Bleach: The Espada, ranked based on their released form

Grimmjow (left), Baraggan (Middle), Harribel (Right) (Image via Sportskeeda)
Grimmjow (left), Baraggan (Middle), Harribel (Right) (Image via Sportskeeda)

Espada is an elite group of hollow-shinigami hybrid Arrancars in Bleach, who have the potential to overpower the captains of the 13 Court Guard Squads. They possess immense strength and power, and at some point, they held the capability of fighting on equal grounds with captains in the Fake Karakura Town arc.

Unlike Shinigamis, Arrancars Zanpakuto’s don’t have a Shikai or Bankai, instead, it unleashes a form that alters their appearance and increases the power of their abilities, and also grants them immense strength and agility as well. Here is the ranking of the ten Espada, based on their released form.

Ranking Espada, based on their Zanpakuto release in Bleach

10) Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra’s Zanpakuto is Santa Teresa, which literally translates to “Praying Mantis.” His Zanpakuto is gigantic with two crescent moon-shaped blades fused together at the backs with a large chain attached to its handle.

In his released form, he is capable of generating extra sets of arms, keeping one set hidden for surprise attacks, and also can generate multiple scythe-like weapons.

9) Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez


Grimmjow is usually a very short-tempered individual in Bleach. While fighting his opponent, he is very agile and strong, and by releasing his Zanpakuto he becomes invincible.

In his released form, he can create shockwaves just by roaring. Moreover, with his Desgarron ability, he can slash anything in his way with his glowing claws by creating a devastating impact.

8) Yammy Llargo


Yammy is quite sadistic when it comes to torturing his enemies on a battlefield in Bleach. His peculiar ability of Gonzui allows him to suck the souls out of human beings into his mouth.

As Yammy already possesses a giant-like appearance, upon releasing his Zanpakuto, he gets even bigger in size, similar to a Kaiju.

All his abilities get enhanced to a diabolical level, also while activating this form, Yammy’s number changes from 10 to 0.

7) Tier Harribel


A tall female member of Espada in Bleach, Harribel is a level-headed and calm individual who sticks by her own created morals and gives utmost priority to them. Apart from that, she’s a master swordsman and also has the ability to analyze her opponent’s attacks and movements mid-battle.

With her released form, she can create and telekinetically control water and can perform multiple deadly abilities with it, for instance firing projectiles out of her Zanpakuto.

6) Aaroniero Arruruerie


Despite being a Gillian class Arrancar, Aaroniero manages to take his place among the Espada members of Bleach. The reason behind it would be his ability to absorb Hollows who are dead and take their powers.

During his confrontation with Rukia Kuchiki, he claims that he has eaten over 30,000 Hollows. After he releases his Zanpakuto, his lower body turns into a huge purple blob, and he can manifest countless abilities he absorbed in his lifetime.

5) Ulquiorra Cifer


Ulquiorra is a proficient member of Espada in Bleach. Despite having impeccable and flawless swordsmanship, he mostly prefers hand-to-hand combat. He is tremendously fast, not only with his movements but also with his attacks.

His Zanpakuto's released form grants him immense physical abilities, and also he’s the only known Espada to have a second released form.

4) Zommari Rureaux


Zommari carries a restful and serious demeanor and often meditates to maintain his composure. Although while fighting Byakuya Kuchiki, he gets enraged and loses his calm. Despite being a Seventh Espada in Bleach, his spiritual prowess is undeniably strong.

While releasing his Zanpakuto, his whole body gets covered with eyes and his lower body gets turned into a pink pumpkin-like structure.

3) Coyote Starrk


The Primera Espada of Bleach, Coyote Starrk, apart from being an exceptional swordsman as well as a marksman, often spends most of his time sleeping. With his peculiar ability, he can separate his soul into a spiritual energy being.

Starrk’s immense spiritual prowess forbids him to release his Zanpakuto inside of Las Noches. By releasing his Zanpakuto, he wields two identical guns. These guns are none other than Lilynette Gingerbuck who was assumed to be his subordinate. As Starrk’s powers are not within a Zanpakuto, it was sealed within Lilynette instead.

2) Szayelaporro Granz


Szayelaporro is an Arrancar scientist among the Espada in Bleach, similar to Mayuri Kurotsuchi in Soul Society. He holds proficiency in intelligence regarding the development of spiritual weapons. His released form is quite formidable among the Espadas.

With his release, he can produce a black liquid that creates a copy of the opponents and uses the exact abilities against them. He is also capable of resurrecting himself if he’s on a verge of death by implanting a portion of himself inside the victim's body.

1) Baraggan Louisenbairn


The former king of Hueco Mundo in Bleach, Barragan is an individual who has utmost pride in himself. He was the ruler of Las Noches before becoming an Espada. He gets an appearance like that of a grim reaper after unleashing Zanpakuto’s release.

One of his abilities “Senescencia” is capable of disintegrating anything within its range by aging it rapidly. His “Respira” ability creates a black and purple smoke-like miasma, and rots anything that comes into contact with it.

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