5 best Attack on Titan fights of all time

The best fights in the entire Attack on Titan. (image via MAPPA)
The best fights in the entire Attack on TITAN. (image via MAPPA)

Attack on Titan's final season, part 3, the one-hour special episode just saw its debut in some regions and as expected, it was grand. The season will mark the conclusion of the fan-favorite anime that made its debut a decade ago.

Attack on Titan has proven its status as one of the greatest of the new generation. It has one of the finest storylines in the history of anime. Because the series' themes revolve around violence, discrimination, politics, and freedom, there is no shortage of murder and dismemberment in the entire series.

As one of the best action dark-fantasy series, it is obvious that the series will definitely feature some of the best fights. There are fight scenes that will go down in history, and the emotions portrayed in every scene, especially the fight scenes of this series, are immaculate.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the writer's opinion and contains major spoilers for Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3

Best fight scenes from Attack on Titan season 1 to Attack on Titan final season part 3

5) The last fight of Hange Zoe - Final season part 3: Episode 1

Hange's last fight. (image via MAPPA)
Hange's last fight. (image via MAPPA)

One final time, Hange Zoe has shown that they are a true soldier. In the first episode of season 4, part 3 another cherished character passed away. In the most recent episode, Hange sacrificed their life to save their teammates.

The combat was completely one-sided and one of the fastest ones to end yet. However, it will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the greatest fights in Attack on Titan history because of Hange's selfless sacrifice.

In the one-hour Attack on Titan season 4 part 3 special episode, Hange made the insane choice to remain behind with only a few Thunder Spears to buy their teammates some time to flee the Rumbling.

After hearing the last words from Captain Levi, "Shinzo Wo Sasageyo" Hange went on to the battlefield with their face still amused to see titans like initial times. Hange very precisely took down many Wall Titans and gave the team much-needed time to escape before Hange was burned to death by the heat of the Wall Titans.

4) Levi had to kill his comrades - Season 4 episode 14

Levi as seen in the anime. (image via MAPPA)
Levi as seen in the anime. (image via MAPPA)

Captain Levi is widely known as humanity's strongest soldier. Well, he has proved that to be absolutely true multiple times. In episode 14 of season 14, he was seen slaughtering his entire squad of elite comrades who were turned into titans by Zeke.

Levi may come out as a cold-blooded killing machine, but if looked deeper, fans may find the brilliance of Isayama in Levi's character design. The hidden passive emotions portrayed by Levi while killing his comrades were insane and that is what made the fight so memorable.

The fight is also known as Levi vs. Beast Titan Round 3. Levi was betrayed by Zeke who transformed Levi's entire squad into brainless titans by spiking their wine with his spinal fluid. However, it was Captain Levi he was dealing with, Levi masterfully took down the entire army of Titans all by himself as it was a kill-or-die situation.

Not only did Levi kill the Titan squad, but he also tracked down Zeke and slashed off his beast titan once more and once more he showed Zeke whom he should always fear. Levi completely burst the Beast Titan and got his hands on his most hated character.

3) Eren vs Warhammer and Jaw Titan - Season 4 episode 6

Season 4 of Attack on Titan marks Eren's declaration of war. Eren transformed dramatically over the season and at a celebration in Liberio, Eren executed his plan and declared war on the land of Marley after successfully penetrating Marley.

Eren transforms right in front of Reiner as an act of revenge for whatever he did to his people. Eren, in his titan form, started menacingly murdering anyone and everyone in the land of Marley. Eren, in his titan form, then attacked the Warhammer in the most brutal and villainous way possible.

Eren managed to withstand the power of the Warhammer with Mikasa's assistance. The occasion also witnessed the appearance of the Jaw Titan, who subsequently fought Eren's Attack Titan ferociously.


The Jaw Titan was ruthlessly defeated by Eren as he continues to exhibit his godlike power and maniacal ambition. Warhammer's crystalline body was also subsequently crushed by Jaw Titan's jaws. In the end, Eren's titan form consumes Lara Tybur after cracking open the crystal.

The fight between Eren, Warhammer, and Jaw Titan can be called one of the most brutal fights in Attack on Titan. Eren's ambitions were revealed to the world during this battle with his declaration of war. As a result, it is among the best and most legendary fights in Attack on Titan.

2) Levi vs. Beast Titan - Season 3 episode 54

Captain Levi as seen in the anime. (Image via MAPPA)
Captain Levi as seen in the anime. (Image via MAPPA)

This is probably one of the most iconic fight scenes of the entire Attack on Titan series. Captain Levi showcased his graceful rotating attack by chopping off Zeke's Beast Titan in the blink of an eye.

Even before the enormous humanoid could reach or place his attack, he was taken down by humanity's strongest soldier. This scene also serves to prove the true strength of Captain Levi and why he is one of the most popular characters in the series.

Out of nowhere in the air, Levi appears in front of what is known as one of the deadliest titans, the Beast Titan. He doesn't just fight the beast by himself; he also knocks him out of his senses by controlling the fight or by just slaughtering the beast with the ferocity of a demon.

1) Marley's attack on Paradis - Season 4 part 2: Episode Eren declares

One of the most iconic scenes of Attack on Titan. (image via MAPPA)
One of the most iconic scenes of Attack on Titan. (image via MAPPA)

After Eren's declaration of war, it was quite obvious there would be a counter-back from the land of Marley. Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 opened with Marleyan soldiers storming Paradis Island and a full-scale conflict erupting. Eren's situation got worse before Zeke showed up on the battlefield.

Zeke was shot down by the Cart Titan at a critical moment, and the Marleyan army scrambled to keep Eren from getting to connect with Zeke. After a heated fight between Eren and Reiner, Eren finally found a space to make a run for his brother but then the plot took a darker turn.

A horrified Gabi shot Eren and blasted his head off his chest just as he was about to approach Zeke. However, before the head could touch the ground, Zeke catches it and as Eren was not completely brain-dead at that second, they both entered the path. This created one of the most iconic moments of Attack on Titan after an iconic fight.

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