Boruto: Can Himawari awaken the Tenseigan?

Himawari in Boruto (Image Via Studio Pierrot)
Himawari in Boruto (Image Via Studio Pierrot)

In Naruto and Boruto's universe, if someone wants to awaken the Tenseigan, they need to have the Hyuga clan's Byakugan and the Otsutsuki clan's chakra. The combination of these two elements will lead to its formation.

Among the characters in Boruto who possess the Byakugan is Himawari, Naruto and Hinata's daughter. There is a huge possibility that she has the Six Paths' chakra, which is one of the strongest abilities in this series' universe.

Himawari might be able to get her hands on the much more powerful Tenseigan since she possesses the DNA and chakra necessary to make that happen. However, no one is completely sure about her ability to pull off such a strong dojutsu.

Himawari possess the ability to awaken Tenseigan in Boruto

Himawari could arguably be one of the strongest characters in Boruto, considering the list of things she inherited from her parents. She was born two years after Boruto and got the same lessons from her mother and father, just like her brother.

Himawari has two Byakugans associated with the Hyuga clan in both her eyes, which she inherited from her mother. Both her parents, Naruto and Hinata, got the chakras of Hagoromo and Hamura directly from their ancestors. Assuming that Himawari has inherited both the chakras from her parents, it can be taken that she is completely able to awaken Tenseigan.

Tenseigan (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Tenseigan (Image via Studio Pierrot)

She has inherited abilities that are related to two of the strongest bloodlines in the entire Naruto and Boruto universe, which makes her quite powerful and deadly among other members of Konoha.

Some fans came up with a theory suggesting Himawari didn't have a pure Byakugan. By this, they mean the Byakugan required to awaken the Tenseigan should be given by the Hyuga clan, as the inherited one might not be able to pull off such a powerful dojutsu.

Himawari (Image Via Studio Pierrot)
Himawari (Image Via Studio Pierrot)

Regardless, even if she has all the powerful traits to be a great ninja, she cannot consciously use them yet. When she was attacked by Daemon, she didn't react, which confirms that she is not yet ready to handle the powers consciously.

Boruto's plot might take some time to display the powers of Himawari, and she may need to grow up a little more before accessing such a strong dojutsu. Although she has the ability to awaken Tenseigan, she definitely requires some more time to completely prepare herself to use it.

More about Himawari

Himawari is a character who didn't get much attention in the manga, but the series' anime has given her the treatment she deserves. She is outstandingly strong as the young entity was seen knocking out Naruto, which is definitely not something all children can do. Himawari is a character who activated her powers at a very young age. In this regard, it's worth noting that her Byakugan was awakened when she got angry because her favorite toy was broken.

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