8 reasons why Killua is the most popular character in Hunter x Hunter

Killua is the most liked character in Hunter x Hunter (Image via Madhouse)
Killua is the most liked character in Hunter x Hunter (Image via Madhouse)

Since its first episode in 2011, Killua Zoldyck has become the most popular character in the Hunter x Hunter anime. He is an incredibly lovable character that fans can relate to at times and want to watch him grow and succeed.

Whenever Killua is happy, fans are delighted, and when he is sad, they are teary. Every fan loves how amazingly well Togashi wrote Killua, and they hope that there will be more of him in the near future.

Note: This article is based on the author's opinion and contains spoilers for the Hunter x Hunter anime.

8 reasons why Hunter x Hunter's most popular character is Killua

1) He has amazing character development


Killua has some of the best character developments in Hunter x Hunter. He went from being a professional assassin who would kill anybody on command to someone who has come to better understand the value of life. He refuses to return to his family and partake in the Zoldyck Family's assassin enterprise. Killua has genuinely become a better person, and fans love him for this.

2) His backstory is incredibly tragic


Killua was trained in the art of assassination ever since he was a child. Although this training has made him incredibly powerful and allowed him to survive against opponents much stronger than him, it was still a horrible childhood. His wretched upbringing has caused many fans to feel bad for Killua and develop a protective feeling towards him. They want to protect him the same way he tries to protect Gon.

3) He has unique and powerful Nen abilities

Killua is a Transmuter, meaning he can manipulate his aura to mimic something else. Using his resistance to electricity, Killua electrocutes himself and manipulates his aura into electricity. The different ways this technique is used in Hunter x Hunter is shown by his various Nen abilities.

His most powerful Nen ability, Godspeed, is a combination of two separate Nen abilities, Whirlwind and Speed of Lightning. This allows Killua to react automatically to anything he detects near him and retains voluntary control over his body.

As of now, in Hunter x Hunter, no other character has a Nen ability anywhere similar to Killua's, and fans love how strategically Killua uses it both in and out of battle.

4) His potential is through the roof


Killua, as well as Gon, have been said to have some of the most potential out of any Hunter x Hunter character ever since they began studying Nen. Hisoka was probably the first to mention this, then Wing and Bisky.

Through proper studying and training, they could easily become as strong as Netero, Ging, and Maha at their peaks or even stronger. Fans love the prospect of Killua becoming one of the strongest in the future.

5) He is an amazing older brother to both Alluka and Nanika

Killua has proven himself to be different from the other Zoldyck family siblings in Hunter x Hunter. He is kind and compassionate, and after discovering Nanika's special ability, he never exploited Alluka even once. However, Illumi and Milluki never thought twice about how either Nanika or Alluka would feel about only being used for their power.

Even though Killua went back home to get Alluka and use Nanika's abilities to save Gon, he made sure to clarify that Alluka would not be returning to the Zoldycks. He saved his little sister from captivity, and this captured everyone's hearts.

6) He is protective of Gon and all of his friends

After meeting him during the Hunter Exam, Gon quickly became Killua's first and best friend. This possibly fleeting partnership soon blossomed into an amazing friendship through the various life-threatening situations the pair have found themselves in. Killua will do whatever it takes to protect Gon in any situation.

Killua is also willing to do anything to protect his other friends, not just Gon. During the Heaven's Arena Arc, Killua threatened Sadaso with a knife for kidnapping Zushi. He was willing to go back to the very life he despises to save those he cares most about.

7) His assassin mode gives everyone goosebumps

As a result of his assassin training, Killua is able to enter a completely different headspace when he needs to. If he is facing a dangerous opponent or someone who constantly gets on his nerves, he will not hesitate to enter his assassin mode. In this mode, the atmosphere around him becomes unnerving and much darker. This alone is enough to deter many people who aim to cause trouble.

8) He knows how to think rationally in dire situations


When Kite decided to bring Gon and Killua along to the Neo-Green Life Autonomous Region to test their capabilities, everything seemed to be going fine. The pair were able to defeat all of the chimera ants they faced with minimal difficulty and were certainly proving themselves to Kite. When the trio got close to the chimera ant nest, they unfortunately encountered Royal Guard Neferpitou, the second strongest chimera ant ever.

Pitou swiftly cut off Kite's arm, causing Gon to get incredibly angry. Thinking only of surviving, Killua hit Gon, knocking him out, and then ran. Kite even made it known that it was the best possible decision for him to make.