Black Clover spoilers reveal how the Paladins can be turned back

The alleged Black Clover chapter 350 spoilers provide a light at the end of the tunnel for Sister Lily
The alleged Black Clover chapter 350 spoilers provide a light at the end of the tunnel for Sister Lily's return (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Spoilers for the upcoming Black Clover issue began leaking earlier in the week, bringing with them its alleged events. Should the information prove true, chapter 350 is set to be an incredibly exciting chapter which, best of all, sets up Asta’s next fight following the finishing blow he previously landed on Sister Lily.

One of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming Black Clover chapter is that fans look set to learn exactly how to return the Paladins to their original forms. While it was always heavily suspected that Asta’s Anti-Magic Perfect Zetten would play a large role, it’s allegedly not the only factor in their freedom.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down how Black Clover’s Paladins can allegedly be freed from Lucius’ control while briefly recapping the chapter 350 spoilers.

Black Clover chapter 350 spoilers imply that Asta’s Anti-Magic and Lucius’ defeat will free the Paladins

Brief spoiler recap


The spoilers for Black Clover chapter 350 begin with Lily falling to the ground while apologizing to Asta, apparently having been set free from Lucius’ control.

Sister Lily then internally muses on her past, revealing that she originally became a nun to help attain equality for everyone in the Clover Kingdom. However, upon realizing that the church was just as corrupt, she ran away and eventually found the Hage orphanage.

Returning to the present, Sister Lily says she went to the orphanage because she at least wanted to “save someone.” Ryudo Ryuya then appears, informing her that Asta got stronger because she saved him from dying at Lucius’ hand. He adds that it is now Asta’s turn to save her.

Sister Lily then reveals that the decisive battle in the Clover Kingdom and Lucius’ “Day of Judgment” is three days away.

Fans also learn that Lucius has merged his Soul Magic with the Body, Bone, and Blood Magic of the other Zogratis siblings. He now has god-like power, including the ability to create people from scratch.

Black Clover chapter 350 spoilers then divulge Lucius’ ultimate plan: taking control of all the magic in the world, including in Hino Country.

Sister Lily apologizes to Asta once more and says she’s embarrassed by her actions. This prompts Asta to console her, saying he won’t let her take the blame. She thanks him and faints, with Ryuya confirming that she’s not dead but adding that Lucius must be defeated for her to wake up.

Asta confidently says he’ll surely defeat Lucius before turning to the five-headed dragon and saying he’ll slay it himself as the issue ends.

How the Paladins can be freed

As is evident in the alleged Black Clover chapter 350 spoilers, Lucius must be defeated for the Paladins to be fully freed. However, the issue doesn’t specify if this is all that’s needed or if Asta’s Anti-Magic is also a part of the equation. Furthermore, with Sister Lily being the only Paladin currently in this quasi-free state, fans have no way of knowing exactly what is needed to free them.

While it’s not necessarily a problem if Asta’s Anti-Magic is needed, it does change the approach of the final battle depending on how many Paladins Lucius has created. For example, if it takes getting through an army’s worth of Paladins to get to Lucius, Asta will likely need to put them all into the same state Sister Lily is now seemingly in.

However, if their numbers are much fewer, Asta can simply rush straight at Lucius and defeat him. Even if his Anti-Magic is still needed to fully free the Paladins, this will likely be no issue considering Lucius will already have been defeated. Even if it takes some time to defeat them, Asta should eventually be able to return them all to their original selves.

With Black Clover’s final battle set to take place in three days’ time (in the series’ world), it’ll be interesting to see just how many Paladins Lucius has at his disposal. While this will obviously influence the battle strategy of the Clover Kingdom forces, it may also affect how Asta goes about freeing the Paladins.

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