Boruto chapter 78: Boruto's effort to protect Sarada leads to unforeseen consequences, Momoshiki becomes Kawaki's savior

Boruto Uzumaki from Boruto:Naruto Next Generations (Image via Mikio Ikemoto/Studio Pierrot)
Boruto Uzumaki from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Image via Mikio Ikemoto/Studio Pierrot)

With Boruto chapter 78 titled Super Idiot out, it finally takes the series closer to the timeskip as fans see Bourto with the scar on his right eye that was shown at the beginning of the series. This chapter focuses on the many key points that clear up much of the confusion from the previous chapter.

Previously, in chapter 77, Kawaki took the decision to kill Boruto. As a precaution, he sent Naruto and Hinata to another place so that he could accomplish his plan without any hindrance.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Boruto manga.

Boruto chapter 78: Sarada learns that Kawaki killed Boruto, Momoshiki reminds Boruto about his destiny

Boruto chapter 78 cover image (Image via Mikio Ikemoto/Shueisha)
Boruto chapter 78 cover image (Image via Mikio Ikemoto/Shueisha)

Boruto chapter 78 started from where it left off in chapter 77. Shikamaru was informed that the Chakra of Naruto and Hinata had vanished from the Uzumaki Residence. They found that Kawaki’s chakra had registered there a few moments ago. Himawari had returned home and found that Naruto and Hinata were missing. Eida confirmed Kawaki's activity, which caused everyone to panic. After learning about the situation, Boruto rushed out of the room to find Kawaki.

In Boruto chapter 78, Eida had seen the conversation between Naruto and Kawaki using Eida's Senrigan, and she had assured that Kawaki was planning to kill Boruto again. This was where Sarada learned for the first time that Kawaki was the one who had killed Boruto. Shikamaru then cleared up the reason for Kawaki's actions. Sarada dashed towards Boruto so she wouldn’t have to leave him alone again.

In the next scene of Boruto chapter 78, Boruto crossed paths with Kawaki. The latter told Boruto that he had used the Shinjutsu Dai-Kokuten to send Naruto and Hinata to a place where time stopped so they wouldn't get old and die of hunger.

Battle between brothers

Battle between Kawaki and Boruto (Image via Mikio Ikemoto/Shueisha)
Battle between Kawaki and Boruto (Image via Mikio Ikemoto/Shueisha)

In Boruto Chapter 78, the fighting between the brothers had begun. After a while, Sarada tried to meddle in the fight. However, Kawaki had asked her not to interfere. Boruto had also tried to keep her away but Sarada didn't listen and tried to stand her ground.

In addition, Boruto chapter 78 showed that Kawaki hadn’t stopped and had moved forward to kill Sarada. Boruto jumped in to save her and got the scar that Boruto fans had been waiting for. The scar was similar to the timeskip scar that had been shown at the beginning of the series.

Arrival of Sasuke at Konoha

Kawaki and Sasuke from Boruto manga (Image via Mikio Ikemoto/Shueisha)
Kawaki and Sasuke from Boruto manga (Image via Mikio Ikemoto/Shueisha)

Boruto chapter 78 also depicted that Konohamaru, Shikamaru, Mitsuki, and Sasuke arrived at the spot. Shikamaru stopped Kawaki with his shadow paralysis jutsu and Mitsuki strangled Kawaki with his arm, also stopping him from using Sukuna-Hikona. Sasuke put his blade close to Kawaki, asking him not to resist.

Sasuke seems to be out of the village for a long time. Previously, after the battle with Isshiki Momoshiki, he lost his Rinnegan. Later, he was out in the woods looking for the clue of Code.

Momoshiki's prophecy becoming a reality

In the next plot of Boruto chapter 78, it looked like it was all over for Kawaki. At that moment, Momoshiki took control over Boruto and surprisingly saved Kawaki by absorbing the Shadow Paralysis Jutsu and told him to run away. The incident left everyone shocked, including Kawaki.

Later, in chapter 78, Momoshiki informed Boruto that he had already lost one of his blue eyes and it was just the beginning of losing everything. This also indicates that the prophecy of Momoshiki is becoming a reality and that means that the timeskip is near. This is because at the beginning of the series, at timeskip, it seems that Boruto has already lost everything, but he still considers himself Shinobi.

Final thoughts on chapter 78

Fans were left amazed by chapter 78. Kawaki giving the scar to Boruto left a major hint about the timeskip occurring soon. The chapter ended with a lot of unanswered questions. For example, it's still unknown for what reason Momoshiki saved Kawaki. The suspense will remain amongst fans until the release of chapter 79.

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