Black Clover chapter 363: Why Nacht trying to retrieve Asta makes perfect sense, explained

Nacht's history with both Asta and Morgen play into why it makes sense for him to prioritize the latter right now (Image via Sportskeeda)

With the release of the alleged spoilers and raw scans for Black Clover chapter 363 earlier this week, fans excitedly saw the Judgment Day battle continue to unfold on various fronts. Highlights undoubtedly include the apparent start to Yami Sukehiro and Morgen Faust’s fight, as well as the beginning of the other Black Bulls versus Damnatio Kira.

However, this issue did bring with it something of a shock, as many fans were expecting Nacht Faust to fight side-by-side with Yami against his revived twin brother Morgen. Instead, Black Clover chapter 363’s alleged leaks have confirmed that Nacht is fighting against Damnatio Kira with the other Black Bulls.

Understandably, fans were slightly disappointed by this but elated to see this trio of friends and brothers finally get the full closure they each deserve in their relationships. That being said, Black Clover chapter 363 may actually see author and illustrator Yuki Tabata make the right decision by separating the two for now.

Black Clover chapter 363’s separation of the Faust brothers actually a shrewd move by Tabata

Brief spoiler recap


Black Clover chapter 363’s alleged leaks begin with Lucius telling Yuno that even if he’s alive, Asta isn’t coming. The issue then jumps to the Witches Forest, where the Black Bulls’ fight against Damnation has begun. Calling Lucius and himself the just ones, Damnatio says that magic will favor them and that Asta’s future must be snuffed out for the sake of Lucius’ world.

As the angel soldiers combine to attack with a huge beam, the perspective shifts to Yami Sukehiro versus Morgen Faust. Morgen says Lucius is right and tries convincing Yami to become a Paladin so they can protect the country together as they once did as a part of the Grey Deer squad. Yami retorts that times have changed and that he has his own squad nowadays.

Black Clover chapter 363 jumps back to the Witches forest where the angels’ beam attack has been stopped by Zora Ideale’s Trap Magic, as more Black Bulls, including Vice-Captain Nacht Faust, join in the fight against Damnatio. The chapter comes to an end as the Black Bulls promise to take Damnatio down, to which he calls them fools who’ve been swayed by the devil.

Why Nacht trying to retrieve Asta makes sense, explained

As outlined above in the brief spoiler recap, current leaks for the upcoming chapter suggest that Nacht is prioritizing saving Asta over fighting his brother alongside Yami. While fans were initially put off by this due to wanting to see Nacht team up with Yami against Morgen, it actually makes sense to take such a route.

Given that Nacht is a devil host, he’s arguably been much more of a mentor to Asta than Yami has been in recent story arcs. While he's obviously not Asta’s latest mentor as of Black Clover chapter 363, he’s the most impactful seen in the series thus far. This is partially why it makes sense for Tabata to have Nacht prioritize rescuing Asta over fighting Morgen.

There’s also the fact that Nacht and Morgen’s relationship did get some level of closure in the latter’s final moments. Nacht also got further closure during the Spade Kingdom Raid arc by helping to eliminate some of the most powerful devils in the series.

That being said, Nacht will most likely end up fighting Morgen alongside Yami sometime after Black Clover chapter 363. For now, however, it makes sense for him to prioritize rescuing Asta over fighting Morgen, considering the mentor-student relationship the two have. There’s also the fact that Nacht is, after all, the Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls, which means he has a responsibility to fight alongside the rest of the squad.

This latter sentiment rings especially true when considering that the squad is currently fractured, with Yami and Noelle in the Clover Kingdom and the rest trying to rescue Asta. All things considered, Nacht is perfectly justified in giving Asta's rescue top priority at this moment. Likewise, Nacht rescuing Asta now doesn’t exclude the possibility of him fighting Morgen alongside Yami later on.

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