8 of the best moms in anime

Some people would say that Kushina is the best anime mom out there (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Some people would say that Kushina is the best anime mom out there (Image via Studio Pierrot)
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Although anime moms occasionally tend to have an unfortunate and untimely end, that doesn't lessen their impact on viewers. Like in real life, the best anime mothers usually help raise their children and support them with whatever dreams they have.

This listicle will focus on characters who are primarily mothers in their series, so it won't include characters who become mothers towards the end of a series. Even so, there are still plenty of notable characters to choose from in this category.

The list of top anime moms includes mothers from Pokemon and Dragon Ball

8) Miyako Ishida (A Silent Voice)


A mother who prevents her son from committing suicide is certainly a likable character. Shoya is a kid who was planning to end his own life in the anime film, A Silent Voice. His mother, Miyako, had her suspicions because his:

  • Room was way too clean
  • Phone was off
  • Calendar had pages ripped from April

She makes him promise not to kill himself and threatens to burn his money. It's a harsh lesson, but also one where viewers can see how much she loves her son.

7) Rinko Iori (Gundam Build Fighters)

She's a fun but reliable anime mom (Image via Sunrise)
She's a fun but reliable anime mom (Image via Sunrise)

A mom that supports her son is always sweet to see, and Rinko Iori's relationship with Sei is a fun dynamic. She's not too familiar with Gunpla, but she's always there for Sei. Mothers usually don't have a good fate in the Gundam series, so just seeing her stay alive is a welcome surprise.

Plus, some anime fans love Rinko Iori for her occasional role as fanservice, although that shouldn't distract them from her being a genuinely nice mom. She's also a good wife who helps keep the family store up and running when her husband is out.

6) Saiki Kurumi (The Disasterous Life of Saiki K.)

Kusuo and his mother (Image via J.C. Staff)
Kusuo and his mother (Image via J.C. Staff)

Good anime moms usually lead their children to the path of righteousness. In this case, Kurumi is the reason that Kusuo used his psychic powers for good and not evil. She's the person he loves the most, and it's easy to see why.

"Use your power for the sake of really troubled and really kind people, okay."

Kurumi is generally kind-hearted and loving, although to the point of being too trusting. There is also an interesting dynamic where an anime protagonist often has to help their parents out far more often than one would expect from a teenager.

5) Delia Ketchum (Pokemon)

Even the most casual anime fans will recognize her (Image via Team Kato)
Even the most casual anime fans will recognize her (Image via Team Kato)

Practically everybody knows what a Pokemon is, and a good portion of anime fans have watched the show at some point in their life. Delia Ketchum is Ash's mom, and she has appeared sporadically throughout the show. Most people might remember her for talking to Ash on various calls, often comedic in nature.

She's always been supportive of Ash's dream to become a Pokemon Master. In fact, she even gave up her own dream of being a model and Pokemon Trainer just to raise Ash. Even if Ash's father was nowhere to be seen, she continued to raise him to be the boy that fans recognize today.

There was also a sweet scene in Pokemon Journeys: The Series where she consoles a jealous Pikachu in the episode, Betrayed, Bothered, and Beleaguered! Plus, the series doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon, meaning that fans will likely continue to see her in the upcoming years.

4) Vinsmoke Sora (One Piece)

Sanji's mother (Image via Toei Animation)
Sanji's mother (Image via Toei Animation)

Many One Piece fans hate Vinsmoke Judge but love his wife, Sora. Judge is a man who wanted his children to sacrifice their humanity for the sake of power, whereas Sora didn't want that. She loved all of her children, and it's hard to hate an anime character who does that.

Sora is Sanji's mother. Her dedication to ensuring that her children would retain some ounce of humanity worked in his favor, leaving him to be more empathetic than what Judge wanted. She continued to be kind to him up until her dying days, leading him to remain compassionate (a trait he would use to save his family from the Big Mom Pirates).

3) Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto)

A mom hugging her son (Image via Studio Pierrot)
A mom hugging her son (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Kushina Uzumaki is one of the most popular motherly anime characters. She's appeared in the show, a movie, and several video games, although her legacy largely stems from how she raised Naruto. Any mom who is willing to risk her life to protect her son is bound to get the viewers' sympathy.

Many Naruto fans loved her interactions with her son, negating the Nine-Tails' influence, before she would eventually fade into the afterlife. She might not have been around for long, but she made a huge impression on the fanbase nonetheless.

Unsurprisingly, she made it to the final character popularity poll, ranking 21.

2) Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball series)

Chi-Chi and her family (Image via Toei Animation)
Chi-Chi and her family (Image via Toei Animation)

Chi-Chi is a protective mom who loves her two sons dearly. Although Goku loves his two sons, he's often training or dead, leaving her to perform the duties of parenthood on her own. She does a good job, even if she seems like an overbearing helicopter mother to Gohan early on.

She's less overbearing after Goten is born, and she even goes as far as to train Goten in martial arts. Chi-Chi can be a bit of a divisive character in the Dragon Ball fandom, but there's no question that she's one of the most iconic mothers in anime.

1) Inko Midoriya (My Hero Academia)


Inko Midoriya is Izuku's mom and plays a notable role in the My Hero Academia anime. Some fans of the show love her for being a realistic depiction of a mom, especially since she's so devoted to her son's well-being.

She continued to support him when he was Quirkless, and it's also sweet that her favorite thing is her own son (according to Volume 11 of the manga). However, she doesn't blindly allow him to get into danger.

Her arguably most iconic scene is the one where All Might begs her to allow Deku to return to U.A High. Inko was so concerned for Izuku's well-being that All Might had to beg her to allow him to return.

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