Boruto chapter 74: Release date, where to read and more

Borushiki using Karma (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Studio Pierrot)
Borushiki using Karma (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Studio Pierrot)

Boruto chapter 73 ended on a shocking note with Shikamaru revealing Team 7’s latest mission, which involves Boruto and Kawaki living with Eida to monitor her. This turn of events might further complicate Kawaki and the younger Uzumaki’s relationship, especially with Momoshiki’s ominous prophecy looming overhead.

Fans will have to wait for the newest chapter to be released to find out what Kishimoto has planned for the main characters of the series. Chapter 74 might also provide some clues as to how the current timeline of the manga will connect to the post-timeskip scene from the very beginning of the series.

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Everything to know about the upcoming Boruto chapter 74

Sasuke's intuition in chapter 73 (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)
Sasuke's intuition in chapter 73 (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)

The Boruto manga uploads new chapters on a monthly basis, with leaked spoilers releasing a few days prior to the release of the official English translation. Chapter 74 will be released on October 20, 2022 at 12 am (JST.)

For international readers, the chapter will be available on official streaming platforms at the following times:

  • Pacific Time – 8 am (October 20, 2022)
  • Eastern Time – 11 am (October 20, 2022)
  • British Time – 4 pm (October 20, 2022)
  • European Time – 5 pm (October 20, 2022)
  • India Time – 8.30 pm (October 20, 2022)
  • Philippine Time – 11 pm (October 20, 2022)
  • Australia Central Time – 12.30 am (October 21, 2022)

Where to read chapter 74?

Chapter 74 will be available on both the official Viz and Manga Plus platforms for the Boruto series. Both websites allow fans to read the three latest chapters of the manga for free. However, readers are required to get a paid subscription to unlock older chapters.

What to expect in chapter 74?

Eida on the cover page of chapter 67 (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)
Eida on the cover page of chapter 67 (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)

Chapter 74 will likely focus primarily upon Eida’s arrival to Konoha and her interaction with Kawaki. The chapter might also show how Shikamaru reacts upon realizing that it will be difficult to separate Daemon from his older sister. Amado will probably be under surveillance as well, with Sumire being given the responsibility of keeping an eye on the scientist.

If chapter 74 continues in the same vein as the previous chapter, it might provide more insight into the issue of Momoshiki’s recurring presence and how Naruto, Shikamaru and Sasuke intend to deal with it.

A brief summary of chapter 73

Kawaki and Boruto meet (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)
Kawaki and Boruto meet (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)

Chapter 73 began with the two Karma seal-bearers meeting for the first time since Borushiki’s appearance and Kawaki’s attempt to kill him. The atmosphere is noticeably tense after Kawaki expressed his surprise at seeing Momoshiki’s vessel returning from the dead. Meanwhile, the latter replied just as nonchalantly, apologizing for worrying everyone.

Shikamaru began explaining the current situation in Konoha. He admitted that both Karma users were currently considered threats because the village did not have the means to check their power if they suddenly went on a rampage. He then began explaining how Eida’s enchantment ability works, and picking Kawaki and Boruto to be Eida’s roommates, since their otsutsufication makes them immune to her charms.

#Borutoch73 was a funny , good ch they Dam near got boruto third wheeling for kawaki and eida 😂😂

Shikamaru also revealed that the arrangement will please Eida due to her crush on Kawaki. Chapter 74 ended with Naruto Sasuke talking as they discussed that having the two Karma-bearers monitor Eida will basically put them under house-arrest as well. However, the conversation came to a halt when Sasuke and Kawaki momentarily sensed Momoshiki’s presence as he is seen lurking around his vessel.

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