Black Clover chapter 347 spoilers and raw scans: The truth behind the Yami siblings' past comes to light, Asta arrives at the battlefield

Black Clover chapter 347 - Asta and Ichika Yami
Asta and Ichika Yami as seen in Black Clover (Image via Sportskeeda)

While there is still a week until Black Clover chapter 347 is officially released, the spoilers for the same have come out early. The spoilers for the upcoming chapter give a possible hint about the Yami clan's past as Ichika starts questioning herself about whether she was the one responsible for the massacre, rather than her brother Sukehiro.

The previous chapter saw the Ryuzen Seven fight the five-headed Sacred Dragon as the Paladins summoned it to wreak havoc in the Land of the Sun. The Ryuzen Seven, on the other hand, were prepared because the Shogun Ryudo Ryuya had already warned them about the incident a day before, allowing them to evacuate the citizens and devise a strategy to defeat the Sacred Dragon.

Black Clover chapter 347: Ichika's memories hint at the truth behind the Yami clan massacre

Yami Ichika as seen in Black Clover (Image via Twitter/@Nebula5Art)
Yami Ichika as seen in Black Clover (Image via Twitter/@Nebula5Art)

Black Clover chapter 347 will most likely be titled The truth in deception, as the chapter will open with Ichika's monologue as to how they might not need Asta's strength to defeat the Paladins, as they seemingly had everything under control.

This was when Lily Aquaria, alongside her Paladins, was seen launching a big Ice and Spatial magic combination spell, which led to Ichika acknowledging the opponents' huge amounts of yoryoku. Just moments later, Paladin Yrul launched another spell, but this time it was an illusion spell that caused its victims to see their own fears.

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While Kezokaku saw a giant frog, Ichika saw her father. While the latter admitted that she did fear her father in the past as a child, she was sure that the spell wouldn't work on her.

However, the spell triggered her memories, causing her to see her father angry over the absence of war. Soon after, she saw her father offer a secret medicine to her brother, which has been passed down the generations. This medicine was seemingly capable of drawing out the demonic potential of their clan members.


Ichika's very next memory was of her father forcibly feeding her the medicine after Sukehiro refused to consume it. Her next memory was of people running away during the Yami clan massacre. Given how these were her memories, Ichika started asking herself if it was really her who massacred her clan. The last of her memories were of her father saying, "as expected of my child, Ichika."

Black Clover chapter 347 then switched to the battle as Daizaemon was seen barely standing as he seemingly refused to give up. However, Lily tells him that it was okay to give up, given how Lucius Zogratis had plans for the Ryuzen Seven as well, as they too were to be made into Paladins, to launch their next attack for world peace.


The final scene from Black Clover chapter 347 saw Ichika trembling in fear as she started questioning her strength and believed that she was weak. Her father was just about to slash her when Asta appeared out of nowhere, protecting Ichika the same way her brother Sukehiro did in the past.

Final thoughts on Black Clover chapter 347 spoilers

Black Clover chapter 347 spoilers revealed that Yami Sukehiro might not have been the person responsible for the Yami clan massacre, it might have been Ichika herself. She was force-fed a medicine by her father, under the influence of which she seemingly went berserk and killed her clan members.

Yosuga as seen in Black Clover (Image via Twitter/@Derxon2)
Yosuga as seen in Black Clover (Image via Twitter/@Derxon2)

However, Asta has finally entered the battlefield, which could mean that fans may get to witness his new powers. Given that Yosuga and Fujio were helping him in his Zettem training, they, too, might join the battle in the next chapter.

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