Blue Lock anime premiere takes Twitter by a storm

Blue Lock
Yoichi Isagi as seen in Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)

Blue Lock is finally here as fans of the series finally got to experience the Blue Lock Project's tense atmosphere in animation. Episode 1 exceeded expectations since fans weren't able to contain their excitement and took Twitter by storm. Fortunately for them, the Blue Lock anime will have a total of 24 episodes.

Muneyuki Kaneshiro's Blue Lock is a series that has the Japan Football Union pitting the top 300 youth strikers in the country to create the most egoistic striker to lead the country to win the World Cup. The plot itself sounds energetic and exciting, and so are the action and animation, as it has got the fans asking for more.

Blue Lock fans take over Twitter after episode 1 premiere

Blue Lock fans cannot get the anime out of their heads, as they can't believe that the franchise has finally arrived. They exclaimed how the anime differed from any other series of the same genre, creating tense moments that catered to otakus' preference in general.

Thus, the premiere was met with a variety of memes, all targeted at the anime finally making its debut after otakus had to wait for so long. This is a special occasion for some fans as they have been waiting for the release ever since the manga's first chapter was published.

While some fans were left praising the anime's opening, others were much more focused on how different the anime was from other sports series. While other sports shows would focus on teamwork and the power of friendship, Blue Lock is the only sports anime that focuses on the individuality of a player and their egotistic mindset.

While several characters garnered a lot of popularity on Twitter, Bachira got some extra attention due to his character's duality. From being the most harmless guy sleeping on the floor to kicking people in the face, the character has amazed the fandom.

Kira Ryosuke also got some attention. Unfortunately, as seen in the episode, he may have already been eliminated from the Project.

The main protagonist of Blue Lock, Yoichi Isagi, received some fan following as well, but fans were much more focused on his past.

This is bound to happen when characters like Hyomo Chigiri, Rensuke Kunigami, and Jinpachi Ego take the spotlight away from the main protagonist. While Chigiri and Rensuke did well with their looks, Ego impressed the fans with his mindset and character.

The entire episode was fun to watch, with several hype-building moments backed up by its beautiful animation. However, it was the final scene that bewitched the entire fandom, as Yoichi Isagi decided to go after the best player and eliminate Kira Ryosuke with a strike that knocked him off the ground and the Blue Lock Project.

The scene was unexpected for many anime-only fans since they expected Isagi and Kira to help each other out in the future episodes. However, Isagi's ego didn't allow him to go after the weakest player, as he decided to team-up with Bachira and go after Kira.

For some otakus, the final scene was just incredible because they couldn't believe what they had experienced. Additionally, several fans even pointed out the fantastic OSTs for the anime and praised the voice actors for their amazing work to elevate the tension in the series.

With much to aniticipate in the future, Blue Lock fans have already started looking forward to the release of the second episode, which is set to air on October 15, 2022.

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