Boruto: How Kawaki is related to Amado's daughter, explained

Kawaki In Boruto (image via Studio Pierrot)
Kawaki In Boruto (image via Studio Pierrot)

Boruto is an influential anime that came after its legendary prequel, Naruto, and both are critically acclaimed and fan-favorites. Naruto has been one of the classic animes that has been going on for decades and Boruto is following in its footsteps, just like its characters.

Both animes have garnered a lot of attention relating to the theories surrounding the plot. One of the major theories is related to Amado's daughter and Kawaki. In the Code Arc, Kawaki plays a pivotal role along with the involvement of three of Amado's creations. The big question of whether Kawaki is related to Amado's daughter or not while watching the series arises in the minds of viewers frequently.

There is a strong possibility of that being true, as Amado always had a soft corner for Kawaki; both of them wanted to cease the existence of Ishhiki and both are from Kara. Nothing has been confirmed, but there is something that could lead up to Kawaki being related to Amado's daughter's reincarnation.

Boruto: Kawaki has some strings attached to Amado's daughter

About Kawaki and Amado

Kawaki is a character in the popular Boruto anime series, which follows the adventures of the next generation of ninjas in the world of Naruto. He was introduced as a young boy who was taken in by Naruto Uzumaki and his family after being rescued from the clutches of the nefarious Kara organization.

Kawaki is a highly skilled fighter, possessing advanced scientific modifications that enhance his physical abilities beyond those of a normal human being. He is a member of the Kara organization, a group of highly skilled ninjas who use advanced technology to accomplish their goals.

Amado, another member of the Kara organization, is a scientist who has played a major role in the organization's technological advancements. He is responsible for creating many of the advanced tools and weapons used by Kara members.

How Amado's daughter is related to Kawaki

No one has ever seen Amado's daughter and no one ever knows who her re-incarnated version is. It is really difficult to track down who exactly that might be without the series itself revealing the information. However, there are certain things that can prove that Kawaki is a reincarnation of Amado's daughter.

Amado does have some affection for Kawaki, which has been growing with time. He is the kind of person who has never been seen to portray any emotion as he always has a stone cold approach to every situation.

But it wasn't the same for Kawaki, as he is the only one for whom Amado did show some concern. So there might be an underlying possibility that Kawaki is a re-incarnated version of Amado's daughter.

It is highly possible that future episodes or chapters of the Boruto series may shed more light on this topic. Fans of the series are eagerly anticipating any new information that may be revealed about the connection between Kawaki and Amado's daughter. Hopefully, there will be some clear revelation of who exactly the re-incarnation of Amado's daughter is as the story of Boruto progresses.

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