains the Shadow Sword.

It is a blade that makes the wielder far deadlier than any swordsman has the right to be. With this in mind, Tsubaki makes a fine addition to any ninja's arsenal.

4) Fire and Thunder


When fire and thunder collide, demons better watch out. Technically, two characters, the twin siblings Fire and Thunder, like Patty and Liz above, can transform into "pots" that double as elemental gloves.

These two can pack more than a wallop and manipulate fire and electricity, respectively. In addition, when combined with a Chain Resonance, they can pull off the almighty E3, a giant blast of energy that leaves enemies vaporized.

5) Ragnarok (and Crona)


Crona and Ragnarok make a deadly pair, but what makes this weapon-meister combo isn't the sharpness of the blade itself but its ability to produce sonic screams that can make eardrums bleed.

In addition, Ragnarok gets points for being a part of Crona's bloodstream and not a separate person like many other characters on this list. The former's powers make them near unkillable, and even being around them can produce Madness, a force that can drive people to hallucinate and go insane.

Though their relationship is troublesome at best and abusive at worst, Ragnarok and Crona earn their spot due to their unique status as both Demon Weapon and Meister in one package.

6) Jacquline O. Lantern Durpe

Jacqueline O. Lantern in 'Soul Eater Not!' (Image via Funimation)
Jacqueline O. Lantern in 'Soul Eater Not!' (Image via Funimation)

Jacqueline O. Lantern has a very appropriate name, perhaps more than Soul Eater himself. She can turn into her namesake, a handheld lantern. In this form, Jacqueline can extend her pole out so that her Meister, Kim, can ride around on her like a witch's broomstick.

In this form, Jacqueline can be used in conjunction with other Death Meisters to fire a giant energy beam similar to the Pots listed above. Though she doesn't get much screen time in the show, Jacqueline gets to show off more in the manga and Soul Eater Not!

7) Jinn Galland

Jinn Gallad's ability is versatile (Image via Viz Media)
Jinn Gallad's ability is versatile (Image via Viz Media)

Dinn/Jinn, depending on the translation, is a foe to behold, a Death Scythe, one of the highest ranks a Demon Weapon can get at DWMA. Jinn can transform into a Genie Lamp a la Aladdin. In this form, Jinn can take the shape of various Tarot cards like the Tower or Lovers and gain special abilities depending upon the form in question.

This ability stands out because of its versatility and the fact that an enemy can never know what to expect when the lamp takes the stage. They better pray they have three wishes left because Jinn earned his title as a Death Scythe in Soul Eater.

8) Justin Law


What makes this weapon unique, aside from the apparent cutting and slicing, is his ability to transform into a full-on Guillotine, not exactly the kind of Demon Weapon someone would bring to the battlefield, given that it requires someone to stick their head in for Justin to be effective.

But Justin can decide which parts to transform and which ones don't. By attaching his blade to his forearm, Justin can go toe to toe with just about anyone in the series, even while music is blasting in his ears.

Maybe that's why he never really transforms all the way. Regardless, in Soul Eater, he fits right in.

9) Tezca Tilpocia

A mirror strapped to the knee is not exactly something a sane person would expect. But in the insane world of Soul Eater, it fits right in. Named 'the Demon Mirror,' it can 'reflect' a person's guilt back at them, fire a solar beam, or just track a person across long distances.

This mirror earns a spot due to its sheer unusualness and the fact that no one really expects a mirror to be a deadly weapon. In other words, this weapon feels more like a Stand from Jojo than a Demon Weapon from Soul Eater.

10) Giriko


Giriko's weapon transformation fits his personality. Loud, buzzing, and rude, a chainsaw is Giriko's Demon Weapon form. First encountered by Maka and Soul, Giriko proves to be one of the more dangerous foes in the series.

While he may lack the raw firepower of some of the later antagonists in Soul Eater, his murderous nature and versatility with his chains make Giriko a dangerous character. As it brings to mind a horror villain, Giriko's revving chainsaw is memorable.

Disclaimer: This list is unranked and reflects the writer's personal views.