4 My Hero Academia characters who are always there for Deku (and 4 who are always there for Shigaraki)

Both Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki need help in their respective journeys in My Hero Academia  (Image Credit: Studio Bones)
Both Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki need help in their respective journeys in My Hero Academia (Image Credit: Studio Bones)

Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku, and Tomura Shigaraki can't always do everything on their own in My Hero Academia.

Deku and Shigaraki are undoubtedly the most important characters in the entire series. Their final encounter will ultimately determine the fate of the My Hero Academia world. However, despite their ridiculously strong Quirks, the two characters both need some guidance along the way.

Deku's friends all have a good heart and deeply care for him. Meanwhile, several villains use Shigaraki as a means to an end, but not always.

Note - This article reflects the opinions of the writer and contains major spoilers from the manga.

My Hero Academia characters who are there for Izuku Midoriya

4) Tenya Ida


Tenya Ida was one of the few U.A. students who befriended Deku on his first day of high school.

Although he can be overprotective of Deku, Tenya always has good intentions in mind. For instance, during the Hideout Raid, he made sure Deku wouldn't blindly get into a fight with All For One, who would've ripped him to shreds.

3) Katsuki Bakugo


At first, it was difficult for Katsuki Bakugo to accept Deku's potential. When they were children, the former used to bully the latter relentlessly.

While his attitude wasn't much better at U.A. High School, Bakugo changed after the events of the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc. Deku finally told Bakugo the truth about having One For All. From that point forward, their friendship would slowly but surely grow in My Hero Academia.

Bakugo has saved Deku on multiple occasions since then. During the Paranormal Liberation War, Bakugo allowed himself to get pierced by Shigaraki's devastating attack, which was meant for Deku.

2) Ochako Uraraka


When Deku took part in the Entrance Exam for U.A. High School, he ended up breaking his body down after using his Quirk. Fortunately, before he fell to his doom, Ochako Uraraka used her Zero Gravity to make him float in the air. Since then, she has always pulled through for him in My Hero Academia.

Ochako once calmed Deku down after a scary confrontation with Shigaraki. She also yelled at angry protestors to let him go back to school after he was considered too dangerous to live.

1) All Might


Deku has looked up to All Might ever since he was a young boy.

Deku finally got his chance to become a hero after he showed courage against a sludge monster, despite lacking a Quirk. After witnessing Deku's bravery, All Might decided to have the youngster succeed him as the One For All user.

In the early parts of My Hero Academia, All Might trained Deku to use his powerful Quirk properly. He also offered words of encouragement from time to time.

My Hero Academia characters who are there for Tomura Shigaraki

4) Dabi


It should be noted that Dabi has never particularly cared for Shigaraki or the League of Villains. He just wants to further his own goals in My Hero Academia, namely to bring ruin to his family's name.

Regardless, Dabi is very loyal and reliably follows Shigaraki's orders. One example was during the Shie Hassaikai arc when the League of Villains needed to attack a transport truck carrying rival villain Overhaul.

Dabi was chosen to specifically help Shigaraki with the plan, and he even managed to burn down a Pro Hero while doing so.

3) Toga


Shigaraki initially couldn't get along with Toga. He considered her to be a very bratty teenager.

However, during the Shie Hassaikai arc, he entrusted her to infiltrate a Yakuza gang. He wanted revenge against Overhaul, who did a lot of damage to the League of Villains at that point.

Toga did as instructed and proceeded to ruin the Yakuza's plans by causing as much chaos as she could.

2) Spinner


Spinner is not afraid to let his friends know what he thinks of them in My Hero Academia. He started off as a mere Stain cosplayer, openly questioning whether or not the League of Villains could meet his goals. Shigaraki answered his question by defeating the Meta Liberation Army and taking control.

Since then, both characters have gotten along due to their shared mutual interests. Spinner even outrightly told All For One that he only wanted to follow Shigaraki.

Spinner's undying loyalty should never be under question. He would do just about anything for his leader.

1) All For One


Shigaraki has a very toxic relationship with his mentor, who basically raised him since he was a child.

All For One is a diabolical villain who turned Shigaraki into who he is today. Since the very beginning of My Hero Academia, All For One has been training Shigaraki to become his successor.

During the Hideout Raid, he allowed the League of Villains to make their escape. Before his defeat, he also gave instructions to Daruma Ujiko, who proceeded to help out Shigaraki in the Meta Liberation Army arc.

Of course, everything All For One does in My Hero Academia is only for his own benefit. This was best seen when he took over Shigaraki's body in the Paranormal Liberation arc. Nonetheless, he claims this is what is best for the time being.

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