4 Bleach characters that Urahara can defeat (and 4 he cannot)

"I'm just a lowly but handsome merchant. How could I possibly perform Bankai?" (image via Studio Pierrot)
"I'm just a lowly but handsome merchant. How could I possibly perform Bankai?" (image via Studio Pierrot)

Despite his ragged appearance and easygoing demeanor, Kisuke Urahara is among the best fighters in the Bleach series.

Intelligence is a key factor in winning several battles. Urahara has proven this repeatedly throughout the Bleach series. Remember, this humble shop owner used to be the president of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. His ability to apply knowledge is his most dangerous skill.

This article will take a speculative look at which fights Urahara can win or lose. Each battle will be set in a one-on-one environment, so there will be no interferences. Yhwach will be excluded from this list since he's an unfair matchup for anybody in the Bleach series.

Bleach characters that Urahara could win against in a one-on-one fight

4) Szayelaporro Granz (Hueco Mundo version)


The former eighth member of the Espada, Szayelaporro is well known for his tricks and traps. His Resurrección gives him access to a wide range of abilities, which range from possession to creating multiple clones.

However, he was still outsmarted by Mayuri in the Hueco Mundo arc. Keep in mind that Urahara's keen intellect is far superior. He could easily form a plan to get around Szayelaporro's abilities.

Urahara would likely win in a straight fight if he simply uses his Zanpakutō, Benihime. He could overwhelm his enemy with crimson energy blasts. Urahara can also rely on spamming multiple Kidō spells at once.

3) Mayuri Kurotsuchi


Mayuri is a mad scientist who mainly relies on tactical strategies. He always seems to have a solution to every problem. Unfortunately for him, Urahara is strongly considered to be the most intelligent character in the Bleach series.

During the Fake Karakura Town arc back in Chapter 405, Aizen even admitted that Urahara's genius had surpassed his own. This was reiterated in the Thousand Year Blood War during Chapter 662. Yhwach selected Urahara as a Special War Power because of his intelligence.

No matter what Mayuri tries, Urahara will likely have a response. The latter is also more suited to dangerous combat situations.

2) Kenpachi Zaraki


Kenpachi's strength is far beyond the rest of the Shinigami. During the Thousand Year Blood War, Yhwach himself classified Kenpachi as a Special War Power, simply because of his fighting prowess.

However, Kenpachi lacks the basic fundamentals in Kidō, which allows users to perform advanced spells. Urahara would likely overwhelm Kenpachi with several powerful Kidō attacks. This is the same person who can seal Aizen, so he shouldn't have a problem with a weaker captain.

Urahara would have to end this fight before Kenpachi activates his Shikai or Bankai. The former will not survive the latter's attacks in that case.

1) Yoruichi Shihōin


Urahara is not going to have an easy time with this particular fight. Both competitors know each other too well.

Yoruichi is much faster and stronger when she uses her Shunkō techniques., especially her thunder beast form. However, Bleach Chapter 663 directly states that Urahara is the only person who knows how to control her.

Urahara could rely on his Shikai to provide him with blood net bombs. Back in Bleach Chapter 405, it dealt massive explosive damage to Aizen himself. If forced to use his Bankai, Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame, he would create obstacles by splitting open pathways. He could also restructure a stronger body for himself.

Bleach characters that Urahara would lose against in a one-on-one fight

4) Askin Nakk Le Vaar


This may seem like a ridiculous statement at first glance. Urahara was responsible for Askin's defeat in the Thousand Year Blood War. However, that required timely interference from Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. This Bleach article is meant to discuss fair one-on-one battles.

Askin's Deathdealing allows him to raise or lower the lethal value of substances. Urahara is able to create a drug to counter the effects, but only for a limited time. However, Gift Ball Deluxe would prove to be Urahara's downfall. He would be severely weakened by the poisonous effects of this move.

Without Grimmjow to bail him out, Urahara would lack the means to incapicate Askin in his current state.

3) Lille Barro


Simply put, Urahara would have trouble with the X-Axis ability. Lille can use it to pierce through any object. Urahara can try to heal himself with his Bankai.

However, like most Bleach characters, he lacks the means to put down the Elite Sternritter. If Lille activates his second Vollständig form, this match is basically over. This powerful version of Jilliel is immune to most attacks, including Kidō.

Lille could also use Trompete to completely erase Urahara. Its attacking range is too wide to successfully dodge.

2) Ichibē Hyōsube


Ichibē is the leader of the entire Zero Division, who is tasked with protecting the Soul King in Bleach. He is someone who almost defeated Yhwach, before the latter activated his Almighty special ability.

Urahara is a crafty fighter, yet no amount of prep work could prepare him for Ichibē. The latter can target his opponents and manipulate their metaphysical concepts. For example, his Ichimonji weapon can release ink that causes anything it touches to lose its powers.

Even without his special abilities, Ichibē is among the most spiritually powerful characters in the Bleach series. Urahara would barely do any damage against someone like the Zero Division's leader.

1) Sōsuke Aizen


A former main antagonist of the Bleach series, Aizen stands head and shoulders above most characters. Back in the Fake Karakura Town arc, Urahara was clever enough to keep up with Aizen. Had it not been for the Hōgyoku granting Aizen more powers, Urahara would've won.

With that said, Aizen has gotten even stronger since his imprisonment. Urahara admitted this in Bleach Chapter 622, after seeing Aizen cast an immensively strong Kidō technique.

During the Thousand Year Blood War, he destroyed several powerful eyeball creatures with Kurohitsugi. Keep in mind that Aizen was restrained in a power limiting chair, so he only used a fraction of his power. It's unlikely that Urahara would survive this attack, given that it distorts space and time.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.