8 Strongest Water Release Techniques in Naruto, ranked

Great Waterfall Technique (Image via Shueisha)
Great Waterfall Technique (Image via Shueisha)

In Naruto, most Nature Releases are naturally dominant due to their offensive-based attacks. However, Water Release has control over the offense as well as the defense. Water Release users can expel water at high pressure, which can destroy everything in its path.

Its users can also trap their enemies and restrict their movements by imprisoning them in several ways. Water Release is highly impervious to Fire Release techniques and combined with other natures it can become more formidable. Here is a list of the strongest Water Release techniques in Naruto that can spike up the victim’s hydrophobia in no time.

Water Release Techniques in Naruto, ranked

8) Water Mirror

Water Mirror Technique as seen in Naruto (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Water Mirror Technique as seen in Naruto (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Water Mirror is one of the strongest techniques of the notorious Fourth Mizukage Yagura Karatachi in Naruto. This technique is performed by incorporating Water Release with a special club to create a circular disk of water.

Rotating this mirror to 90 degrees can materialize the attacks as well as the entire person, which will collide against the mirrored targets. The reflected figures won’t disperse into the water until they successfully attack the targets or get countered by them.

7) Water Formation Pillar

Water Formation Pillar is a powerful defensive technique that shields the user from a large body of water. To perform the Water Formation Pillar, the user converts the chakra within their body into water and spews it in enormous dense quantities, giving it the shape of a circular barricade.

Although this technique would require several Water Release shinobis to work in conjunction, Mei Terumi is the only exception in Naruto who can execute it all on her own. Mei used this technique against Madara’s Great Fire Destruction, which is considered to be one of his dominant Fire Release techniques that one can’t evade easily.

6) Steaming Danger Tyranny


Steaming Danger Tyranny is Gengetsu Hozuki’s infinite explosion ninjutsu. To execute this technique, the user first creates a shorter version of their clone that is made of water and oil from their body. The internal structure of the clone is of water, which is surrounded by a thick layer of oil.

When the water inside is heated up to build pressure, the clone expands until it violently explodes. The clone also carries a retractable axe-like blade fused with its arm to attack the enemies individually.

5) Great Waterfall Technique

Great Waterfall Technique as seen in Naruto (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Great Waterfall Technique as seen in Naruto (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The Great Waterfall Technique is known for its battering and slicing damage that is capable enough to obliterate everything in its path. As Water Release techniques are performed using pre-existing water bodies, the user expels water high into the air through their mouth, whilst manipulating the excessive water along with it.

Once it reaches a certain altitude, it falls with greater force, destroying everything and leaving the targeted spot completely destroyed. The Great Waterfall Technique can’t be performed by anyone as it requires a large amount of chakra reserve.

4) Water Severing Wave


Water Severing Wave is one of Tobirama Senju’s stronger Water Release attacks in Naruto. Users of this technique knead the chakra within their body and convert it into water, which is then expelled from the mouth in the form of a high pressured stream.

The water jet is strong enough to pierce through a rock. As seen in the anime, Tobirama used this technique on the God Tree by cleanly slicing through its sturdy roots.

3) Water Dragon Bullet Technique


Out of all the Water Release techniques, Water Dragon Bullet is said to have the most complex execution that requires 44 hand seals, the most to be ever seen in Naruto. Users of this technique shape the water into a dragon that is charged towards the targets to cause them significant physical damage.

The size of the dragon determines the capability of the user. Individuals with a tremendous amount of chakra can manifest a gigantic dragon, which increases their damaging power.

2) Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave


The Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave is an even larger version of Kisame Hoshigiki’s Exploding Water Colliding Wave. Users of this technique spew a massive amount of water, engulfing the entire targeted spot with enormous tsunami waves. People caught in its current face some heavy damage physically.

Users of this technique can also use this executed large reserve of water for multiple purposes, like incorporating it with their other water-based techniques. Kisame used this water to form a Water Prison to perform the Prison Shark Dance Technique.

1) A Thousand Feeding Sharks


A Thousand Feeding Sharks is Kisame Hoshigaki’s strongest Water release technique, which is a much more advanced version of Five Feeding Sharks in Naruto. The user of this technique upon placing their hands on the surface of the water summons a swarm of bloodthirsty sharks replicating a giant wave to attack the target by colliding with them.

The sheer power of this Water Release technique performed by Kisame was such that it drove Might Guy to unleash his Seventh Gate of Wonder to use Daytime Tiger.