7 anime characters who look like a girl (but aren't)

Nagisa as he appears in the 'Assassination Classroom' anime (Image via Lerche)
Nagisa as he appears in the 'Assassination Classroom' anime (Image via Lerche)

Anime has been going on for decades. During this time, characters of varying appearances, personalities, skills, and backgrounds have been created. These characters are loved and cherished by fanbases all across the globe.

Some of these anime characters are the epitome of 'don't judge a book by its cover' since they are not entirely what they look like. Many of them are perceived to be females when in reality they are male characters.

This has caused intense confusion and surprise to many of the characters in the anime, and among fans as well.

7 anime characters like Haku and Nagisa Shiota that were thought to be girls when they are guys instead

1) Haku (Naruto)

Haku as he appears in the 'Naruto' anime (Image via Pierrot)
Haku as he appears in the 'Naruto' anime (Image via Pierrot)

Haku is from the Land of Water and was Zabuza's partner. He inherited his Ice Release Kekkei Genkai from the Yuki clan.

Haku was first introduced during the Prologue - Land of Waves arc. Naruto first met the Ice Release user while he was walking through the forest. When he saw Haku, Naruto expressed how beautiful he looked and thought he was a girl.

While walking away, Haku revealed to Naruto that he was a guy despite his feminine appearance, which caused Naruto to yell in surprise. Many Naruto fans also believed Haku was a girl when they first saw him. It came as a surprise to everyone, not just Naruto.

2) Astolfo (Fate/Apocrypha)

Astolfo is the Rider of Black in Fate/Apocrypha. His master was originally Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia, but he forged a new contract with Sieg after her death.

Throughout the show, many characters thought Astolfo was a girl. This is due to him actively dressing up in cute outfits and deliberately keeping his gender a secret when he was summoned. Many fans of the Fate franchise expressed their shock upon his reveal of being a boy.

3) Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

In Assassination Classroom, everyone in Class 3-E knew Nagisa Shiota was a boy, despite there being some confusion in the beginning. However, they also acknowledged that he had very feminine features, and they took advantage of this fact at times.

During one of their missions, they utilized Nagisa's soft features to lure in the target. His classmates dressed him up as a girl and had him approach the target they were following. Despite doubts made towards this plan, the strategy worked and Nagisa was able to bring the target where he wanted him and corner him.

4) Inosuke Hashibira (Demon Slayer)

Inosuke during the 'Demon Slayer' anime (Image via ufotable)
Inosuke during the 'Demon Slayer' anime (Image via ufotable)

When Inosuke first appeared in Demon Slayer, he always had his Boar Mask on. This prevented everyone from seeing his face, but once he removed it, everyone was surprised at how he looked.

Fans and characters in the show were all surprised at the reveal in season 1. His delicate facial features and long hair make him appear quite feminine and nobody was expecting this to be the case. Some characters later in the show, typically those who did not know Inosuke, thought he was a woman because of his appearance.

5) Felix Argyle (Re:Zero)

Felix as he appears in the 'Re:Zero' anime (Image via White Fox)
Felix as he appears in the 'Re:Zero' anime (Image via White Fox)

Felix Argyle, also known as Ferris, is the knight of Crusch Karsten and a beast human. He is typically shown helping out Natsuki Subaru and his friends take down enemies and help during diplomatic issues.

When Subaru first met Ferris, he expressed how cute he looked, thinking he was a girl. Ferris never actually corrected him, so Subaru continued to think he was a girl for some time until Reinhard van Astrea revealed the truth to him. Subaru was incredibly shocked, while Ferris remained unbothered.

6) Luka Urushibira (Steins;Gate)


In the Steins;Gate anime, Luka is close friends with Mayuri Shiina and Rintaro Okabe. When he is not working and tending to the shrine, he enjoys spending time with them.

Luka has an incredibly feminine appearance, so it came as a surprise to many fans, and Okabe as well, when it was revealed that he is male. However, this is only during most worldlines. In the Beta and Steins;Gate worldlines, Luka is a guy, but in some Alpha worldlines, Luka is female. So, he is somewhat of a technicality on this list.

7) Muichiro Tokito (Demon Slayer)

Muichiro is an incredibly powerful Demon Slayer. He is so skilled, in fact, that he was able to become the Mist Hashira at only 14 years of age.

Even though confusion was quickly dispelled, many fans of the series thought Muichiro was a girl when they first saw him. It is not surprising, considering his soft facial features and incredibly long hair.

It would be interesting, however, to have another female hashira though, since Mitsuri and Shinobu are the only two so far.

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