Black Clover: Is Ichika going to be yet another love interest for Asta?

Black Clover - Ichika Yami
Is Ichika going to be yet another love interest for Asta?

Black Clover has been on for quite some time, with its main protagonist Asta going through varying tribulations. However, something that hasn't changed about him ever since he first became a magic knight is his ever-expanding harem. While Asta loves Sister Lily, fans are quick to add more female characters to it.

Noelle and Mimosa are two of the most popular characters in Asta's harem. While these two like Asta, the same cannot be said for the other characters in his harem. Rebecca also had a liking for Asta and was the first one to kiss him. However, the storyline was short-lived. Meanwhile, Sally is only interested in Asta's body for experimental purposes due to his unique Anti-Magic.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author's opinion and contains spoilers from the Black Clover manga.

Black Clover fans try to make Ichika yet another love interest for Asta

Ichika Yami taking on some bandits (Image via Twitter/@shiuryy)
Ichika Yami taking on some bandits (Image via Twitter/@shiuryy)

Black Clover manga has finally introduced us to Yami Ichika, the sister of Yami Sukehiro. While she has only appeared in two manga chapters, fans of the series have already started pairing her up with Asta, adding her to the list of his harem.

While Tabata sensei seems to be hinting away from such romantic possibilities, fans have begun speculating that, just like Noelle, Ichika is a tsundere and might not be honest with herself. Honestly, this persistence to keep adding women to Asta's harem has been long drawn out, with only two characters having any feelings towards Asta.

Tabata read some fan speculations about ichika falling for asta and said “let me fix it”#BCSpoilers

When Secre was first introduced in the manga, fans of the series were quick to add her as one of Asta's love interests as well. However, in time, we have seen how Secre doesn't show any romantic interest towards Asta and has only ever displayed her loyalty as a close friend.

It was a fresh breath of air for the fans as they got to see a strong female character, close to Asta's age (years as a human) and essential to the storyline, without having to be anyone's love interest. Like Secre, several other characters in Black Clover are just as fine without having to be infatuated with Asta or any other character.

"Ichika better not fall in love with Asta"When was the last time that even happen

While a good number of fans are keeping themselves away from shipping Asta and Ichika, some fans are only supporting the cause, to possibly have Ichika pair up with Yuno in the near future. The constant need to have any new female character be reduced to a protagonist's love interest has slowly become appalling, especially when the character has only appeared in only two chapters.

While fans claim that women in Black Clover are written brilliantly, it only seems contradictory that they choose to reduce every new female character to a possible member of Asta's harem.

What do we know about Yami Ichika?

Yami Ichika is the younger sister of Yami Sukehiro. She is one of the Seven Ryuzen and highly respects the Shogun of the Land of the Sun, Ryuya Ryudo. She often seems furious and does not trust people quickly. Like Charlotte Roselei, Ichika, too, cannot stand certain types of men, one of them being like Asta.

She has been shown to be very similar to Yami in her mannerisms, as both the Yami siblings chose to grab Asta by the face during their first conversation. Also, similar to Yami, she carries a menacing aura when she is about to fight a foe. All in all, she seems to be a mixture of personalities between Yami Sukehiro and Charlotte Roselei.

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