Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2: Twitter goes berserk as fans react to Episode 1 and its opening

Fans were hyped after AOT's final season Part 2 and the opening (Image via MAPPA)
Fans were hyped after AOT's final season Part 2 and the opening (Image via MAPPA)

Attack on Titan is a highly-trendy and popular anime series at the moment, as the much-awaited concluding season just aired its first episode. The hype for the first episode was through the roof, and fans cannot wait for the upcoming episodes.

Fans of AOT have taken to Twitter to express their excitement for the show. The latest episode featured the fight between Reiner and Eren, teased in the last episode of Final Season Part 1.

Onyankopon, along with Armin, managed to convince the rest of the squad to help Eren. Pieck managed to land a blow with the help of Anti-Titan gear, which made him lose his motor control.

Fans take to Twitter to express excitement for 'Attack on Titan' Final Season Part 2

AOT is arguably one of the most popular and influential anime series of our generation. The show is popular among anime and manga fans as it has provided plenty of plot twists to the fanbase.

Now that Final Season Part 2 has aired its first episode, Twitter has gone berserk as fans cannot contain their excitement towards how the series will present its conclusion.

The AOT Wiki page posted a video of the opening, which instantly blew up on the bird app. Below are a few fan reactions to the start of the series' Final Season Part 2.

Fans also expressed their excitement for a metal opening, though not everyone enjoyed it as much as some of the earlier season's openings.

The series is so popular that one of the biggest platforms responsible for streaming the latest episodes of the series crashed. This could be because servers could not handle the traffic when the episode was released.

Despite that, fans continued to wait and finally watched the episode. They had missed the characters and were extremely happy seeing them on the screen once again.

AOT fans are quite happy to finally watch the concluding part of the series. They have every reason to be hyped as MAPPA continues to put out top-tier animation recognized by the fans.

The next episode will release on January 16 (January 17 for a few regions).