4 underrated One Punch Man characters (and 4 who are overhyped)

Some of the most underrated and overrated characters from the series (image via Netflix)
Some of the most underrated and overrated characters from the series (image via Netflix)

One Punch Man is arguably one of the most popular modern shonen anime and manga series. The series has introduced a huge array of characters that are unique and hilarious.

These characters vary in strength and overall combat abilities. Just like every other series, One Punch Man too has its own set of underrated and overrated characters. This list has attempted to compile such figures from the series.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the manga.

Some of the underrated characters in One Punch Man

1) Bang

Bang, at the end of the day, is an old man who is exceptionally good at martial arts. During the first two seasons of One Punch Man, he doesn’t really showcase his true strength and people tend to question his prowess.

But, in the manga, Bang is able to keep up with Garou even after his power up during the Monsters Association arc. His martial arts techniques enabled him to beat some of the toughest monsters in the series.

2) Mumen Rider

Mumen Rider is probably one of the most underrated heroes in this series. Being a hero is not only about defeating tough monsters, but also saving those around you. He never compromises on his ideals and isn’t afraid to go up against an enemy who is far stronger than him.

When other heroes are fighting, he works behind the scenes and evacuates people from the danger zones. Despite his strength and power levels, he is an integral member of the Heroes Association.

3) Black Sp**m

The monster is a force to be reckoned with (image via One Punch Man)
The monster is a force to be reckoned with (image via One Punch Man)

Black Sp**m is arguably one of the weakest looking monsters in One Punch Man. But in its best form, this monster is capable of dealing massive damage to its foes.

Its appearance is one of the biggest reasons why it’s able to beat heroes. Black Sp**m is so strong that it is able to make quick work of Atomic Samurai who happens to be an extremely strong S class hero.

4) Speed O’ Sound Sonic

Sonic is widely considered to be a joke in One Punch Man. He has declared that Saitama would be his rival and that he wouldn’t rest until he defeats him. The reason why he’s underrated is despite his exceptional strength, he's showcased in the most comical way possible.

This man has constantly fought against Saitama and lost. But the moment he went up against Genos, he was able to drive the cyborg into a corner. One would have to be extremely strong in order to overwhelm an S class hero.

Some of the overhyped characters in the series

1) King

King is one of the most hyped heroes in One Punch Man. In the second season, it was clearly established he had no special powers and that he ended up in situations that led other people to consider him a strong hero.

He was given credit for beating villains like Vaccine Man and Dragon level threat monsters in the Monsters Association arc. He would not be an S class hero if not for Saitama’s repeated interventions.

2) Metal Knight

Metal Knight is another hero that is respected by some of the strongest S class heroes in the association. In the second season, a meteor was about to claim the lives of thousands of people and the association asked some of the strongest heroes to neutralize the situation.

Genos came across Metal Knight and relied on his help in destroying the meteor. But the latter's weapon was unable to do so and Saitama ended up saving the day.

3) Tanktop Master

Tanktop Master is an S class hero in One Punch Man who is known for his raw strength. When Garou was on the run, Tanktop's subordinates and the rest of the heroes believed that he could take on the indomitable fighter.

But when the two went up against each other, the sheer difference in power and ability was vast and Tanktop Master was thoroughly overwhelmed.

4) Suiryu

Suiryu seemed to be one of the strongest contestants in the martial arts tournament held during the second season of One Punch Man. He was able to breeze through every round and was considered to be an exceptionally strong athlete.

But he fell short by a great margin when he had to face off against Gouketsu. He barely managed to protect the ones around him and ended up being beaten up thoroughly. The fight seemed to tone down fans’ perception of Suiryu.

Note: The aforementioned list reflects the writer’s opinions.

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